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Himachal Pradesh RTO (HP RTO): An Overview Himachal Pradesh RTO is the primary transportation department that regulates all transport-related activities and enforces traffic rules and regulations…

Himachal Pradesh RTO (HP RTO): An Overview

Himachal Pradesh RTO is the primary transportation department that regulates all transport-related activities and enforces traffic rules and regulations within the state. Himachal Pradesh, situated at the foothills of the Himalayas, has scenic views of mountains and valleys, attracting tourists throughout the year. Hence, keeping the transportation infrastructure safe, secure, and accessible in these mountains is the primary responsibility of the transportation department of Himachal Pradesh. 

The HP RTO is a state-owned road transport department under Section 213 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The Transport Commissioner heads the Transport Department of Himachal Pradesh. HP RTO is also responsible for enforcing the Himachal Pradesh Motor Vehicles Taxation Act, 1972, and implementing all the rules framed thereunder. Regional Transport Offices are one of the major centres for revenue, contributing to the income of the Himachal Pradesh state government. Let’s understand the core functions of HP RTO in detail.

Roles and Responsibilities of Regional Transport Offices Himachal Pradesh

If you own a vehicle and want to ply it under the jurisdiction of Himachal Pradesh, then you definitely need to visit the HP RTO and produce relevant documents. Besides these, the transport department of Himachal Pradesh coordinates with other transport departments to facilitate a proper transportation flow in the state and ensure efficient movement of passengers and goods. Himachal Pradesh RTO is primarily responsible for implementing and enforcing provisions, rules, and regulations of the Motor Vehicles Act and various other functions and services for the safety of the people of the state. They are stated below

Issuance of Various Licenses

Under the Motor Vehicles Act, every individual of 16 years or above must have a valid license to drive a vehicle legally in India. The Regional Transport Offices in Himachal Pradesh (HP RTO) issue and renew the driving licenses of individuals. The responsibilities related to licences and related works are as follows:

  • Conduct a driving test before the issuance of a driving license and evaluate the driving capabilities and understanding of traffic rules of the applicant
  • HP RTO issues a Learning License and a Permanent License to the drivers
  • Renewal of Driving License
  • Issuance of Duplicate License in case of loss or theft of existing driving license
  • Disqualification or Revocation of existing Driving License in case of violation of rules
  • Issuance and renewal of the Motor Driving School license
  • Issuance of the International Driving Permit
  • Any changes to the current Driving License
  • Issue or renew the driving instructor’s license
  • Issuance of a Driving License to the conductor’s

Issuance of Various Permits

Commercial vehicles carrying goods and people require a permit to drive within the city and outside. Himachal Pradesh RTO is responsible for issuing and renewing various permits to the people of Himachal or any other prescribed applicant. Various permits issued by RTOs are as follows:

  • Issue new permits to vehicles
  • Issue renewed and duplicate permits
  • Issuance of Temporary permits to vehicles
  • Issuance of Permit to Stage/ Goods carriages
  • Issuance of permits to contract carriages
  • Issuance of permit to vehicles for private service

Vehicle Registration in Himachal Pradesh RTO

Per the Motor Vehicles Act, the registration of a newly purchased vehicle is mandatory under the concerned HP RTO office. The Regional Transport Offices in Himachal Pradesh primarily register every vehicle in the state and issue RC (Registration Certificate) and registration number to the vehicle. RTO Himachal Pradesh provides registration of the following

  • Issuance of temporary and permanent registration certificates
  • Renewal of permanent registration in case of its expiry
  • Issuance of duplication temporary as well as permanent registration in case of loss of the original one
  • Endorsement and termination of loan hypothecation if the vehicle has been brought on a loan
  • Transfer of ownership of the vehicle to the new owner of the vehicle if the vehicle is sold to any other person
  • Issuance of No Objection Certificate to the applicant
  • Providing a change of address of the vehicle owner in the registration certification

Collection of Various Taxes on Vehicles

Regional Transport Offices is responsible for collecting taxes and penalties (in case of violation of rules) from the vehicle owners. The various taxes are used to develop the transportation infrastructure within the state further to ensure safe travel. The following various taxes are as follows:

