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Go Green While Travelling

Global warming is escalating at an alarming rate. This has persuaded many countries to take notable steps in order to reduce their carbon footprint. But it is important that we take steps at individual level too to save the environment.

Here are 10 steps that one can take while travelling to reduce individual carbon footprints:

  1. Use the right fuel

One of the major causes of global warming is the emission of carbon dioxide from vehicles. Combustion of diesel and petrol releases carbon dioxide and other undesirable gases in the air. Using CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) as fuel releases lesser amount of carbon dioxide and is it is also lead-free. This makes CNG a more environment-friendly fuel.

  1. Accelerate properly

Avoid putting down your foot on your accelerator permanently. Slight tapping will save your fuel and keep your vehicle in motion. Also, accelerating your vehicle all at once puts lot of pressure on the engine and hence more fuel is consumed leading to more pollution. Try accelerating gradually to save fuel and lower the carbon emission.

  1. Switch to higher gears

While driving on highways at constant speed, it is better if you use the highest gear of your car. This will ensure a uniform motion for your car, leading to reduced fuel consumption.

  1. Stick to speed limits

Driving slower or faster than the standard speed limit can land you in trouble. Not just legally, but also regarding the efficiency of your car. Driving slower than required will lead to more fuel consumption.

  1. Check tyre conditions

Always keep your tyres inflated to the required limit. Proper inflation gives adequate balance and speed so your engine need not drag your vehicle and hence fuel consumption is economic.

  1. Don’t over pack

It is smart to not overload your vehicle with unwanted stuff. Be smart while packing and pick only those things which you need in your trip. Heavier the vehicle, higher is the amount of fuel consumed to drag it.

  1. Plan your trip

A planned trip reduces extra travel time and fuel combustion. Be aware of road conditions and plan your stops before starting.

  1. Use Global Positioning System

Using a GPS device instead of paper maps makes it easy to spot your exact location. If you are using GPS, then you will not be lost and hence, you travel just the required path, eliminating extra fuel combustion.

  1. Use litter bags

It is not cool to be a litter bug so be smart and always carry a waterproof litter bag in your car.

  1. Take breaks

Take proper breaks to cool down your car engine. Overheating will lead to more fuel consumption and improper combustion.

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