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What You Must Check Before Buying A Helmet For Your Toddler

Safety for children is an essential aspect for any parent. A large number of children in India are fatally injured in road accidents every year. Wearing a helmet, while going on a bike ride is an important safety precaution that you must take. However, just wearing a helmet is not sufficient, it must cater to the requirements of your child else it will be useless where the safety of your child is concerned. Here are some points you must check while buying your child’s helmet.

How to find the perfect sized helmet for your toddler

Helmets come in various sizes. It is important that you choose the correct one for your child. To do this, you need to take the measurement of your child’s head size. Use a soft tape rule and measure the circumference of the head just an inch above the eyebrows. This measurement will help you in purchasing the right helmet as a loose or small sized helmet can be very uncomfortable for your child.


Before you put a helmet on your child's head, remember that it tends to get very hot in there, so you must check the number of vents present in the helmet. Bike styled helmets have more vents compared to skater styled helmets. If there are correct numbers of vents, it makes biking an enjoyable experience.

Construction of the helmet

Helmets come in two varieties; in mould and hard shell. The hard shell variety is more preferred for skating. Both types are well capable of protecting the head in case of a crash. The in-mould helmets are found to be more durable and lighter in weight with a large number of vents. The non-mould helmets can be purchased from any sports or bike shop, unlike the hard shell helmets that you can find in big box stores.


Where kids and toddlers are concerned, the design of the helmet is equally important. If the helmet has an attractive design, it will ensure that your child never forgets wearing it while going out. This will add to his/her safety, and you can be relaxed about the security of your kid on the Indian roads.

Internal Adjust Systems in helmets

Some helmets, generally the high-end ones, come with this feature. They have an internal plastic cage that can adjust itself to fit the head of the child. The head shapes of children vary widely, so this system allows the helmet to adjust itself to all sizes which ensure further safety of your child. In a country like India where we prefer to reuse our materials multiple times, this would be a good choice.