RTO Urges To Check PUC Centres Online

Check PUC Center Nearby OnlineThe Government urges motorists to check PUC (Pollution Under Control) centres online. Vehicle owners are required to check its website to locate centres authorized to…

Check PUC Center Nearby Online

The Government urges motorists to check PUC (Pollution Under Control) centres online. Vehicle owners are required to check its website to locate centres authorized to locate PUC certificates.

Recently, the Government cracked down on specific PUC centres that issue PUC certificates. The move came in response to the numerous complaints that it received recently. They accused specific centres of issuing PUC certificates without properly checking the vehicle’s emission levels. The crackdown resulted in the closing of almost all centres that issued PUC manually.

The officials have also made it mandatory that PUC should be issued online. It has created a situation where motorists struggle to locate PUC centres in their locality. If you face this dilemma, you can check RTO’s official portal. It features 50 centres that issue PUC online. parivahan.gov.in also offers information in this regard.

Check PUC Centres Online

Vehicle owners planning to apply for PUC are advised to visit the authority’s official portal. Choose a centre in your locality. Take the vehicle there and follow the instructions you receive at the centre.

What does the PUC contain?

  • Your bike’s license plate number
  • The date the vehicle underwent the check
  • The expiry date of PUC

The process won’t cost you more than INR 62-100. It may vary depending on the type of two-wheeler and the fuel used. If your vehicle passes the test, you get PUC on the same day. If it is higher, the centre will report it to the authorities, and you must follow their advice.

PUC Validity

Your PUC is valid for one year from the first test date. Once expires, the driver will test their two-wheeler twice a year. The validity of a PUC, in general, is six months. If the vehicle is found to violate the general norms, validity depends on the observations of the test centre.

Preparing the Vehicle for the PUC Inspection Process

Do the following to ensure that you get the PUC in the first attempt:

  • Clean the engine so that no exhaust remains remain in your vehicle. Dirt may cause higher emissions and will affect the test results.
  • Tune your vehicle
  • Warm it up

What is the Need for PUC?

The law mandates a PUC certificate. But do you know that your PUC is your contribution toward protecting our dear planet? Get it and serve Mother Nature in the following ways:

  • Protect the food chain: When carbon dioxide emissions increase, nature’s inherent food chain gets affected. The reason behind this is that any element in excess destroys nature’s inherent balance. Get a PUC, and you will minimize it in your way.
  • Lower global warming: Gas and oil vehicles are considered the main villains in creating pollution in the environment. Keeping an eye on the pollution level emitted by your vehicle is a must. Be a part of initiatives to minimize pollution and protect the planet.


Get a PUC. Be a responsible citizen. Protect the earth; our next generation needs it.


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