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What to Do If Your Vehicle Registration Certificate Is About to Expire

What To Do If Your Registration Certificate Is About To Expire

As a vehicle owner you know how important it is to get the necessary papers updated from time to time so that the authorities do not come between you and your driving pleasure. People tend to put a lot of ego into the vehicles they drive, and it hurts really bad when the authorities take action against their default. Scientists say a weak memory may not be such a bad thing, but certain dates are important and your date with the RTO is one such date.

Fortunately, you carry around your RC and other papers in your vehicle and there is always some voice in your head telling you that you need to get those papers updated. So how do you go about updating those papers and the RC, the most important one of them? Well, like for everything else there is a process you need to follow here too. First of don’t panic and don’t even think of approaching touts.

So what exactly is the RC?

The RC is the Registration Certificate of a vehicle or VRC (Vehicle Registration Certificate) to be precise. The RC is an official document providing proof of the vehicle’s registration with the Regional Transport Office (RTO). At one time, it was also known as the RC book, as it contained several pages, but it is now available as Registration Copy in a Smart card format.

The registration certificate is a proof of the ownership of a vehicle and can also be used for the transaction, renewal and re-registration of a vehicle.

As per the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, of the Government of India every vehicle owner must possess a valid Registration Certificate to drive the vehicle on Indian Roads. You need to take care not to fall foul of the law and drive a vehicle with a valid registration certificate.

Do I need to take my vehicle to the RTO?

Yes, you will need to take your vehicle to the RTO where it was originally registered. The RTO authorities will check if your vehicle is roadworthy and will issue renewal for another five years.

When does the renewal of an RC fall due?

Non-transport vehicle owners need to apply for renewal of the RC following 15 years from the date of original registration. You will need to renew the RC before 60 days of the expiry of the registration.

How does one apply for RC renewal?

You can apply for renewal of RC using Form 25. The form can either be downloaded or obtained from the RTO. Fill in the form and submit the original RC book along with the required documents to the designated authority under whose jurisdiction the vehicle falls. Applications can also be made online through the web site of the authorities of your state.

Which documents do I need to renew the RC?

You will need to submit the following documents at the time of application for renewal:

  • Obtain the Form 25 and fill the required details
  • Pollution Under Control certificate from a government recognized PUC check center.
  • The original RC, smart card or RC book
  • A valid insurance policy of the vehicle
  • A copy of the PAN card of the vehicle owner or other required documentation
  • Engine and Chassis pencil print

For how long is the renewed RC valid?

Validity of the renewal extends to five years from the date of approval after expiry date of the registration certificate.

What are the RC renewal fees?

RC Renewal fees are never constant and vary from state to state. It keeps on changing. One must go to RTO and ask for the prices for RC renewal.

Can RC renewal be done beyond 20 years?       

As per RTO process following the expiry of 15 years the RC can be renewed for every five subsequent years, subject to clearance of the vehicle by an RTO inspector for fitness and roadworthiness. The vehicle should not be emitting pollutants, noise from the vehicle should not be such as to divert attention on roads, and its parts like tyres, brakes, horn, headlights etc. are in good working condition.

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