  • Taxes on transport vehicles
  • Taxes on non-transport vehicles
  • Tax paid quarterly
  • Road taxes
  • Special road taxes
  • Online token tax

Other Services of HP RTO

Besides the services mentioned above, RTO Himachal also checks on pollution control and the mechanical fit of the vehicle for safety on the roads. HP RTO also contributes to environmental upgradation by measuring the vehicle on different parameters, like

  • Inspection of vehicles before issuing a valid certificate
  • PUC (Pollution Under Control) Testing
  • Issuance of PUC Certificates
  • Registration of CNG or LPG Vehicles
  • Conversion of Petrol/Diesel vehicles to CNG/LPG
  • Evaluation of mechanical fitness of a vehicle and issuing or renewing fitness certificate
  • Issue challan in case of violation of rules
  • Issuance of Trade certificate of the vehicle
  • Providing categorization of vehicles
  • Providing diplomatic vehicles

Service Charges of Regional Transport Office Himachal Pradesh

RTO Himachal charges a fee for various services provided or offered by it. The vehicles or applicants will have to pay the prescribed fees for the specified services they want to avail of from the HP RTO. The various charges of regional transport offices Himachal Pradesh are stated below. 

Learner License Test: Rs. 150/-

Issuance of Driving License: Rs. 200/-

Renewal of Driving License: Rs. 200/-

Grant Trade Certificate (Two-wheeler): Rs. 500/-

Issue and Renewal of Registration Certificate for 

  • Invalid Carriage: Rs. 50/-
  • Motor Cycle: Rs. 300/-
  • Three wheeler/ Quadricycle/ Light Motor Vehicles (Non-transport: Rs. 600/- and Transport: Rs. 1000/-)
  • Medium Goods Vehicle: Rs. 1000/-
  • Medium Passenger Motor Vehicle: Rs. 1000/-
  • Heavy Goods Vehicle: Rs. 1500/-


Himachal Pradesh RTO Code List & Details

There are 96 Regional Transport Offices actively working in Himachal Pradesh under the supervision of the Transport Department of Himachal Pradesh (HP RTO). These Regional Transport Offices are listed below with their RTO Codes.

Contact Details of Himachal Pradesh RTO
Office of Transport Commissioner,
Directorate of Transport,
Parivahan Bhawan,
Phone No - 01772803136 and 0177-2808642
E-mail ID - transport-hp@nic.in

Office Name


Office Address

Contact Number

RLA, Bilaspur


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Bilaspur-174001

01978 224798

RLA, Ghumarwin


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Ghumarwin, Distt Bilaspur-174021

01978 255277

RLA, Jhandutta


Sub Divisional  Officer  (C), Jhandutta, Distt  Bilaspur-174034

01978 272122

RLA, Naina Devi ji at Swarghat


Sub Divisional  Officer  (C), Naina Devi Ji at Swarghat, Distt  Bilaspur-174011

01978 284094

RTO, Bilaspur

HP-69, HP-70, HP-01B, HP-02B

Regional Transport Officer, Bilaspur-174001

01978 221364

RLA, Bharmaur


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Bharmaur, Distt Chamba-176315

01895 225506

RLA, Bhattiyat


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Bhattiyat, Distt Chamba-176302

01899 266455

RLA, Tissa


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Church, Distt. Chamba-176316

01896 227033

RLA, Chamba


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Chamba-176310

01899 222278

RLA, Dalhousie


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Dalhousie, Distt. Chamba-176304

01899 242122

RLA, Pangi


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Pangi, Distt. Chamba-172107

01897 242222

RLA, Saloni


Sub Divisional Office, Salooni-176320

01896 233122

RTO, Chamba


HP-01C, HP-02C

Regional Transport Officer, Chamba-176310

01899 224131

RLA, Barsar


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Barsar, Distt. Hamirpur-174305

01972 288045

RLA, Bhoranj


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Bhoranj, Distt. Hamirpur-176045

01972 266928

RLA, Hamirpur


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Hamirpur-177001

01972 224304



Sub Divisional Officer (C), Nadaun, Distt. Hamirpur-177033

01972 232511

RLA Sujanpur


Sub Divisional Office Sujanpur- 176110

01972 273100

RTO, Hamirpur


HP-60, HP-01H,


Regional Transport Officer, Hamirpur-177001

01972 221330

RLA, Baijnath


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Baijnath, Distt. Kangra-176125

