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The Transport Department of the Government of Gujarat is responsible for providing an effective and proper public transportation system, issuing various permits, controlling vehicle pollution,…

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The Transport Department of the Government of Gujarat is responsible for providing an effective and proper public transportation system, issuing various permits, controlling vehicle pollution, vehicle registration both temporary and permanent in Gujarat, and collecting road taxes, issuance of Driving license, etc.

Gujarat RTO is also responsible for various duties such as policy-making, implementation of various provisions under the Motor Vehicles Act, coordination, monitoring, and other regulatory functions related to the state's transport system Gujarat. The Government of Gujarat regulates the Transport Department in terms of policy formulation and its implementation. The Transport Department of Gujarat is headed by the Transport Commissioner, the Transport Department of Gujarat.

The Transport Department of Gujarat Government works under the provision provided in the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Regional Transport Office of Gujarat is an indispensable part of the Transport Department that helps in efficient transportation facility to people, by providing major responsibilities. Like: Pollution control, road tax collection, vehicle registrations of various vehicles in Gujarat, issuance of driving licenses and issuance of permits, etc.

List of Regional Transport Offices in Gujarat

Transport Department

Contact Person: PRO (Public Relation Officer)

Address: Commissioner of Transport office, Block-6, Second floor, Dr. Jivraj Mehta Bhavan, Gandhinagar - 382010.

Office Telephone No: 079 – 23251367

Fax No: 079 – 23251362

Email ID: cotguj@yahoo.in


There are 38 Regional Transport offices in Gujarat including RTO and ARTO in different locations of the state. The Gujarat RTO number list includes the following along with RTO codes.


RTO Code RTO Name
GJ-01 Ahmedabad
GJ-02 Mehsana
GJ-03 Rajkot
GJ-04 Bhavnagar
GJ-05 Surat
GJ- 06 Vadodara
GJ- 07 Kheda
GJ-08 Banaskantha
GJ-09 Sabarkantha
GJ-10 Jamnagar
GJ-11 Junagadh
GJ-12 Kutch
GJ-13 Surendranagar
GJ-14 Amreli
GJ-15 Valsad
GJ-16 Bharuch
GJ-17 Panchmahal
GJ-18 Gandhinagar
GJ-19 Bardoli
GJ-20 Dahod
GJ-21 Navsari
GJ-22 Narmada
GJ-23 Anand
GJ-24 Patan
GJ-25 Porbander
GJ-26 Vyara
GJ-27 Ahmedabad East
GJ-30 Aahwa
GJ-31 Modasa
GJ-32 Veraval
GJ-33 Botad
GJ-34 Chhota Udepur
GJ-35 Lunavada
GJ-36 Morbi
GJ-37 Khambhaliya
GJ-38 Bavla

Duties of Regional Transport Office Gujarat:

The Regional Transport Office Gujarat is also involved in making various vehicle-related policies, implementing the policies, coordination, monitoring, and regulatory functions related to all vehicles in Gujarat, apart from providing major primary responsibilities. RTO Gujarat also offers an online application facility for all its customers and vehicle owners who want to register their new vehicle or obtain a Driving License. Transport Department in Gujarat is governed by the Gujarat Government and is headed by the Transport Commissioner for policymaking and implementation of provisions in the state of Gujarat.

RTO Gujarat provides the following functions:

  • Enforcement of various provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, allied acts and rules framed thereunder
  • Conducting driving test and issuing learning licenses for the vehicles
  • Issue of New Driving license and Renewal of Driving License
  • Issue of International Driving License
  • Adding a new class Vehicle to Driving License
  • Issue of Motor Driving School license and renewal of the same
  • Issue of Professional Driving Instructor’s License and renewal
  • Issue of Conductor’s License
  • Re-registration of Vehicle
  • Issuance and renewal of Temporary and Permanent registration Certificate for Motor Vehicles
  • Transfer of Ownership in Registration Certificate of a Vehicle
  • Entry as well as Termination of Hire-Purchase or lease or Hypothecation in Registration Certificate Book
  • Updating Registration Certificate of the Vehicle
  • Issue of Temporary Registration Certificate
  • Issue of Vehicle No Objection Certificate(NOC)
  • Issuing and Renewing Trade Certificate
  • Issue of Fitness Certificate to the vehicle
  • Issuance of Permits of various transport
  • Collection of Revenue for the Government
  • Road Tax and Motor Vehicles Tax Collection of IMV Fees
  • Departmental Action Cases
  • Vehicle Inspection at Check posts
  • Ensuring Environmental Upgradation
  • Providing CNG/LPG Conversion
  • Pollution Under Control Testing Centres
  • Various Road Safety Measures and ensuring its implementation.

