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Bihar RTO, Check Bihar RTO Code Details Online

The Regional Transport department of Bihar was founded under Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The main objective of the Regional Transport Office in Bihar is to follow and execute various provisions and laws stated under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The regional transport department of Bihar is an essential and integral part of the Bihar Transport Department. The transport department of Bihar was founded for successfully enforcing the provisions that are laid down in the Motor Vehicles Act.

The Transport Department of Bihar regulates the Bihar RTO. The Head of the Transport Department of Bihar is the State Transport Commissioner who is responsible for ensuring the enforcement of various provision, rules and regulations stated under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The Regional Transport Department of Bihar offers multiple services to facilitate the welfare of people of the state and road transport as well as the safety of the people. RTO Bihar also provides other functions and services such as the issuance of driving license, registrations of the vehicles, issuance of various permits, collecting road tax, issuing fitness certificate to various commercial vehicles, etc.

Functions of Regional Transport Offices Bihar

The following services are provided by Bihar RTO as stated under various provisions, rules and regulations of Motor Vehicles Act.

Registration of Motor Vehicles

  • Issuing any Fresh Registration certificate

  • Issuing of Temporary Registration certificate of the Vehicle.

  • Registration of New Vehicle along with registration details.

  • Issuing and Renewing of Certificate of trade.

  • Issuing and Renewing of Certificate of Fitness

  • Issuing any duplicate registration certificate in case of loss of the original one

  • Issuing of re- registration certificate of a vehicle.

  • Registering change of address of the vehicle owner

  • Providing no objection certificate or clearance certificate to the owner of the vehicle

  • Providing certificate of ownership transfer of the vehicle

  • Renewal of the certificate of registration of any non transport vehicle like Cars, Motorcycles, jeeps, etc.

  • Noting/ termination of Hypothecation, Lease Agreement or Hire Purchase of the vehicle.

  • Providing refund for tax (if any), in case of lifetime tax.

  • Approving release or surrender of vehicle records

  • Cancellation of the Registration certificate of a vehicle

  • Any other function as may be stated under the aforesaid Act or rules and regulations of the act.

Issuance of Permit

Bihar RTO’s service include issuance and renewal of both temporary as well as permanent permit to various passengers and good vehicles which include the following:

  • Luxury cabs

  • Auto rickshaw

  • Private sector vehicles such as cars, motor bikes, etc

  • Goods carriage

  • Educational Institutes Buses

  • City cabs

  • Maxi cabs

  • Prepaid Taxi

Issuance and Renewal of License

  • Issuance of learner licence if the vehicle owner is learning to drive.

  • Issue and renewal of Motor Driving license

  • Issue of Duplicate license in case of loss of the original one

  • Issuing license to capable, fit and expert candidates

  • Issuance of permit of International Driving

  • Renewal of Conductor or Driving license

Collection of Motor Vehicles Taxes

RTO’s is primarily responsible for tax collection which includes the collection of following taxes on motor vehicles and keeping note of various tax exemption which are provided under the prescribed Act.

  • Tax paid on Quarterly Basis

  • Border Tax

  • Road Tax

  • Lifetime Tax (if applicable)

  • Composite Tax

  • Green Tax

Other functions

RTO Bihar provides following additional functions along with primary functions as mentioned above. The secondary functions are:

  • Measures for Road Safety- RTO undertake various measures for safety of drivers on the road and also ensure its implications. It also enforce traffic rules. It takes keen projects and interest on road safety. It also provides affordable traffic rules for the people of the state.

  • Emergencies- RTO Bihar ensures to take over vehicles during important events such as elections or any emergencies.

  • Measures for control of Air and Noise Pollution- RTO ensure the proper checking of Air as well as Noise Pollution and enforce rules and regulation to maintain both the pollution in check. It also ensures all the vehicles have a pollution free certificate before plying on road and subject to fine in case of failure. RTO also take measures for pollution control in the state.

Various Charges of Regional Transport Office Bihar

The charges levied by the Bihar Government for registration of vehicles are as follows:

Temporary Registration: Fees for all types of vehicles- Rs 40.

