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Checklist For Your Upcoming Bike Ride

Travel stories, especially road trips have become all the rage, and it is not surprising to see more and more people indulging in their road trip dreams. Whether you are planning for a one-day trip or a week-long trip, the anticipation, planning and excitement is not something that you can miss out! With more and more youngsters getting hooked on to the idea of road trips, it is common to see that the preferred vehicle is a bike. From solo trips to group rides, there is no dearth of options if one wants to experience and make some beautiful memories to last a lifetime.

Though a road trip on a bike sounds very exciting, there is a lot of planning involved to ensure that it all goes off without a hitch. The first and foremost thing to do is to prepare a checklist so that you will neither miss out on carrying anything important nor would you be burdened with carrying unnecessary things. So how do you decide what is required and what is not? Some of the factors that would help you in deciding are the duration of your trip, season, location, terrain, etc.

To make things easier for you, we have prepared a checklist so that you can keep it handy for your next upcoming bike trip.

The Right Bike

Since your bike is going to be your best friend throughout your journey, you need to ensure that you choose a bike which is comfortable. Rather than focusing on the looks of your bike, you need to focus on its various parts such as the handle, seat, engine, headlights, etc. All of these need to be in top shape.

Documents Holder

Use a waterproof pouch to store all the important documents such as your driving license, bike insurance, RC and pollution certificate and make sure all your document are updated and in accordance with the motor vehicle Act of India.

Riding Gear

Safety has to be your utmost priority which means that you need to have the proper riding gear: full faced helmet, riding gloves, comfortable jacket and pants, elbow and knee guards, rain gear (depending upon the season and location), balaclava and a pair of good riding boots.


If you are planning a long bike trip, then you need to carry some essential equipment since you never know when your bike may break down.

  • Spark plug and fuses

  • clutch cable

  • basic tool kit
  • adjustable wrench

  • foot pump

  • accelerator cable

  • spare headlight and rear light bulb

  • adhesive for tube

  • duct tape

  • fuel can

  • engine oil

  • brake shoe and pad

  • pocket knife and scissors

  • front and rear tire tubes

  • tow rope

Miscellaneous Stuff

Apart from these, it's better to keep few items handy like a torch, first aid kit, personal medical kit, sufficient water bottles, energy bars, extra set of keys, power bank, night riding goggles, etc.

Here are some tips to keep in mind – use a saddle bag instead of a backpack, a physical map, enough cash, emergency contact numbers, don’t overeat and try to stick to simple and light meals, take a break as and when required, pack light and stay hydrated.

We hope this checklist will successfully help you in preparing for your upcoming bike trip!

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