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Know the work of the Regional Transport Office in Gujarat:

  • To get your vehicle registered, you can visit the Regional Transport Office in your area, or you can also locate your RTO based on your pin code. The RTO situated in your region will only provide you with permanent registration of the vehicle. In some cases, the car provider and temporary registration also provide you with permanent registration on your behalf after submitting prescribed documents. According to your region and your permanent address, you have to find an RTO office and apply for permanent registration.
  • After your registration, if you want to know your RTO, you can check the number plate of the vehicle. The first alphanumeric digits state the RTO of the vehicle. The First two Alphabets are the state code- GJ for Gujarat, and the next two digits are the RTO code in which it is registered.

Vehicle Registration Types in Gujarat:

Temporary Vehicle Registration-

When you buy a new vehicle in Gujarat, you can avail of a temporary Registration certificate book from the dealer until you receive the permanent Registration Certificate number. A temporary registration number is allotted to the vehicle owner for a maximum period of one month. The vehicle owner is required to register the vehicle within this period with the Regional Transport Office Gujarat.

Permanent Vehicle Registration-

Every vehicle owner must carry a copy of the Registration Certificate while driving on the roads in the state, as mandated by law. RC (Registration Certificate) is an essential document that indicates the owner registers a vehicle with the RTO of the area where the owner resides. This certificate is provided as a Smart Card these days by the RTOs. Permanent Registration Certificate contains the essential information about the vehicle, including Vehicle Registration Number, Date of Registration of the car, Vehicle Engine Number, Vehicle Chassis Number, Vehicle color, Type of the car, Seating Capacity, and Model Number.

What is the process to apply for Permanent RC in Gujarat?

To avail of a permanent RC, follow the steps stated below: 

  • The vehicle owner is required to fill and submit Form 20, which is an application form to the respective regional transport office of their area
  • If the owner already has a temporary registration number, then a permanent number should be obtained before the temporary one expires
  • If permanent registration requires vehicle hypothecation, then the vehicle owner needs to furnish relevant details for hypothecation of the vehicle
  • Submit the application form along with relevant documents for permanent registration at the counter of the RTO
  • The vehicle owner will also have to pay the registration fee per the Ruling of Motor Vehicles Act, 1989. The fee charged by the authority will be dependent on the type of vehicle permanent Registration Certificate number selected by the vehicle owner

Documents required for permanent vehicle registration in Gujarat:

The following documents are required to be produced for the application of permanent RC (Registration Certificate) in Gujarat of the vehicle.

  • Form 20- Application form for availing permanent registration number
  • Form 21-Sales Certificate contains relevant details of the sale of the vehicle
  • Form 22-Vehicle Road Worthiness Certificate, which states that the vehicle is proper to be operational on the road
  • If the vehicle body is fabricated, the owner also needs to submit form 22A
  • Address proof of the owner of the vehicle
  • In the case of semi-trailer or trailer vehicles, a copy of the design approved has to be submitted by the vehicle owner, along with a Sales Certificate needs to be submitted to the respective RTO Gujarat

Vehicle Registration Process for Vehicles brought from outside Gujarat:

Like most of the other states in India, any vehicle plying on the roads needs to be registered by the vehicle owner in the respective RTO of the location or area where the vehicle owner is residing.