Permanent Registration: Fees for Different types of Vehicles:

  • Two -Wheeler Vehicle- Rs 60

  • Autorickshaw or Two Wheeler Imported vehicle- Rs 200

  • Jeep or any commercial car or Light goods vehicle- Rs 300

  • Mini Bus or Medium goods Vehicle- Rs 400

  • Tractor or Truck or Bus- Rs 500

  • Heavy goods vehicle or Stage or Contract Carriage buses- Rs 600

  • Four Wheeler Imported Vehicles- Rs 800

How to know your Regional Transport Office

To check or know your RTO or regional transport office, you can check the registration number plate of your vehicle. The first four alphanumeric digits state the RTO in which the vehicle is registered. The First two Alphabets stand for the state code- BR for Bihar and the next two digits state the RTO code in which the vehicle is registered.

List of Regional Transport Offices in Bihar

There are 57 RTOs actively functioning in the state of Bihar under the supervision of the transport department of Bihar. The list of all the RTO is stated below stating its location and codes. The working hours of the regional transport offices are generally from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Contact Details of Bihar RTO
Transport Commissioner, Bihar
Vishwesaraiya Bhawan, Bailey Road,
Patna - 800 015,
Patna, Bihar 800001
Phone No - 0612-223333











Vaishali district

















BR 37




















































BR 57






Why do you need to register your vehicle in Bihar?

Vehicle registration book is an official copy of the registration of the vehicle which proves that the vehicle is registered with the concerned RTO. Every vehicle owner is mandatorily required to register their vehicle before plying on the roads of Bihar. As per the Motor Vehicles Act, no vehicle is allowed on the roads of the state of Bihar to ply without proper registration. It is illegal to drive a vehicle in the state without a registration certificate or a valid registration number. In order to register a vehicle in the state of Bihar, you have to approach the RTO Bihar, which is nearest to your residence and make an application and also follow the relevant formalities. Usually, a vehicle is required to be registered permanently within seven days of its purchase. However, the vehicle owner can extend the days by a written application to the regional transport office.

Types of Vehicle Registration in Bihar

There are usually two types of vehicle registration that is Temporary and Permanent registration. Both the process of registration is equally important. Temporary registration is provided to the vehicle for a limited period of time and it can be availed easily through the vehicle dealer at the time of purchase of the vehicle whereas the permanent registration is valid for a longer period of time that is for 15 years and it can only be availed by approaching concerned regional transport office in Bihar.

  • Temporary registration- In case of Temporary Registration, the owner of the vehicle will have to submit the relevant documents to the vehicle dealer at the time of purchase of the vehicle. The dealer of the vehicle provides the vehicle owner temporary registration number through the online dealer’s point process of registration. The application for the registration is then further sent to the concerned RTO in the area for approval of the vehicle registration.

  • Permanent Registration- For availing permanent registration of the vehicle the vehicle owner will have to directly approach concerned nearest RTO in the area of his/her residence and the apply for permanent registration certificate of the vehicle. Once the relevant documents are submitted and verified properly by the RTO, registration number will be allotted to the vehicle owner by the concerned regional transport office.

Process for registration of vehicle in Bihar RTO

  • You are required to visit the concerned RTO which is nearest to your residential address with the following below stated documents and application form.

  • Submit the duly filled application form along with the documents at the counter of the office of the department.

  • After the documents are verified and checked by the RTO thoroughly, the vehicle is required to be produced by the vehicle owner at the RTO for its examination.

  • The responsible authority will check and verify the vehicle and if everything is satisfactory, then the registration number will be assigned by the concerned RTO to the vehicle.

  • The vehicle owner is also provided with a receipt which is the proof of registration of the vehicle until the registration certificate is provided by the RTO Bihar. Normally 30 days are required for obtaining the registration certificate.

  • After the vehicle owner receives the registration of the vehicle, the registration number which consist of letters and numbers is allotted to the state government by the central government and will be assigned to the vehicle of the owner or the applicant. The registration number is required to be displayed by the owner of the vehicle on the back of the vehicle within 30 days of its registration. This number is known as the registration number plate.

