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Why Having Speed Limit Is Essential For Indian Drivers

Driving your favourite car can be a thrilling, exciting, and unique experience. However, it’s imperative to ensure that you do it in the best way. Safety always comes first, and it’s here that a majority of drivers are at fault. Driving the car at prescribed speed limits is a crucial necessity. Nothing is more important than your life and lives of people around your vehicle so drive safe at all times.

If we take a look at the Indian context, accidents on National Highways are unfortunately turning into a common phenomenon. Drivers are least bothered about their safety, driving regulations, and safety rules, which is surely putting lives at high risk. So, what is triggering such erratic behaviours and actions? Let’s take a look!

The Real Scenario

Since the driver is the person handling the car, it is imperative for him to develop a comprehensive understanding of certain aspects. Speed breakers and controllers are of paramount importance in this context. However, most of the Indian drivers just don’t seem to care!

According to reports of a market survey carried in almost 20 countries, nearly 90% of drivers believe in their exceptional driving skills. They consider themselves as low-risk, above-average drivers who can drive the vehicle at a greater speed than what is defined as the limit. No matter what the traffic rules or safety regulations say, these drivers will keep on driving at a speed which they think is correct endangering the lives of people around them.

Speed Limit is Important

If you have a car and drive it quite often, it’s high time to give importance to personal safety. There’s nothing more important than your life, right? So, how can you risk it just like that! Safety rules and specified speed limits are of huge importance. The following reasons will tell you why you need to observe and follow them on a regular basis:


Being safe is the first thing that you should care about and should be on your mind at all times. When you are driving your car at top speeds, you are risking your safety to a great extent. If there’s a companion or passenger, his or her precious life is also in danger. Quite naturally, you should be careful and follow the permissible speed limits. That will help you reach the destination safely.

2.Control over the vehicle

When you are crossing the prescribed speed limits, you tend to lose control of the vehicle. Quite a few fatal accidents on Highways and Expressways have occurred just because the driver failed to control the vehicle.

3.Smooth turns

By following the prescribed speed limits, you will get the opportunity to make smooth turns. Sudden jerks, turns, and actions can change the direction of the vehicle. If your vehicle is under control, you can easily manage these unexpected situations.

4.Perfect maintenance

The faster you drive, the more quickly your car parts quality gets downgraded. So, driving your car at a certain speed will reduce wear-and-tear, and your dream vehicle will deliver stunning performances for years to come.

Speed limits and driving regulations are highly crucial for Indian drivers, and these reasons explain it quite clearly. So, follow the rules properly and stay safe.

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