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The Regional Transport Office (RTO) play a vital role in regulating and managing various aspects of transport in India. Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala, is home to RTO Trivandrum, which oversees…

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) play a vital role in regulating and managing various aspects of transport in India. Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala, is home to RTO Trivandrum, which oversees and operates the transport system in the region. This comprehensive guide will explore the functions, services and procedures of RTO Trivandrum. Whether you are a resident of Trivandrum or planning to visit the city, understanding the role of RTO Trivandrum will help you navigate the transport landscape effectively.

RTO Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) (KL-01)

Here’s a table with RTO Trivandrum's contact details and office working hours.

RTO Code/Number


Office Address

Trivandrum Regional Transport Office (RTO), 5th floor, KSRTC Terminal, Thampanoor, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala ‒ 695023

Office Timings

10 AM ‒ 5 PM

Email ID


Helpline Number:




List of Other Regional Transport Offices in Kerala (Kerala RTO)

There are 18 Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) in Kerala, which regulate and monitor the state's transportation system. Below is the complete list of RTOs in Kerala:

RTO Name

RTO Code Kerala





































Services offered by RTO Trivandrum 

The RTO Thiruvananthapuram provides a wide range of services related to vehicle registration, driving license, vehicle fitness, permits, taxation, etc. Let us know in detail about the services provided by RTO Trivandrum:

  • Vehicle Registration

  1. New Vehicle Registration: The RTO Trivandrum facilitates registration of new motor vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles and transport vehicles. The owners must submit the required documents to obtain the Registration Certificate and pay the applicable fee.
  2. Transfer of Ownership: RTO Trivandrum handles the transfer of vehicle ownership in case of sale, inheritance or other circumstances. Documents required for the transfer process, such as the sale deed, NOC from the previous owner and registration certificate, must be submitted.
  3. Issuance of Duplicate Registration Certificate: In case of loss, theft, or damage to the original registration certificate, RTO Trivandrum provides the service of issuing a duplicate registration certificate.
  • Driving License Services

  1. Learner's License: RTO Trivandrum conducts learner license tests and issues learner licenses to individuals who want to learn to drive. The applicant must undergo a written and driving test to apply for a learner's license.
  2. Permanent Driving License: Individuals can apply for a permanent driving license after holding a learner's license for the required period. RTO Trivandrum conducts a driving test to assess the applicant's driving skills and issues a permanent driving license on successful completion.
  3. Renewal and Duplicate License: RTO Trivandrum provides the facility to renew a driving license after its expiry. They also issue duplicate licenses if the original license is lost, stolen or damaged.
  4. Address Change: If an individual changes their address, RTO Trivandrum allows them to update their driving license accordingly.
  • Vehicle Fitness and Pollution Testing

  1. Vehicle Fitness Certificate: RTO Trivandrum conducts a fitness test to ensure the vehicles are safe and road-worthy. They inspect factors such as brakes, lights, horn, exhaust emissions and the vehicle's overall condition. A fitness certificate is issued on passing the fitness test.
  2. Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate: RTO Trivandrum conducts pollution tests to monitor and control vehicular emissions. They issue pollution certificates, known as PUC certificates, to vehicles that comply with emission standards.
  • Permits and Taxation

  1. Vehicle Permits: RTO Trivandrum issues various permits such as inter-state, national, and goods carriage permits. These permits are mandatory for vehicles engaged in commercial transport services.
  2. Taxation: RTO Trivandrum collects road and vehicle tax from vehicle owners per prevailing rates and regulations. They provide information on tax calculation methods, payment procedures and assist with tax renewal procedures.
  • Online Services and Initiatives

RTO Trivandrum has introduced several online services to facilitate convenience and efficiency for the public. These services include:

  1. Online Application: Individuals can apply for vehicle registration, driving licenses, and other RTO services through online portals.
  2. Online Fee Payment: RTO Trivandrum provides online payment options for fees related to vehicle registration, driving licenses, permits, and taxes.
  3. Mobile Apps and Portals: RTO Trivandrum offers mobile applications and web portals where users can access services, track applications, and receive updates.