The permanent registration of a vehicle in Bihar is valid for 15 years from the date of its registration in case of private vehicles and in case of transport vehicles, permanent registration is valid for as long as the fitness certificate of the vehicle is valid. For renewal of the registration of the vehicle, you are required to apply for within 30 days of its expiry.

Documents required for Registration of a vehicle in Regional Transport Office Bihar

The documents which are required to be submitted by the vehicle owner for obtaining a registration certificate from the concerned regional transport office Bihar are stated below.

  • Form 20- It is an application form through which application can be made by the owner of the vehicle can for the registration of the new vehicle. The form can be downloaded online from the official website of RTO Bihar.

  • Form 21-It is vehicle sales certificate which specifies that the seller as well as the buyer of the vehicle to be registered.

  • Form 22/22A- It is vehicle roadworthiness certificate. It is  a declaration which states that the vehicle which is to be registered is in compliance with the pollution as well as safety standards as provided under the authority responsible. Dealer issues roadworthiness certificate of the vehicle.

  • Insurance Certificate of the motor vehicle.

  • Two passport sized photographs of the vehicle owner

  • Receipt of purchase as issued by the dealer.

  • Temporary registration certificate of the vehicle if the vehicle has been registered earlier temporarily

  • Clearance certificate as issued by the customs department in case the vehicle is imported.

  • In case of termination or endorsement of hire/purchase agreement of the vehicle, the vehicle owner also has to provide bank and other financial documents of the vehicle.

  • The Oath letter is also required in case the vehicle is privately owned vehicle and is an Omnibus which has 6 to 12 seating capacity.

  • In case of any vehicle bought from any other state or from outside the state of Bihar, then the payment receipt of entry tax is required to be submitted to the commercial tax department.

  • In case of the vehicles which were previously owned by the army, the original sale certificate of sale is also required.

  • In case of a trailer or a semi-trailer vehicle, a approval document of the State Transport Commissioner of Bihar for the approval of the design of the vehicle is also required to be submitted.

  • Address proof of vehicle owner

  • Age proof of vehicle owner

  • Proof of Indian Citizen is also required to be submitted.

  • A copy of PAN card of the vehicle owner is also requires in case of motor vehicle of more than Rs 4 Lakh

  • In case the vehicle owner is a foreigner, a copy of the visa of the owner is required to be provided.

After submitting the aforesaid documents along with the application form, the Registering department will verify the documents and information and also will inspect the vehicle to be registered. Upon verification of all of the above, the concerned regional transport office will provide the registration number to the vehicle owner along with a receipt. This receipt is useful only till the vehicle owner does not receive the original registration certificate card, which will be then sent to the registered email address of the owner of the vehicle.

Process for Registration of a fancy/ choice number in Bihar RTO
The transport department in Bihar keeps aside some special numbers out of the numbers which available for vehicle registration. These numbers are called fancy registration numbers which can be brought through an open auction. In an open auction, the highest bidder of the number will be allotted the demanded registration number only after payment of the prescribed fee, which is generally higher than normal registration fees. The authority may allot unutilised numbers to certain vehicles which may be owned by the state/central government at no extra charge. If a vehicle owner wants to keep the old vehicle registration number same in the new vehicle being registered, then the owner of the vehicle will be charged 50% of the registration fee for the same as fixed by the transport department for the number. Individuals who want to obtain a fancy number for their vehicle can obtain it only by bidding for the desired number through an open auction which is organised by the Transport Department of Bihar. The highest bidder will be allotted their desired vehicle registration number from the concerned RTO Punjab after payment of the prescribed fee.


For being able to ply your vehicle in the state of Bihar freely and to avoid payment of any charges, fines, fees, or penalty, you must register your vehicle with any of the regional transport offices in Bihar. The Transport department of Bihar has simplified the process of registration of the vehicles for the benefit of the vehicle owners/ people of the state of Bihar. Vehicle owners can use Bihar RTO’s portal or the official website of Bihar RTO for any queries for registration or any request for application. When you buy a vehicle, you can use your vehicle dealer’s services to register your vehicle easily. Almost all the dealers in the state of Bihar provide the service of temporary registration number in exchange for a fee/ price. However, if you wish to do the registration by yourself, you can proceed by following the easy steps which are mentioned above.

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