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Section 68 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, established the State Authority of Transport of Mizoram. In all other States, the office functions under the Transport Corporation. In Mizoram, it comes…

Section 68 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, established the State Authority of Transport of Mizoram. In all other States, the office functions under the Transport Corporation. In Mizoram, it comes under the direct supervision of the Transport Department of Mizoram. Its ultimate goal is to ensure the enforcement of the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The office also offers numerous other services. Registration of vehicles, granting permits, issuing licenses, offering relief to road accident victims; the list is endless.

Functions performed by Regional Transport Office Mizoram

Regional Transport Office Mizoram does the following for the general public:

  • Enforces and implements the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act

  • Issues driving licenses

  • Registers vehicles

  • Grants no objection and fitness certificates

  • Issues PUC certificates

  • Grants permits

  • Collects road taxes

  • Ensures that vehicle owners are following rules

  • Promotes safety on road

  • Takes measures to control pollution

Locations of RTOs in Mizoram

In order to function well, RTO Mizoram works from several locations in the State. Given below

is a detailed listing in this regard:



Aizawl, Aizawl, Mizoram


Lunglei, Lunglei, Mizoram


Saiha, Chimtuipui, Mizoram


Champhai, Champhai, Mizoram


Kolasib, Mizoram


Serchhip, Mizoram


Lawngtlai, Mizoram


Mamit, Mizoram


Locating your RTO

All the motor vehicles on the Indian roads are registered with their respective regional

transport offices. And as per the guidelines of the new provisions in licensing, every vehicle’s

license plate should indicate where it belongs to. Thus, the two initial letters on your license

plate stand for the State your vehicle is registered. And the next two numbers point to your

nearest RTO.

Why should you register your vehicle?

The Motor Vehicles Act 1988 doesn’t allow unregistered vehicles on the Indian road.

Disregarding the rule may cost you dearly. You will be forced to pay huge sums as fines or


Registering a vehicle in Mizoram

Mizoram allows two types of vehicle registration; permanent and temporary.

Permanent registration

Follow the steps given below to register your vehicle in Mizoram:

  1. Contact your local RTO

  2. Get the application forms for registration. You can also download the same from RTO’s official website.

  3. Submit the application along with the required documents in the counter. Don’t forget to pay the fees stipulated for the process.

  4. Upon verification of your application, the officials start processing your request.

  5. They pencil-trace your vehicle’s chassis number to record it along with your registration number.

  6. If your vehicle passes the inspection, they will announce your registration number.

  7. You can collect it on the date the authorities inform you.

Documents required

  • Temporary RC if you are applying for permanent registration

  • Pollution under control certificate

  • Customs clearance if the vehicle is an imported one

  • Tax clearance certificate

  • The required fee as specified against the process

  • Sales certificate

  • Road worthiness certification from the manufacturer

  • Attested copy of proof of address

  • Insurance certificate

  • Aadhar card

  • Original sale certificate if it is an ex-army vehicle

  • Three copies of passport-size photos

  • PAN card

Registration for non-transport vehicles is valid for 15 years after the day of registration. And it is

renewed every five years after expiry date. And for transport vehicles, the same is valid as long

as your fitness certificate is valid.

Temporary registration works almost in the same way as its permanent variant. Contact your

nearest RTO and do as per the instructions you receive.

Registering vehicles brought from outside Mizoram

You don’t have to register your vehicle in Mizoram if you don’t plan to stay here for more than three months. But if you decide to settle down here, you need to register your vehicle with the State.

If your choice falls on the second option, follow the guide given below:

  1. Obtain a NOC

Get the following documents and apply for an NOC. Remember, this is your first step toward applying for a re-registration of your vehicle.

  • Four copies of Form 28 along with a pencil-print of your vehicle’s chassis number

  • A court fee stamp of INR4 for Form 28

  • Clearance certificate from the local police station

  • NOC from the financier if the vehicle has a loan on it

  • Original registration certificate book

  • Valid insurance certificate

You will receive your no-objection certificate within a specified number of days. Get it and do the following:

  1. Submit an application for a change of address and re-registration in Mizoram. You will have to do it in person.

  2. Make sure that following documents are submitted along with your application:

  • Clearance certificate from the police

  • NOC from your earlier RTO

  • Tax clearance certificate

  • Two copies of your photograph

  • Valid insurance certificate

  • Registration certificate

  • PUC certificate

  1. Submit the completed application along with the required fees in the counter.

  2. The office will process your application and do the needful.

  3. Within two or three months, you will receive your new registration number.

Getting a no objection certificate

Do the following to apply for a NOC in Mizoram:

  1. Contact your nearest RTO

  2. Make sure that you are eligible to apply for a NOC.

  3. Submit the application form along with the required documents and the fee stipulated in the application form in the counter.

  4. If the information you provided in the application is reliable, the office starts proceeding with the same.

  5. And they will inform you when you can come and collect your no objection certificate.

Transferring vehicle ownership

Do as per the following instructions to apply for transfer of ownership of your vehicle in


  1. Contact your regional transport office.

  2. See to it that you are eligible for the process.

  3. Submit all application forms duly filled up.

  4. You can get the required forms either from the office or from RTO’s official website.

  5. Submit the completed application along with the documents required.

  6. Pay the fees specified for the procedure.

  7. If the documents and the information offered are accurate, the authorities will proceed with your application.

  8. They will inspect your vehicle and help you transfer the ownership.

Applying for a VIP/choice/fancy registration number in Mizoram

Applying for a fancy registration number is a no-brainer in Mizoram. All you need to do is to

follow the steps described below:

  1. Visit your nearest RTO and check available numbers.

  2. Choose one from among them.

  3. Get the application form from there.

  4. Submit it duly filled along with a demand draft in favor of the RTO.

  5. If there are other applicants for your number, you will need to bid for the same.

  6. If there are no other applicants for the same, the office will return your demand draft.

Fancy registration numbers are allotted on a first-come-first-serve basis. And you don’t have to

surrender your number when selling your vehicle. You can happily transfer it to the new owner.

The same applies to a situation when you buy a new one.

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