Follow the steps:-

  • To register a vehicle, the owner of the vehicle is vehicle has to duly fill and submit to RTO Gujarat an application for registration when the vehicle is brought by the owner from outside Gujarat or in any other case
  • The application can also be made online through an application form called ‘Form 20’. It is available on the official website of the RTO Gujarat
  • The owner or the buyer can take a printout of uploaded Form 20 and submit it to the counter of the concerned RTO office along with applicable fees
  • The authorized dealer of the vehicle in the state will inspect the vehicle as required. 
  • Then inspection certificate will be issued by the dealer has to be attached along with the application form. Otherwise, the vehicle is expected to be produced in the RTO for proper inspection
  • The respective RTO office will verify the documents in detail and then allot a registration number
  • The vehicle owner will receive a selected registration number from the concerned RTO on payment of a fee. This registration number is a computerized number which is allotted once the whole registration process is completed
  • The vehicle owner is informed through an SMS or an email on their registered phone number or registered email ID
  • The smart Registration Certificate of the vehicle will be sent to the owner of the vehicle through the speed post
  • The vehicle owner can also check their RTO Gujarat Registration Certificate booking status online by logging on to the official website

Documents required for registering a vehicle in Gujarat brought from outside Gujarat:

To register a vehicle in one of the RTOs of Gujarat, you are required to produce the following documents at the concerned RTO along with the application for registration in Form 20.

  • Sale Certificate duly filled and submitted in Form No.21
  • Roadworthiness certificate to be submitted in Form 22
  • Valid ID proof of the applicant and recent photographs of the applicant
  • The insurance policy of the vehicle
  • Valid Address proof of the applicant
  • The customs bill is also required to be submitted if the vehicle is imported
  • Form 21 is required to be submitted in case the vehicle that is required to be registered is not a body build vehicle
  • Voter ID of the applicant/Electricity Bill or Telephone Bill of the applicant/ pay slip of Central/Local/ State Self-Government

Vehicles Ownership Transfer Process:

When you sell or purchase a vehicle, its ownership needs to be transferred to the buyer in his name. It is called ‘Registration Certificate Transfer.’ Transfer of vehicle ownership is essential as it ensures that the vehicle and the liabilities related to the vehicle are transferred to the new owner of the vehicle. All you need to do is fill an application form and submit it to the concerned RTO. When a car or bike owner sells a car or bike, then he/she can apply for a Registration Certificate transfer within 14 days from the sale of the vehicle. The Regional Transport Office should be informed about the transfer of ownership of the vehicle. Certain documents are required to attach along with the application form for registering the transfer of ownership with the concerned RTO in Gujarat. The documents required are stated below.

Documents Required for Transferring Ownership:


  • Form 29 and Form 30- Application form which is needed to be filled and submitted along with a print of pencil chassis number
  • Form 31- This form is required to be submitted if the ownership transfer is made through the inheritance
  • Form 32- This form is required to be submitted if the transfer of ownership is made through the public auction
  • Original Registration Certificate Book
  • Copy of Valid Vehicle Insurance
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate
  • Address proof of the new vehicle owner
  • Identity proof of the new owner of the vehicle
  • Applicable fees for the transfer of ownership i.e. Rs 30 for bike and Rs 100 for cars
  • Applicable transfer tax at the rate of 15% of original tax paid in lump sum. If the vehicle is older than 8 years, then the tax will be 1% of the original tax paid in lump sum earlier or Rs. 100 whichever is higher

RTO No-objection (NOC) Process :

RTO's no-objection certificate consists of no tax dues on the vehicle, which is getting registered in the RTO. Know more NOC issuance: 

  • To obtain a no-objection certificate for registering the vehicle in the state of Gujarat, you will have to approach the concerned RTO office in your area
  • You can get details of the concerned RTO office in your area through the RTO codes.
  • Application is required to be made in Form 28 along with the below stated necessary documents to process your application 
  • The application form can also be obtained from the respective RTO
  • You should make sure that you are eligible for applying for this procedure
  • Then you have to fill the form and present it in one of the counters of the concerned RTO along with the appropriate fee, where the officials will start processing your application for the same
  • After checking and verifying the application form for its correctness, the No objection certificate will be issued to you by the concerned RTO

Documents are required to obtain NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the Concerned RTO:

  • Application in Form 28 to be submitted to the concerned RTO.
  • Original Certificate of Registration of the vehicle
  • Vehicle Certificate of Insurance
  • Proper Evidence of Payment of tax up to date of Motor Vehicle
  • Vehicle Pollution under Control Certificate.
  • Police Verification Certificate
  • Aadhaar card of the applicant
  • Address and ID-Proof of the vehicle

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