01894 263656

RLA, Dharamshala


Sub Divisional Officer (C), D/sala, Distt. Kangra-176215

01892 223315

RLA, Dehra


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Dehra, Distt. Kangra-177101

01970 233102

RLA, Jawali


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Jawali, Distt. Kangra-176023

01893 264310

RLA Jaisinghpur


Sub Divisional Officer (C)  Jaisinghpur, Distt. Kangra-176095

01894 228111

RLA, Kangra


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Kangra-176001

01892 265024

RLA, Nurpur


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Nurpur, Distt. Kangra-176202

01893 220024

RLA, Palampur


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Palampur, Distt. Kangra-176061

01894 230595

RLA Jawalaji


Sub Divisional Office Jawalamukhi- 176031

01970 223100

RLA Fatehpur


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Fatehpur-176053

01893 256222

RLA, Shahpur


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Shahapur-176206

01892 237007

RLA, Nagrota Bagwan


Sub Divisional Officer (C ), Nagrota Bagwan-176047

01892 252001

RTO Dharamshala


HP-04, HP-01D,


RTO Kangra at Dharmashala-176215

01892 222055

RLA, Kalpa


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Kalpa, Distt. Kinnaur-172108

01786 222253

R&LA, Dheera

HP 96

Sub Divisional Officer (C ), Dheera, District Kangra 176101

01894 222666

R&LA, Indora

HP 97

Sub Divisional Officer (C ), Indora, District Kangra 176401

01893 256222

RLA, Nichar


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Nichar, Distt. Kinnaur-172103

01786 263201

RLA, Pooh


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Pooh, Distt. Kinnaur-172111

01785 232222

RLA, Ani


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Ani, Distt. Kullu-172026

01904 253344

RLA, Banjar


Sub Divisional Officer (C),Banjar, Distt. Kullu-175123

01903 221253

RLA, Kullu


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Kullu-175101

01902 222596

RLA, Manali


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Manali, Distt. Kullu-175131

01902 254100

RTO, Kullu





Regional Transport Officer, Kullu-175101

01902 226497

RLA, Keylong


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Keylong, Distt. Lahual & Spiti-175132

01900 222225

RLA, Kaza


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Kaza, Distt.Lahaul & Spiti-172114

01906 222302

RLA, Udaipur


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Udaipur, Distt. Lahaul & Spiti-175142

01909 222224

RLA, Gohar


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Gohar, Distt. Mandi-175029

01907 250283

RLA, Jogindernagar


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Jogindernagar, Distt. Mandi-175015

01908 223895

RLA, Karsog


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Karsog, Distt. Mandi-175011

01907 222236

RLA, Mandi Sadar


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Mandi-175001

01905 225207

RLA, Padhar


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Padhar, Distt. Mandi-175012

01908 260666

RLA, Sarkaghat


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Sarkaghat, Distt. Mandi-175024

01905 230042

RLA, Sundernagar


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Sundernagar, Distt. Mandi-175019

01907 266001

RLA, Balh


Sub Divisional Office, Balh, District Mandi-175012

01905 242001

RLA, Dharampur


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Dharampur, Distt. Mandi-175040

01905 272080

RLA, Janjehli


Sub Divisional Officer (C ), Janjehli-175047

01907 256666

RTO, Mandi


HP-05, HP-01M,


Regional Transport Officer, Mandi-175001

01905 235171

RLA, Chopal


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Chopal, Distt. Shimla-171211

0178 3260014

RLA, Dodra Kawar


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Dodra Kawar, Distt. Shimla-171221

0178 3260014

RLA, Rampur


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Rampur, Distt. Shimla-1720013

0178 2233002

RLA, Rohru


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Rohru, Distt. Shimla-171207

0178 1240009

RLA, Shimla Urban


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Shima-171001

0177 2657007

RLA, Shimla Rural


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Shimla-171001

0177 2657009

RLA, Theog


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Theog, Distt. Shimla-171201

0177 2657009

RLA Kumarsain


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Kumarsain, Distt. Shimla-171213

