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Steps to Take Right After a Car Accident

Indian roads are one among the deadliest. As per reports, there are more than 1.5 lakh people dying in road accidents in India. Even being a careful driver, there are chances of experiencing this…

Indian roads are one among the deadliest. As per reports, there are more than 1.5 lakh people dying in road accidents in India. Even being a careful driver, there are chances of experiencing this terrifying moment without any fault of yours. Not just physically, car accidents can leave you emotionally shattered. However, there are important steps to take right after a car accident, if you end up facing such unexpected situation. No matter how major or minor the accident is, making step-by-step move can actually help. Keeping yourself calm is the first and foremost requirement this time of distress. Here are the steps to take right after a car accident.

Check on You and Your Co-Passenger’s Well-Being

Even if the accident is minor, check for injuries and well-being firstly. Instead of getting into the unnecessary fight with other people involved in the accident, its better stay cool and take the initiative in the right way. Make sure you and other people involved in the accident are ok. If there are any physical injuries or someone is critical or killed, immediately call up for medical help. If the condition is severe, do not try to move the injured person. In case there is no injury, you can continue with checking the physical damage to the car and the third- party vehicle involved in the accident.

Stay There and Keep Your Vehicle Away from Traffic

Ensure to never leave the place of accident unless you are done with all the procedures. If you leave the accident place without checking on the third party’s situation, you may have to face serious criminal charges. If you can move your vehicle, keep your vehicle and you away from traffic without disrupting other people travelling on the road. In case vehicle is not in a movable position, then turn on the hazard lights and leave it there with the warning triangle beside the car, but you can get to safe place.

Call/Inform the Police and Report the Accident

Be it a severe accident or a minor one, it is important to contact the police. If you are not in a position to call, you can also ask any eyewitness over there to make a call on your behalf. Reporting the event is a legal requirement if the damage and an injury is severe. Police officers will make a note of things after careful inspection/investigation. However, it’s important to take their name, badge number and other relevant details

Exchange Essential Information

Ensure to exchange the essential information such as name, contact information, insurance information, diver license number of all the drivers involved in the accident, co-passenger details (if they are injured), license plate number and other basic information required related to the vehicles involved in that event.

However, it’s better to avoid discussing the fault. Admitting something in hurry intentionally or unintentionally can make you responsible for the legal liability.

Document the Unfortunate Event

To defend yourself, it is important to document each and everything related to the accident. Hence, as soon as the police officers arrive, note the responding officer’s name and badge number. Ensure to take a copy of incident report made by police. Take pictures of vehicles involved showing the damages caused. Take pictures of injuries also. Talk to eye witnesses and cordially obtain their details like name and contact information. Documenting the event helps you with clear picture of the accident, and for the personal accident insurance claim too later.

Notify Your Insurance Company and Place the Claim

If the accident involves damages, physical injury or death, and you need to raise a claim, call your insurance company to report the unfortunate event. Once the claim intimation is done, your insurance company official will assist you on further processes involved. You may have to submit the written request or fill up a claim request form along with necessary documents and bills. Now, that every auto insurance provider is offering cashless facility, getting the auto insurance claim processed is a simple and easy process. You can check for network garages to avail the cashless facility from your insurance company.


In a nutshell, unfortunate events like accidents can have a long-lasting impact, both physically and emotionally. Such terrible situations may leave you in a position to take irrational decisions at the moment of accident if you are not prepared for it. Keeping yourself calm and following the steps to take right after a car accident can help you in this extremely stressful situation.

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