RTO Fees in Thiruvananthapuram

The RTO fees in Thiruvananthapuram for services like registration certificates, driving licenses, permits, etc., are listed below.

Driving Licence Fees

Here are the fees for obtaining a Driving Licence in Trivandrum RTO.

Types of Services

Issue/Renewal (in INR)

Issue Learner’s Licence (LL)

INR 150 (Service charge 50)

Test/Repeat Test for LL

INR 50

LL Repeat Test for each class of vehicles

INR 300

Issuance of Permanent Driving Licence (DL)

INR 200

Driving test/addition of class of vehicles in the DL

INR 300/500

International DL/International Driving Permit (IDP)

INR 1,000

Renewal of DL

INR 400

Renewal of DL (Post grace period)

INR 500 (1K for every additional year)

Duplicate DL

INR 500

Address change in DL

INR 400

DL smart card

INR 200

Thiruvananthapuram RTO Registration Charges

The Trivandrum RTO's car registration fees (for both private and commercial vehicles) are as follows:

Vehicle Type

Fees (in INR)


INR 300

Three-Wheelers/Four-Wheelers/Quadricycles (Private)

INR 600

Transport Vehicles 

INR 1000

Imported Motorcycles

INR 2500

Medium Goods/Carriage Motor Vehicles

INR 1000

Medium Passenger Vehicles

INR 1000

Heavy Goods/Carriage Vehicles

INR 1500

Heavy Passenger Vehicles

INR 1500

Imported Motor Vehicles

INR 5000


INR 3000

Address change in RC

50% of the fees mentioned above

Ownership Transfer

50% of the fees mentioned above

Grant duplicate RC

50% of the fees mentioned above

Changes/alterations in the RC

50% of the fees mentioned above

Endorsement of Hire Purchase/Hypothecation/Lease

Three-Wheelers/Quadricycles/Four-Wheelers - INR 1.5K

Endorsement of Hire Purchase/Hypothecation/Lease

Motorcycles/Two-wheelers/Scooters - INR 500

Endorsement of Hire Purchase/Hypothecation/Lease

Medium or Heavy Vehicles - INR 3K

Fitness Certificate (FC) Charges

The RTO fees for issuing and renewing Certificates of Fitness for various vehicle types in RTO Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) are listed below.

Types of Tasks

Fee (in INR)

Issue/Renew for FC

Two-wheelers/Scooters/Motorcycles ‒ INR 450 (Automated process: INR 650)

Issue/Renew for FC

Quadricycles/Three-Wheelers/Four-Wheelers ‒ INR 650 Automated process: INR 850)

Issue/Renew for FC

Medium/Heavy Vehicle ‒ INR 950 (Automated process: INR 1,350)

Issue Duplicate FC

INR 150

Issue/Renew Letter of Authority


Issue Duplicate Letter of Authority

INR 7.5K

Permit Charges (Transport Vehicles)

The RTO fees for permit charges (Transport Vehicles) in RTO Trivandrum are listed below.

Vehicle Type

Local Permit Fee

Goods Carriers/Carriages (Light Goods Vehicle)


Goods Carriers/Carriages (Others)

INR 1.5K

Goods Carriers/Carriages (National Permit)

INR 2.5K

Contract Carriers (Auto Rickshaws)

INR 300

Contract Carriers/Carriages (Motor Cab)

INR 700

Contract Carriers/Carriages (8 to 12 Seats: Maxicab)


Contract Carriers/Carriages (13 to 20 Seats)


Contract Carriers/Carriages (More than 13 Seats)

INR 3.5K

All India Tourist Taxis

INR 1.5K

Stage Carriers/Carriages

INR 5.5K

All India Tourist Omnibuses

INR 2.5K

Contract Carriages (Motorcycles)

INR 300

Temporary Permit

Goods Carriers/Carriages (Light Goods Vehicles: State Permit)

