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Tools To Carry On A Long Drive | RenewBuy

Long drives and weekend road trips are what many people look forward to for a refreshing break from their hectic schedules. While we all know how important it is to carry the important documents like Driving License, RC and Vehicle Insurance papers, here is a list of some essential tools that would come handy during a long drive:

  • Mini toolkit

A mini toolkit that comes with your vehicle must be carried at all times. It has a multi-head screwdriver which will keep you prepared in times of need.

  • A spare tyre

Make sure you carry a spare tyre while you are out on a trip. Not just the tyre, you would also need to carry a screw jack and an iron. Without these two you will not be able to put your tyre to use.

  • Flat tyre inflator & sealant

In case. you have a flat tyre in the middle of your journey and the nearest garage is far away, an inflator and sealant would come handy for a quick fix.

  • Jumper cables

You might need these in case your battery dies away, so do drop these in your tool kit before starting your journey

  • Seat belt and window cutter

Though we hope that you may never need this on your trip, it is still advisable to carry this in a case of emergency.

  • A mini fire extinguisher

A mini fire extinguisher should always be carried for added safety in case of a mishap.

  •  Light flares

These would come handy, especially if you are off roading. In case you are stuck with a flat tyre and you do not have any sealant left then light flares can be used as signals to attract people’s attention and get help.

  • A flashlight

Just in case you have to work on your car at night, a flashlight is what you will look for. Also, it would be wise to carry spare batteries in case the current one gets discharged. You can even carry an emergency light when on a journey, but remember to keep them charged.

  • Navigation tool

A navigation tool is of utmost importance, especially when you are travelling on unknown roads. Set your destination and it will guide you through.