Using Mobile Phone While Driving Still The Top Traffic Violation

Driving With Mobile Phone Still The Top Traffic Violation How happy are we when we get the driving license and are finally able to drive on our own? But, how often do we imagine that the ride might…

Driving With Mobile Phone Still The Top Traffic Violation

How happy are we when we get the driving license and are finally able to drive on our own? But, how often do we imagine that the ride might actually prove fatal or even worse, might cost us our lives? Probably never! Texting or calling while driving is one of the biggest violations of safety precautions. That one phone call or that one urgent message might do a lot more harm than we think! On the contrary, this is exactly what happens. Using mobile while driving is one of the most offensive traffic violations as a few seconds of diverted consciousness can not only put you in danger but also cost someone else their life. Even after innumerable warning, preaching, and change in rules, the drivers are still found using a mobile phone while driving, which has led to a continuous rise in the rate of accidents. One of the prime measures taken is the implementation of traffic violation fines for talking on the phone while driving. The increase in the number of such accidents only points a finger to the irresponsibility of most of the drivers.

Traffic Violation Rule And Fine For Using Phone While Driving

Traffic violation has always been a hot topic among daily commuters. Where a number of them do not think twice before complaining about the traffic discipline, most of such people come out irresponsible themselves. Among the major cases of traffic violation reported, driving without helmets on, driving without license and texting and driving happen to bag the top ranks in India. To put a halt and raise awareness for the same, the government had not only implemented strict laws but also modified the ones already existing. There is a fine for using a mobile phone in any form, whether it be calling, texting, or other use while driving. Under the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, Central Motor Vehicle Rules of 1989, and State Motor Vehicle Rules, a penalty is imposed on the violator under Section 177 and Section 184. Section 177 states that if caught using a mobile phone while driving, for the first offence, a fine of Rs 100 will be levied against the violator, while a repeated offence will be treated with a fine of Rs 300. However, over the years, the increasing dependency on mobile phones have only contributed to a consistent rate of such cases reported.

Are Teenagers And Youngsters More Prone To Texting And Driving?

The present generation is well aware of the technological advancements and are completely dependant on the smartphones for the slightest thing required. With better data plans and talk time, the smartphone users have practically got glued to the small screens which has lead to potential addiction. Such is the addiction among the curious youths, that they automatically try to respond to texts and phones whenever the phone beeps. Whether it is meant for business or offices, or a harmless and comforting text back to the best friend, the few seconds of unconsciousness while driving can bring the doom within a blink of the eye. On the contrary, most of the elders are yet to get addicted to the small screens even today, which is why, such a traffic violation is reported more among teens than the adults.

However, irrespective of the age, a traffic violation fine of 1000 INR is levied for using a mobile phone while driving. Not to mention, the driving license is suspended for approx. three months. The guilty is also sent a show cause notice from the RTO and he/she might also be subjected to court hearing. Reasons and Consequences of Using Phone While Driving

The reasons for traffic violation are many. From driving without a licence to using phone while driving, there are innumerable reasons for accidents and carelessness; some of which are:

  • While using a mobile phone while driving, one may not notice road signs and take the wrong way. This might result the driver in losing track of the path, entering the wrong path, missing a U-turn, etc.
  • Many unskilled drivers who drive without a proper driver license or training might not be careful enough to follow the traffic rules and blatantly use the mobile phone while driving. In this case, the driver initially held for using phone while driving, might eventually be booked for driving without license. Thus, necessary traffic violation fines shall be levied.
  • Most of the accidents also result from improper maintenance of speed or lanes because of using a mobile phone while driving.
  • Talking on phone while driving results in compromised focus on the road which means the driver has umpteenth probability of losing track of nearby cars.


With increased number of transport services, the roadways of the metropolitan cities are always found brimming with more cars than the space would allow. Where traffic remains a major problem in today's life, the number of traffic violation cases reported keep on rising with each passing day. Even though we all know the consequences, we often think that one reply, or one call might not do the harm; and this is where we are wrong!


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