INR 250

Goods Carriers/Carriages (Others: State Permit)

INR 400

Goods Carriers/Carriages (National Permit)

INR 400

Contract Carriers/Carriages (8 to 12 Seats)

INR 200

Contract Carriers/Carriages (13 to 20 Seats)

INR 300

Contract Carriers/Carriages (More than 20 Seats)

INR 500

Stage Carriers/Carriages

INR 250

Special Permit

Stage Carriers/Carriages

INR 500

Other Class of Vehicles

INR 250

Authorisation of Special Permits (New/Renewal)

INR 500

Duplicate Permits

INR 300

Counter Signature of Stage Carriers/Carriages

INR 5.5K

Service Charge for Issue of Permit

Motorcycles/Auto Rickshaws

INR 50

Light Motor Vehicles (LMVs)

INR 150

Medium Motor Vehicles

INR 300

Heavy Motor Vehicles

INR 400

Temporary Permits (For All Classes)

INR 100

Special Permits (All Classes)

INR 100

Grant/Renewal of Authorisation for National Permit and Tourist Taxis

INR 200

Counter Signature

INR 500

Technology Integration and Innovation in RTO Trivandrum

In today's digital age, RTO Trivandrum has adopted technology to streamline its operations and provide more efficient services to the public. The introduction of online portals for services like vehicle registration, license renewal and payment of road taxes has revolutionized the user experience. Citizens can now complete these processes from the comfort of their homes, thereby saving time and reducing the need for physical visits to the RTO office.

In addition, the integration of modern tools has increased transparency and reduced corruption in the system. Digital records, biometric identification and automated testing procedures have made the system more reliable and trustworthy.

Types of Vehicle Registration at RTO Trivandrum

At RTO Trivandrum, there are different types of vehicle registration available depending on the nature and purpose of the vehicle. Here are the main types of vehicle registration offered:

  • Private Vehicle Registration
    Private vehicles used for non-commercial purposes, such as cars, motorcycles, and private buses, must be registered from the RTO office. To register a vehicle, you must submit the required documents, such as Form 20, identity proof, sales receipt, insurance certificate, pollution under control (PUC) certificate, and address proof. The car is given a registration number and a registration certificate once registration is complete.
  • Commercial Vehicle Registration
    Commercial vehicle registration applies to vehicles used for commercial purposes, such as taxis, auto-rickshaws, trucks, buses and goods carriers. The registration process for commercial vehicles is similar to private vehicle registration but may require additional documentation specific to the commercial nature of the vehicle. This may include permits, fitness certificates and other commercial vehicle-related documents.
  • Temporary Vehicle Registration
    Temporary vehicle registration is valid for a limited period and is typically used for vehicles under construction, undergoing testing, or awaiting permanent registration. The temporary registration is issued with a temporary registration number and a temporary registration certificate. The vehicle owner has to obtain permanent registration within the validity period of the temporary registration.
  • Transfer of Ownership
    Transfer of ownership registration applies when a vehicle changes ownership due to sale, inheritance or any other legal transfer. The buyer must submit the necessary documents, including the sale deed, proof of address and other transfer-related documents, and the ownership transfer application. The RTO Trivandrum facilitates the transfer process and issues a fresh registration certificate in the new owner's name.
  • Out-of-State Vehicle Registration
    A Vehicle brought to Trivandrum from other states should be registered with RTO Trivandrum to get a new registration number. The vehicle owner must submit the necessary documents, including NOC (No Objection Certificate), Form 20, Form 27 (for vehicles under hire-purchase/lease agreement) from the previous RTO, and proof of address and identity. After that, RTO Trivandrum will assign a new registration number to the vehicle.

