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Planning A Night Trip? Things To Keep In Mind To Avoid Accident

Planning a trip or a surprise long drive at night may seem no less than an adventure. Who won’t enjoy the light puffs of air with the quietude at night as you breeze through the streets when the rest of the world is sleeping?  While it may seem a perfect idea to spend some time and rejuvenate yourself, there are several hazards that you must be aware of while driving at night. Here we bring to you few things which you should keep in mind to avoid any accident while driving at night.

  1. Make sure your Car’s headlights and indicators are properly functioning and have got enough light reflectors on the rear end of the Car 

  1. Risky For People with Poor Vision and Young Drivers.

The distance which a driver can usually see generally during the day reduces at night. It also takes a little time for the eyes to adjust to the darkness after being in a lit up environment. Novice drivers do not have the experience to drive at night as it requires extensive training to spot objects at a distance and react accordingly. So, people with poor vision and novice drivers are recommended to avoid driving at night.

  1. Follow the Speed Limit And Drive Responsibly

Speed limit sign boards are present after every three to five miles of the road. Watch for the indications and adjust your speed accordingly. In case the speed limit is not indicated, do not exceed 30 mph. In addition to this, be alert while you drive. Check your rear view and side mirrors often. Keep a check on your speed on rough and less maintained roads. Always look for flashes of lights especially at the sharp bends, descents and intersections.

  1. Do not Drink And Drive

Drunk driving is an offence and is punishable by law. Besides alcohol, it is the best way to avoid any food which induces sleep and drowsiness. Plus, do not drive if you are fatigued. Driving at night requires a lot of caution, and you need to be alert every second. Fatigue and drowsiness reduce our ability to react in times of a hazard. Take adequate rest before you set out for driving. Moreover, drunk drivers have a habit of driving towards bright light, so avoid them.

  1. Look Out For Animals On The Road

One should always drive slowly and with a lot of caution. The eyes of animals reflect the headlight, so they are easy to spot from a distance. If you fail to notice one, swerve your car with caution as abrupt changing of direction might save the animal, but it can injure you. Keep your wheel straight and apply your brakes firmly.

  1. Drive Carefully On to the Side Of The Road

It is best to avoid drunk and rash drivers on the road. If you find drivers who are willing to overtake you, do not get into the spirit and compete with them. Allow them to overtake you.

Keep these tips and precautions before you a plan a trip in the night. Happy Driving!

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