0178 1272001

RTO, Rampur




Regional Transport Officer, Rampur-172001

01782 234759

RTO, Shimla


HP-50, HP-01A,


Regional Transport Officer, Shimla-171004

0177 2658379

STA, Shimla


HP-01, HP-02

State Transport Authority, Row 65, Cell 3

0177 2811335

RLA, Nahan


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Nahan-173001

01702 222239

RLA, Paonta Sahib


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Paonta Sahib, Distt. Sirmaur-173025

01704 224100

RLA,  Rajgarh


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Rajgarh, Distt. Sirmaur-173101

01799 221034

RLA, Sangrah


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Sangrah, Distt. Sirmaur

01702 248004

RLA Shillai


Sub Divisional Office Shilai-173027

01704 278534

RTO, Sirmaur




Regional Transport Officer Sirmaur at Nahan-173001

01702 225968

RLA, Arki


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Arki, Distt. Solan-173208

01796 220666

RLA, Kandaghat


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Kandaghat, Distt. Solan-173215

01792 256100

RLA, Nalagarh


Sub Divisional Officer (C),Nalagarh, Distt. Solan-174101

01795 223024

RLA, Solan


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Solan-173212

01792 223707

RLA, Parwanoo


AC Parwanoo, Distt. Solan-173220


RTO, Baddi at Nalgarh




Regional Transport Officer Baddi at Nalagarh

01795 222684

RTO, Solan





Regional Transport Officer, Solan-173212

01792 231308

RLA, Amb


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Amb, Distt. Una-177203

01976 261203

RLA, Una


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Una-174303

01975 223621

RLA, Bangana


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Una-174304

01975 263060

RTO, Una


HP-01U, HP-02U

Regional Transport Officer, Una-174303

01975 203020

RLA Haroli


Sub Divisional Officer (C), Una-177220

01975 284400

Types of Registration of Vehicles

The following two types of vehicle registration are done at RTO Himachal. These vehicles include two-wheelers as well as four-wheeler vehicles.

  • Temporary Registration: Per the provisions and rules stated in the prescribed Section 43 of the Motor Vehicle Act, the temporary registration of a vehicle is only permissible if the vehicle is required to be taken to any other state from the state of its purchase. Generally, the temporary registration number or temporary registration certificate is valid only for a period of seven days or one month. Before the expiry of this period, it is necessary for the owner of the vehicle to register his/her vehicle permanently with the Regional Transport Office of the state.
  • Permanent Registration: Permanent registration is mandatory under the prescribed section of the Motor Vehicles Act. The owner must register his/her vehicle within a prescribed period with the concerned Regional Transport Office by following the simple process stated below. The permanent registration is valid for 15 years and requires renewal after the said period through the same process.

Process of Temporary Registration of a Vehicle in Himachal Pradesh RTO

Temporary registration is served when you purchase a new vehicle in a different state and is yet required to register permanently with the concerned Regional Transport Office where you want to reside/ drive. The vehicle dealer assigns the new vehicle a temporary registration certificate or number. It is valid only for a period of one month. The vehicle owner is required to get the vehicle registered permanently within this temporary registration period. You can follow these steps to obtain the temporary registration number of your vehicle from the dealer of the vehicle

  • Visit the dealer for the purchase of the vehicle
  • Submit the relevant documents as stated below to get the registration of the vehicle along with applicable fees for the same
  • The dealer will visit the concerned Regional Transport Office to obtain the temporary registration and provide you with the same.

Documents Required for Temporary Registration of a Vehicle

At the time of the purchase, you need to submit the following documents to the dealer of the vehicle along with applicable fees for temporary registration, which is valid for one month. 

