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The Motor Vehicle Department, Nagaland, came into being in 1963. It happened as part of the region gaining Statehood. And the office functions now in accordance with the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.…

The Motor Vehicle Department, Nagaland, came into being in 1963. It happened as part of the region gaining Statehood. And the office functions now in accordance with the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

Functions performed by Regional Transport Office, Nagaland:

The following are the duties of RTO Nagaland:

  • New motor vehicles’ registration

  • Issuing vehicles’ fitness certificates

  • Granting new vehicle permits

  • Renewal of old/expired vehicle permits

  • Issuing conductors’ and drivers’ licenses

  • Issuing driving schools’ licenses

  • Granting centers’ permits offering PUC (Pollution Under Control) certificates

  • Taking care of schemes of stage carriage

  • Creating Awareness on road safety

  • Collection of the required taxes

  • Administration of NRSA

  • Enforcement of the Motor Vehicle Acts and Rules


The following is a table listing all the RTOs and DTOs currently functioning from various cities in Nagaland:

RTO Name and Address

RTO Code

Kohima, Secretariat Complex, Kohima, Nagaland - 797001


Mokokchung, Imnameren Road, Mokokchung, Nagaland - 798601


Tuensang, Near Government High School, Tuensang, Nagaland - 797001


Mon, Mon, Nagaland - 798603


Wokha, Near Police Point, Wokha, Nagaland - 797001


Zunheboto, Near Public Ground, Zunheboto, Nagaland - 798620


Dimapur, Dimapur, Nagaland - 797112


Phek, Phek, Nagaland - 797107


Charges levied by Nagaland RTO:

There are charges applicable for any work that the RTO does for the citizens. From granting licenses and other certificates to renewing licenses and other certificates, everything is chargeable. Below is a list stating charges of all the works done by Nagaland RTO offices:

  1. Trade certificate renewal or granting:

  1. INR 500 for two wheelers

  2. INR 500 for invalid carriages

  3. INR 1000 for all others

  1. Issuing duplicate copies of trade certificates’ duplicate copies

  1. INR 300 for two wheelers

  2. INR 300 for invalid carriages

  3. INR 500 for others

  1. INR 1000 for rule 46 appeals.

  2. Issuing new certificates of registration, renewing them and/or assignment of

registration Marks: INR 50 for invalid carriages, INR 300 for two wheelers, INR 600 for non-transport three wheelers and all sorts of four-wheelers; INR 1000 for transport three wheelers and all sorts of four-wheelers, INR 1000 for vehicles with medium goods, INR 1000 for passenger vehicles with medium motor, INR 1500 for vehicles with heavy goods, INR 3000 for all other vehicles which may not be stated in the above points.

  1. Don’t forget:

  1. If the registration certificate is in the form of a smart card or if the renewal application concerns form 23A, you need to pay an extra fee of INR 200.

  2. Delays are bad and costly. If applying for a certificate’s renewal is delayed, following charges need to be paid: INR 300 monthly, for two-wheelers. INR 500 monthly, for other vehicles (non-transport)

  1. For registration’s duplicate certificate, half of fee from point no. 4.

  2. For ownership transfers. Same as stated above. INR 500 for other not-mentioned vehicles, if any.

Residence change. Same as point 6, INR 500 for all other vehicles not mentioned, if any.

  1. Changes in registration certificate. Same as point 6.

  2. For agreements concerning hypothecation, lease, purchase or hire INR 500 for two-wheelers. INR 1500 for three-wheelers, quad-bikes or LMVs. INR 3000 for heavy and medium vehicles.

  3. Conducting tests for renewal and granting of fitness certificates INR 200 for two-wheelers INR 400 for automated motorcycles. INR 400 for three-wheelers, LMVs and quad-bikes; INR 600 for automated (same); INR 600 for MMVs and HMVs, INR 1000 automated (same).

  4. For renewal and granting of fitness certificates- INR 200 and INR 50 for per day delay.

  5. For renewal or granting of authority letter- INR 13000

  6. Issuing duplicate authority letter- INR 7500

  7. For Rule 70 appeals- INR 3000

  8. Anything not mentioned in points 1 to 15 will be fined with INR 200.

Vehicle registration in Nagaland:

Nagaland RTO offices have registration of vehicles of two types; permanent and temporary. Follow the guide below for a hassle-free process:

  1. Type 1: Temporary registration application:

  1. Get the application form from the nearest RTO. It can be obtained offline by visiting the RTO or by downloading it from the RTO’s website.

