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Things You Must Not Forget To Keep In Your First Aid Kit

First aid kits are a necessity whether it comes to cars or household. At the time of an accident, administering the right medication is a must to the victim. It keeps the consequences in control and manageable which can otherwise aggravate. Hence, having a well-equipped first aid kit is mandatory in every household and even in cars or when we set out for trips.

Given below are a few things that you should not forget to keep in your first aid kit.

First Aid Kit Manual

Every first aid kit comes with a manual where all the necessary instructions regarding the arrangement of first aid kit as well as a few steps for elementary medication for common accidents and ailments are listed. They are very useful for the users, especially for those who have little knowledge about giving proper medication.

 Antiseptic Creams and Liquid

Antiseptic creams and lotions are very commonly used in every household when it comes to treating minor cuts and burns. Use of antiseptic creams and lotions over the affected area makes it germ-free and hence prevents the growth of infection. In the case of a major cut, it is necessary to put some antiseptic lotion over the cut before going to the doctor.

Adhesive Bandages

Germs multiply, and infections can spread if a cut is left uncovered. So it is wise to cover the affected area with an adhesive bandage. They are available in all shapes and sizes. Use a larger one for a bigger wound and a smaller one for a minor wound or scratch.

Cotton Wool

Keeping a sterilised cotton wool in a first aid kit can be very used to dress a wound. It can also be used to cover an injury in the absence of a bandage. They can also be used to apply antiseptic lotions over the cut.

Pain Relief Sprays

Muscle sprains are a common ailment among us especially when we are travelling a long distance. It restricts our movement and can sometimes be very painful. Pain relief sprays and gels can be kept in a first aid box for instant relief from muscle cramps or sprains. Instant cold packs and heating pads can also be stored in the kit for better results.

Nail trimmers and Tweezers

We never know when a hangnail can appear. So nail trimmers are also a necessary first aid item for chewing the hangnail to get rid of any infection before it spreads. It can also be used to trim ingrown nails, which is a very painful condition. You can use Tweezers to remove any sharp objects from a wound or stingers left behind by bees.

Thermometers and Fever Medications

Fever is a common ailment in every household. However, if the temperature is mild, the medication can be done at home whereas, if its high, visiting a doctor is necessary. Thermometers can be used to check body temperature at regular intervals. The further actions can be taken likewise.

So now that you have a list of all the items that should be kept in a first aid box, quickly arrange one for yourself too so that you act wisely and use them during emergencies.

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