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The Regional Transport Office in Uttarakhand state looks after the discipline and maintenance of vehicles, tax permits, licensing and road safety of drivers. Constituted in 1945 under the provisions…

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The Regional Transport Office in Uttarakhand state looks after the discipline and maintenance of vehicles, tax permits, licensing and road safety of drivers. Constituted in 1945 under the provisions of Section 133 A of the Motor Vehicles' Act 1939, the Transport Department is headed by the Transport Commissioner of Uttarakhand. Prior to its separation from the state of Uttar Pradesh, the department was looked after by the Transport Commissioner of UP.

Uttarakhand Transport Corporation came into play in the year 2003 that is responsible for interstate services. The corporation has 1000 buses that run on 35 nationalized routes. Around 3000 buses run under the private transport operators. Since Uttarakhand is a hilly area, it has certain specifications for its bus design. Only 50% of the overhang is allowed compared to 60% on the buses that run on plains. The wheels of the buses are required to have a base of 166 inches.

Functions performed by regional transport office Uttarakhand

Just like in any other state, RTO in Uttarakhand is responsible for the registration of vehicles, providing vehicle permits, license permits, pollution checks, and conducting driving tests.

The main functions performed by the Regional transport Offices are mentioned below:

  1. Registration Of vehicles

  2. Issuance of Learners license

  3. Issuance of permanent license

  4. Renewal of license

  5. Re-registration of vehicles

  6. Address update in the license

  7. Conducting an online test for leaning license

  8. Conducting a driving test of permanent license

  9. Issuance of all India permit to commercial vehicles

  10. Maintaining a database of all the state vehicles

  11. Issuance of fitness certificate

  12. Collection of taxes

  13. Issuance of PUC (pollution under control) certificate

  14. Issuance of NOC (No Objection certificate)

  15. Conducting road safety programs


List of Regional Transport Offices in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is a state comprising of 13 districts. The state has 21 Regional transport offices for the convenience of the citizens. Listed below are the offices along with the RTO codes.














Udham Singh Nagar




















Vikas Nagar












Various Charges of Regional Transport Office Uttarakhand

RTOs in Uttarakhand charge the following for issuing a license.

  • Learner’s license for each class of vehicle costs Rs.150

  • Conducting an online test for issuing the learner’s license costs Rs. 50

  • Driving test or repeat test for each class f vehicle costs Rs. 300

  • Driving license costs Rs. 200

  • Renewal of DL costs Rs. 200

  • Renewal of expired DL costs Rs. 300

  • International driving permit costs Rs. 1000

  • The addition of other classes of vehicles to DL costs Rs. 500

  • Renewal of authorization for loaded vehicles costs Rs. 100

  • Renewal of License for driving schools’ costs Rs. 10,000

  • Issuance d duplicate license to the driving school costs Rs. 5000

  • Change of address in DL costs Rs. 200

  • Issuance of conductor license and duplicate conductor license costs half the cost of DL

  • Issuance of duplicate license costs Rs. 200

Fees for Issuing of Badges (Driver/Conductor)

It costs Rs. 100 each to issue a badge/duplicate badge for driver and conductor.

Charges for Trade certificate of vehicles

  • Motorcycle - Rs. 500

  • Invalid Carriage - Rs. 500

  • Others - Rs. 1000

Charges for issuance of duplicate certificate

  • Motorcycle - Rs. 300

  • Invalid Carriage - Rs. 300

  • Others - Rs. 500

Charges to issue or renew the registration certificate

  • Invalid carriage - Rs. 50

  • Motorcycle - Rs. 300

  • Non-Transport- RS. 600

  • Transport - 1000

  • Medium Goods Vehicle - Rs. 1000

  • Medium passenger Motor vehicle - 1000

  • Heavy Goods Vehicle - Rs. 1500

  • Imported Motor Vehicles - Rs. 5000

  • Imported Motorcycle - Rs. 2500

  • Not mentioned in the list - Rs. 3000


Why do you need to register your vehicle in Uttarakhand?

The registration certificate is the must-have document for the vehicle owner. It provides you the permit to drive your vehicle after the physical inspection. The RC has all the necessary information associated with the vehicle. It is also needed for the rest of the procedure like transfer of ownership, address change, and also for issuance of various certificates.

Process of Vehicle Registration in Uttarakhand

To apply for RC, listed are the supporting documents needed along with the above-mentioned fees.

  1. Duly filled Form 20/21/22

  2. Duly filled Form-A

  3. Insurance certificate

  4. Attested copy of address proof

  5. In case of an imported vehicle, a custom cleared bill along with the license and bond is needed.

Process to apply for duplicate registration certificate in Uttarakhand

In case the original registration certificate gets lost due to whatever reasons, you can apply for the issuance of duplicate registration certificate at half the costs stated above. You will need the following documents to apply for the duplicate registration certificate.

  1. Attested copy of FIR at the nearby police station

  2. Form 26

  3. An affidavit attested by a government official stating the loss of the original RC

  4. Attested copy of the insurance


The registration certificate is valid for 15 years. To renew the registration certificate before the due date, you need to have the following documents along with the prescribed fees of the original registration certificate. The supporting documents needed are:

  1. A duly filled form 25

  2. Original RC

  3. Attested copy of insurance certificate

  4. Attested copy of PUC certificate

  5. Attested copy of address proof

Process for the Transfer of the Ownership of Motor vehicle:

In case you decide to sell your vehicle or buy a second-hand vehicle, you need to apply for the transfer of ownership. The application along with the following supporting documents needs to be submitted in the RTO within 30 days:

  1. Duly filled Form 29 and 30

  2. Original Registration certificate

  3. Insurance certificate

  4. N.O.C. of the vehicle, if registered outside Uttarakhand

  5. Prescribed fees

  6. Passport size photograph of Purchaser and Seller

  7. Tax clearance certificate

In case of an accident leading to the death of the owner, the following are the documents needed to transfer the ownership.

  1. Duly filled Form 31

  2. Death certificate in relation to the registered owner

  3. Certificate of the registration and the insurance

  4. Proof of succession

  5. Passport size photograph

Forms required for other certificates

Form 28 - issuance of NOC

Form 32- vehicle purchased in public auction

Form 33 - change in address


The application has to be submitted along with the supporting documents:

  • Registration certificate

  • Insurance certificate

  • Tax clearance certificate

  • Pollution Under Control certificate

  • Fees payment receipt

  • Insurance certificate

  • Pollution Under Control certificate

  • Proof of address

  • Proof of Valid Motor Vehicle Tax

  • Copy of Valid Permit / Authorization

Reference Link: https://transport.uk.gov.in/