  • Application for registration of the vehicle to be made in Form 20
  • Form 21 (Sales certificate of the vehicle)
  • Form 22 (Roadworthiness certificate of the vehicle)
  • Valid address proof of the vehicle owner
  • A valid Vehicle Insurance Certificate
  • Certificate of PUC (Pollution Under Control)
  • PAN card or Form 60 and Form 61 (if required)
  • Permanent Registration certificate of the vehicle

Process of Permanent Registration of Vehicle in RTO Himachal

The permanent vehicle registration application must be submitted to the concerned registering authority nearest to the location where the vehicle owner resides or carries out his/her business. The vehicle owner needs to apply for a permanent registration number to the concerned regional transport office in Form 20, along with the required documents. You can follow the following steps to obtain permanent registration of your vehicle in HP RTO:

  • Visit the nearest Regional Transport Office to your residential or business area with all the necessary documents and their xerox copies.
  • Duly fill and submit the application form along with applicable permanent registration fees at one of the counters of the concerned HP RTO. 
  • You should also carry a demand draft drawn on the name of the concerned RTO along with relevant documents for the road tax to be payable.
  • Once the documents are verified and processed, the concerned Himachal RTO will also verify the vehicle to be registered. The process generally takes two to three days to be completed. It may take longer in some cases.
  • Then the official of the concerned HP RTO will assign the registration certificate and registration number of the vehicle to the owner of the vehicle.

Documents Required for Permanent Registration of Vehicle

The permanent registration is valid for a period of 15 years from the date of its registration. However, after its expiry, the owner should renew the registration of the vehicle every 5 years. The following documents are required to be submitted by the vehicle owner to obtain a permanent registration certificate and permanent registration number of the vehicle.  

  • Form 20 (in case the vehicle is bought on Hypothecation or loan or lease)
  • Form 21 (Sale Certificate of the vehicle)
  • Form 22 (Valid Roadworthiness Certificate) as obtained from the dealer of the vehicle 
  • Valid ID proof of the vehicle owner.
  • Attested copy of the invoice from both the manufacturer as well from the seller 
  • Passport-sized documents of the owner of the vehicle
  • Valid Insurance certificate of the vehicle
  • Address Proof (Ration Card or passport or Aadhaar card)
  • A valid temporary registration certificate
  • For Imported vehicles certificate of customs clearance 
  • PUC or Pollution Under Control Certificate
  • The applicable fee, as specified
  • Road tax payment is also required to be made
  • Chassis and print of Engine Pencil is also to be submitted
  • A copy of the PAN card or Form 60 and Form 61 (if applicable)
  • Form A is also required, which is stated under the Taxation Act, 1997

Renew Registration in HP RTO

Renewal of the registration certificate is required every 5 years after the completion of 15 years time period. To renew your vehicle registration certificate, you need to file an application by following the given steps 

  • Fill out Form 25, available on the official website of transport department or directly from the RTO office Himachal Pradesh
  • Prepare the required documents including original RC, PUC, and valid insurance certificate
  • Submit the application at HP RTO with the re-registration fee
  • Once the vehicle inspection is completed, the renewed RC will be issued to you.

Duplicate Registration Certificate at Himachal RTO

In case the original RC is stolen, destroyed, or lost, you need a duplicate registration certificate to operate your vehicle and avoid any legal complications. Follow the steps to apply for the duplicate registration certificate at Himachal RTO.

  • Fill out Form 26
  • Keep all the documents ready, including the chassis number, police FIR copy, PUC certificate, vehicle insurance certificate, NOC from the financer, and address proof.
  • Submit all the documents with the required fee.
  • Once the HP RTO officials inspect the vehicle at the RTO office and verify all the documents, the duplicate RC is issued to you.

Transfer of Vehicle Ownership at Regional Transport Office Himachal Pradesh

If you buy a second-hand vehicle or the primary owner dies, you need to transfer the vehicle ownership. You can follow the given steps

  • Submit the required Forms 29, 30, and 31, as required.
  • Keep all the documents ready, including chassis number,  RC, police FIR copy, PUC certificate, vehicle insurance certificate, NOC from the financer, PAN card or Form 60/61, and address proof.
  • Submit the application with all the documents, applicable fees, and taxes.
  • The RTO officials carry out vehicle inspections and verify all the documents.
  • Ownership transfer is completed after the successful verification, and the same is updated in the RC.

