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Steps To Apply For RTO Registration Online


In order to maintain the vast population our country has, various centralised facilities, authorities and systems have been decentralised. RTO is one of them too. RTO stands for Regional Transport Office. Every state and city have its own RTO. It maintains the databases of all the states as well as Union Territories. Not only does it maintain databases of all states but it also carries out the activities and functions laid out in Motor Vehicles Act (1988). This Motor Vehicles Act was passed by the parliament in 1988 and regulates almost all aspects of road transport vehicles. This act has provided detailed provision on licensing of the drivers and conductors, registration of motor vehicles, the provision on controlling their permits, traffic regulation, related insurance, liabilities, and penalties.

According to this motor vehicle act, it is mandatory for a driver to have a valid driving license and no one can drive a motor vehicle without being registered under the motor vehicle act. This registration certificate shall be valid for the next fifteen years from the date of registration and can be further renewed for next five years.

Therefore, to make this process smooth and comfortable for all citizens, these RTO have been made. The Transport Commissioner is the head of these RTO’s.

As per the functions and activities stated by the Motor Vehicle Act, every RTO performs the following functions-

  1. Conducting driving test
  2. Vehicle registration
  3. Clearing the pollution test
  4. Maintaining database of registered vehicles
  5. Issuing and renewing the driving licenses
  6. Providing freight and public transport licenses
  7. Issuing fitness certificate to transport vehicles
  8. Conducting mechanical assessment for accidental vehicles
  9. Inspecting vehicle insurance
  10. Registration of loan transactions and vehicle transfers
  11. Providing badges to taxi and auto rickshaw drivers
  12. Selling customised registration

Hence, vehicle registration is a major role that RTO performs. Every new vehicle has to have a Vehicle Registration or Vahan Registration. The RTO provides the vehicle with a unique registration number which remains the same under all circumstances. Even when the vehicle is sold this registration number remains the same.


At the time of buying as new vehicle, the dealer issues the vehicle a temporary registration number. This is yet to be registered permanently. It is usually valid for a short span of time like a month. This is the time period an owner gets to permanently get his/her vehicle registered.


For a smooth ride, it becomes mandatory for a vehicle owner to get his/her vehicles permanently registered within the stipulated time.

This registration can be done both online as well as by visiting one of the nearest RTO.


Online registration comes handy and more practical in today’s busy lifestyle of people. Looking at the whole digital revolution in the country, RTO has an integrated software named Vahan which is used mainly for vehicle registration in the country. Not only vehicle registration, this software also takes care of renewal prints, issuing of fitness certificate and transfer of ownership of vehicle.

By sending an SMS VAHAN{SPACE}VEHICLE NUMBER to 77382 99899, you will receive the following details-

  • Name of the owner
  • RTO office where the vehicle was registered
  • Fitness certificate expiry date
  • Ownership serial number (If it is the first owner, second owner, or third owner)

One can visit the Vahan official website and enter the vehicle number and click on the submit button to get all the information about the vehicle.

RTO has multiple forms which can be used for the different purposes that suit you.

  • Form 20- Application for registration of a motor vehicle
  • Form 21- Sale certificate
  • Form 23- Certificate of registration
  • Form 24- Registration of motor vehicle
  • Form 29- Notice of transfer of ownership of a motor vehicle
  • Form 38 A- Report of inspection
  • Form 50- Bill of lading
  • Form 51- Certificate of insurance
  • Form 54- Accident information report
  • Form 57- Certificate for foreign insurance

Downloading and filling the required form before visiting the RTO will surely save a lot of time.


  • Application form CMV20
  • Sale Certificate of the vehicle
  • Active insurance certificate
  • Valid address proof
  • Temporary Registration issued by the dealer
  • Registration fee
  • A copy of your PAN

You can visit a nearest RTO for registration of your vehicle or just visit the website for online registration.

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