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Safe Driving Tips For Senior Citizens

As we age, our mental and physical abilities change. Some of the changes include a slow response time, problem in hearing,  loss in vision and loss of physical flexibility. However, this does not necessarily mean it’s time to give up driving. All it means is that it’s time to be a little more cautious on the roads.

Here are some safe driving tips that the elderly can follow:

  1. Drive at a moderate speed; neither too fast, nor too slow

  1. Avoid driving at night and during rush hours

  1. Maintain adequate distance from the vehicle in front so that there is enough time to use your brakes in case the driver makes a sudden stop

  1. Keep the windshield and mirrors clean for better visibility

  1. Take familiar routes and do not drive long distances, far away from home

  1. Always wear your seatbelt and avoid talking on the mobile phone while driving

  1. Don’t drive alone

  1. Do not drive after taking medicines that make you drowsy

  1. Do not drive when you are feeling tired or sleepy

  1. Always keep plenty of time in hand when leaving for your destination

  1. Avoid driving in unfavorable weather conditions

  1. Have your vision and hearing tested at regular intervals.

  1. Carry your driving license, RC and vehicle insurance It is not only mandatory by law but also important as it has your contact details which may come handy in case of an emergency.

And in the end, always remember, there may come a time when the body may not allow you to drive, and that’s perfectly okay. It’s a sign of aging gracefully!