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Tips For Driving Through Floods

Tips For Driving Through Floods

Floods are one of the major problems faced by everyone. Doesn’t matter where you are living, whether in flood prone area or in a parched state, but you must be prepared and careful while driving through floods. Driving through floods is not so easy. Also, few people cannot handle the stress of driving, where there are big chances of drowning in the water. One should avoid driving through floods but in case it is necessary, or you are stuck in floods, you should know the tips for driving through floods.

Below are the tips for driving through floods which everyone should keep in mind before going out during rains or floods:

Don’t Start Engine If Drowned in Water

This has been noticed in the past that people are in a habit of starting their vehicle’s engine again and again, even if the engine is totally drowned in the water which is a wrong practice. One should not restart the engine immediately. Water into the engine could seriously damage the engine. The repair cost for all such damages is very expensive and in case if you have not secured your engine by taking engine protection cover along with your vehicle insurance policy, you have to bear the damage loss from your own pocket. In case if water has entered into the engine, it’s better to switch off the car and push the car out of the water to avoid any further damage, instead of trying to re-start the engine. Alternatively, if you have any knowledge about the engines and carrying appropriate tools along with you, just remove the spark plugs or injectors and turn off the engine to expel extra water from the cylinders, before you start the engine.

Keep Moving

During heavy rains there are chances of water lodging or even floods, so in case flooding situation has arisen, try not to stop in water and keep moving while taking care of your driving. It is advisable that to keep the momentum on, try to not accelerate rapidly or don’t brake too hard. As if your car stuck in the standing water, there are chances of water to enter into the vital parts of your car that could be problematic. Also, while driving in water, make sure that you are using a lower gear like first or second gear depending on the speed of your car.

Pump Brakes

Once you’ve successfully crossed the water during floods, don’t forget to pump the brakes of your as this will help to push out extra water that may have accumulated in your car. Water in the brakes will automatically hinder the proper usage of brakes. This action is highly recommended as this issue is prevalent on cars with drum brakes.

Now you know the main tips for driving through floods. So, keep these tips in mind while driving through floods and stay safe.

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