Process to Obtain Fancy Registration Number of a Vehicle in Himachal Pradesh RTO

To get a fancy or personalized number for your vehicle, you must register it online on the official website of the Transport Department. Some computer-generated numbers, which range between 1 and 9999, are allotted to state government officials. So, if you want a fancy or personalized vehicle number, you are required to bid for it in an open auction on a given date. This process requires a definite amount (service charges) for such fancy numbers. Follow the steps below to obtain a fancy registration number for your vehicle:

  • Login to the account online to select the required fancy number and pay the specified amount for the same.
  • The results of the auction bidding are shown online. If the bidder has already been selected, you will receive a refund of the remaining amount.
  • It is recommended that you download the allotment for any future reference.

Get Vehicle Insurance in Himachal Pradesh

Under the Motor Vehicles Act, it is mandatory for a vehicle owner to have valid vehicle insurance to drive a vehicle legally in India. In order to protect the owner of the vehicle and to provide a financial cushion in the event of an accident which causes bodily injury to a third party and the vehicle, vehicle insurance is a security blanket. To drive a vehicle, two or four-wheelers, on the road without an insurance cover is offensive and dangerous. The following vehicle insurance options are available for purchase by a vehicle owner per requirements.

Third-Party Liability: This kind of vehicle insurance is mandatory to purchase. This insurance policy covers the damages caused to the vehicle or injuries caused to any third person. Damages caused to a personal vehicle or injuries are not covered under this insurance cover.

Comprehensive Car Insurance: A comprehensive insurance policy shall cover the damages caused to any third party or own vehicle. Similarly, injuries caused to third-party persons and personal injuries are covered under this insurance policy.

In case of an accident, a motor insurance policy will protect you and your vehicle. To adapt the basic vehicle insurance policy to its needs and maximise benefits, a number of additional cover options are available. Would you like to compare a policy and choose the one suitable for your vehicle? Get in touch with the Renew Buy POSP advisor, who'll help you choose an appropriate policy within minutes at an affordable price.

Final Words

The Regional Transport Office Himachal Pradesh has made it easy and accessible to obtain service at the earliest convenience. To avail of a service, you must fill out applicable forms and submit them at the concerned HP RTO for the specified service or vehicle registration. You can download the specified form online from Transport Portal Himachal Pradesh or collect them from the concerned Himachal RTO. Once all the documents are submitted at one of the counters of the regional transport office, the officials verify the documents, conduct a vehicle inspection (if required), and provide valid documents of your vehicle. 




How many RTOs are in HP?

  1. There are a total of 96 RTOs working across the state of Himachal Pradesh. You can refer to the table mentioned above to get the details about RTO Himachal codes and contact numbers. 


What is the age limit of cars in Himachal Pradesh?

  1. The maximum limit for a car in Himachal Pradesh is 15 years. As per the rule proposed by India's Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH), the vehicle needs to undergo a fitness test after 15 years to re-register a vehicle. The RC will be renewed for the next 5 years after passing the fitness test. If it fails, the vehicle will get scrapped.


What are RTO fees in Himachal Pradesh?

  1. The RTO fees and road tax levied by Himachal Pradesh RTO only depend upon the vehicle type and category. 


What is the entry tax for cars in Himachal Pradesh?

  1. The RTO Himachal levies an entry tax on the vehicles entering the state. A vehicle owner must pay around 4% to 7% of the vehicle cost. 


How can I check the renewal status of my license in RTO Himachal Pradesh?

  1. You can visit the VAHAN portal and go to the ‘Service Section’ to check the license renewal status. 


Can I issue the smart card DL in HP RTO?

  1. Yes, the RTO Himachal provides the special chance to apply for a smart card DL by filling out form 7 and paying the application fee of Rs. 200.  Other required documents are address proof, medical certificate, learner’s license, and as required by the RTO. 


What documents are required to submit at Himachal Pradesh RTO to change address in the RC?

  1. To change the address in RC, the following documents are required to be submitted at RTO Himachal:
  • Form 33
  • Insurance certificate
  • Registration certificate
  • PUC certificate
  • Address proof
  • Application fee


Which state represents HP 38 RTO?

  1. The vehicle registered under RTO RLA, Nurpur has the RTO code HP 38 in Himachal Pradesh.


Is it possible to get the road tax refund?

  1. Yes, one can apply for road tax refund in case of re-registration of the vehicle to another state and cancel the old registration. The process of road tax refund is only possible in offline mode by reaching out the the dedicated RTO Himachal office.
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