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Car Accessories To Make Your Drive Comfortable

To some, a car is just a means of transport and to others; it’s their most loved possession. If you are a part of the latter group, here are – 6 amazing car accessories that you might want in your car to make your drive more comfortable:

  1. GPS device

GPS is a simple touch and display device that is preloaded with maps. Adding a GPS device to your car will make your journey easier by guiding you to the destination that you set on the device.

  1. Neck pillow

Your seat head rest is incomplete without this little neck pillow. Head-rest gives support to your head but the neck is partially supported by it. Therefore, this little yet effective accessory is a must in your car for a comfortable drive.

  1. Air freshener

If you love your car and want others to love it as well then an air freshener is something your car should have. There are a lot of products in the market and hundreds of aromas to go for. Also, many of these are spill proof so you do not have to worry about the liquid spilling on the dashboard.

  1. Seat covers

Seat covers provide comfort to the driver as well as others who ride in the car. Also, they protect the original covering and extend the life of the car seat.

  1. Seat gap fillers

Everyone wants to own the slimmest phone possible but it turns out to be really painful when you drop the diet-freak phone in the gap between the seat and centre console. Not just phones, any small thing that falls in this gap is a problem to retrieve. The simple solution to the problem is seat gap fillers. They block the gap between the seat and centre console thus ensuring that nothing falls in this difficult-to-reach area.

  1. Grip gel pads

The motion of the car keeps us going but as soon as the brakes are applied, all things on the dashboard make their way down. Grip gel pads are the perfect solution to the problem. Anything that you keep on these anti-skid gel pads does not slide off, be it your mobile phone, sunglasses or house keys.

So, if your car is missing any of these accessories then it’s time that you grab them to make your car more comfortable. And if you truly love your car then do remember to protect this loved possession of yours with a car insurance policy.