Vehicle Registration Process in RTO Trivandrum 

The vehicle registration process in RTO Trivandrum involves several steps and submitting specific documents. Here is a general overview of the vehicle registration process:

  1. Application Form:
    Obtain Form 20 (Application for Registration of a Motor Vehicle) from the RTO office or download it from the official website of RTO Trivandrum.
  2. Required Document:
    Prepare the necessary documents required for vehicle registration. The documents typically include:
  • Form 20 (duly filled and signed)
  • Proof of identity 
  • Proof of address 
  • Sale invoice from the vehicle dealer
  • Roadworthiness certificate
  • Insurance certificate
  • Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate
  • Chassis and engine number imprint
  • Proof of payment of applicable road tax
  1. Visit RTO Trivandrum:
    Visit the RTO Trivandrum office with the completed application form and all the required documents.
  2. Vehicle Inspection:
    An RTO official may inspect the vehicle to ensure that it meets the required safety and emission standards.
  3. Payment of Fees:
    Pay the prescribed registration fees, road tax, and any other applicable charges at the designated counter. The fee amount depends on the type and category of the vehicle.
  4. Verification and Processing:
    RTO officials verify the submitted documents and information. If everything is in order, the registration process moves forward.
  5. Registration Number and Certificate:
    RTO Trivandrum will assign a registration number to the vehicle upon successfully verifying and completing the process. A registration certificate and a number plate with the assigned registration number will be issued.
  6. Vehicle Tax Payment:
    After registration, the vehicle owner must pay the applicable road tax per the Kerala Motor Vehicles Taxation Act, 1976. The tax amount depends on factors such as the type of vehicle, engine capacity, and seating capacity.
  7. HSRP (High-Security Registration Plate):
    Per the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways guidelines, vehicles registered after a certain date must have High-Security Registration Plates affixed. The vehicle owner may be required to install the HSRP as per the specified process and payment.

Transfer of Ownership in RTO Trivandrum

The process of transferring ownership of a vehicle in RTO Trivandrum involves the following steps:

  1. Application Form:
    Obtain Form 29 (Notice of Transfer of Ownership of a Motor Vehicle) and Form 30 (Application for Transfer of Ownership of a Motor Vehicle) from the RTO office or download them from the official website of RTO Trivandrum.
  2. Document Submission:
    Prepare the necessary documents required for the transfer of ownership. The documents typically include:
  • Form 29 (duly filled and signed)
  • Form 30 (duly filled and signed)
  • Original registration certificate (RC) of the vehicle
  • Sale deed or transfer agreement
  • Valid insurance certificate
  • Valid pollution under control (PUC) certificate
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the financier, if applicable
  • Proof of address of the buyer (such as Aadhaar card, utility bill, or rental agreement)
  • Proof of identity of the buyer (such as Aadhaar card, PAN card, or passport)
  • Roadworthiness certificate, if applicable
  1. Visit RTO Trivandrum:
    The seller and the buyer of the vehicle need to visit the RTO Trivandrum office with the completed application forms and all the required documents.
  2. Verification and Processing:
    RTO officials verify the submitted documents and information. If everything is in order, the transfer process moves forward.
  3. Payment of Fees:
    Pay the prescribed transfer of ownership fees and any other applicable charges at the designated counter. The fee amount depends on the category and value of the vehicle.
  4. Transfer of Ownership Certificate:
    RTO Trivandrum will issue a new registration certificate (RC) in the buyer's name after successfully verifying and completing the process. The seller will also receive an acknowledgement of the transfer.
  5. Intimation to Insurance Company:
    The buyer needs to inform the insurance company about the transfer of ownership and get the policy transferred to their name. The insurance company may require certain documents and additional premium payments if applicable.


RTO Trivandrum plays a vital role in regulating and managing the transport system in Trivandrum. Understanding the functions and services RTO Trivandrum provides is essential for vehicle owners, drivers and transport operators in the area. By following the rules and procedures laid down by RTO Trivandrum, individuals can ensure compliance with transport rules, contribute to road safety and promote a sustainable environment. Stay informed about the services and updates from RTO Trivandrum to make the most of their offerings and streamline your transportation-related processes in Trivandrum.


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