  2. Application for Forms 20 & 21. Form 21 for obtaining sales certificate.

  3. Application for a certificate of road worthiness from the manufacturer of vehicle, i.e., Form 22.

  4. Application for a certificate of PUC and certificate of road worthiness from vehicle’s body fabrication place.

  5. Having and collecting of all the required documents, keeping them together in one place.

  6. Submission of the application with all the required documents and payment of fees.

  7. Commencement of the registration process.

Temporary registration has a validity of 30 days only. It cannot be renewed.

Documents needed:

  • Forms 21, 22, and 22A.

  • Address proof: ration card/driver’s license/aadhaar card/ etc.

  • Insurance certificate

  • Design approval’s copy

  • Customs clearance certificate (for imported vehicles).

  • Agricultural certificate bonafide if vehicle is going to be used for agriculture.

  • Chassis number.

  • Passport-size photographs (3 nos.).

  • Lifetime tax, (non-transport vehicle).

  • Certificate of unloaded weight (for transport vehicle).

  • Proceedings - Permit-sanctioned, (for transport vehicle only)

  1. Type 2: Application for permanent registration.

A person needs to follow the same guide as mentioned above for permanent registrations. The

only things that are needed apart from the list given above are:

  • Clearance from Income tax department.

  • Temporary certificate of registration.

Vehicle registration in Nagaland for automobiles bought outside Nagaland

There is a particular process for everything. For vehicles bought outside of Nagaland, the

following procedure must be carried out in order to get the automobile registered:

  • Obtain residence state’s NOC

  • Application submission for a certificate of fitness

  • Filling up of application form drafted by RTO Nagaland, available online.

  • Submission of the application form with required documents attached and payment of the fees.

  • File verification by TSI/TI. Obtain a slip if the application is approved. Rectification of mistake (RTO helps in the rectification process) if the application is rejected, followed by re-submission.

  • Payment of some other fees after the verification process is done.

  • Obtain certificates of fitness and registration by mail

Documents required

  • Residence state’s NOC.

  • Valid insurance certificate.

  • Proof of citizenship of India.

  • Proof of residence or business.

  • Report from the police stating you are clean.

  • Permanent Account Number card.

Procedure to obtain NOC in Nagaland for registration of vehicle

NOC is basically a document that is considered to be legal and is issued by RTOs. A NOC is

required if the vehicle is pre-registered in any other state, and needs to be registered again in


Documents required for obtaining NOC:

  • Valid certificate of insurance.

  • Tax details.

  • Certificate of registration.

  • National Crime Records Bureau’s police certificate’s copy.

A fee of INR 50 is applicable for obtaining a NOC.

Application: Offline

  1. Obtain Form 28 the RTO.

  2. Submission of the completely filled form and required documents.

  3. Payment of fees.

  4. Clearance of vehicle from the income tax department and the police.

Obtain NOC.

Application: Online

  1. Go to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways’ portal. Select Nagaland from the states’ list.

  2. Select and click ‘Apply online’.

  3. Select and click ‘services on driving license’.

  4. Click ‘continue’ after reading all the instructions.

  5. Fill in all the details on the proceeding screen.

  6. The proceeding screen shows all the details you put in on the previous screen.

  7. Click ‘proceed’ after selecting state and Regional Transport Office.

  8. Click on ‘confirm’ on the next screen.

  9. Choose Issue NOC on the next screen from the available services before clicking on ‘proceed’.

  10. Click on ‘submit’ after solving the captcha.

  11. Click on ‘proceed’ after checking all the information displayed on the succeeding page.

  12. Upload the documents from the succeeding screen.

  13. Upload address proof.

  14. Upload age proof.

  15. Select Form-1 and upload it.

  16. Upload signature and photo.

  17. Click on ‘Fee payment’.

  18. Select the bank and payment gateway.

  19. Pay the fees after solving the captcha.

  20. Log in onto the portal.

  21. Print the receipt of the acknowledgement.

  22. You will obtain NOC 30 days after your application gets approved.

The NOC will be valid for 6 months only after obtaining it.

Guide for the Transfer of owner of vehicle in the state of Nagaland

There is a procedure that needs to be followed to obtain transfer certificate in Nagaland:

  1. Obtain the required application from the portal and pay any required fees after filling it.

  2. Submit the document at the RTO.

  3. Get the application verified and cleared from the TI or TSI.

  4. Submit the verified application and pay the required fees.

  5. Obtain the transfer certificate, after getting the application approved. If application gets rejected, rectify the errors and re-submit the application.

Acquiring a VIP registration number in Nagaland

Getting a VIP or fancy registration number in Nagaland is quite easy. Visit your nearest RTO and

browse the list of available numbers. Choose one and prepare a demand draft in the RTO’s

favor to get it. If there are other applicants for the number, you will have to bid for it. If there is

no other applicant, you receive either a receipt or the demand draft.

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