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3 Best Motorbikes For Family Use

Biking offers a myriad of perspectives and has diverse sides to it. On one end, this reflects the sporty side in an individual and quenches his thirst for speed! While on the other, it’s just a habit…

Biking offers a myriad of perspectives and has diverse sides to it. On one end, this reflects the sporty side in an individual and quenches his thirst for speed! While on the other, it’s just a habit or a part of work for countless individuals. Every person is different from the other which makes their choices and preferences distinctive. If you are a racer or a travel enthusiast, you will surely not want to ride a bike that fails to meet your speed requirements. Quite similarly, non-racers and family men will want to have sturdy, high-performance, and reliable models.

It’s here that the leading 2-wheeler manufacturers have come up with exceptional solutions for consumers. While proficient bikers have the opportunity to travel on powerful vehicles, families can invest in models with moderate riding power. Here’s a short list of the three best motorbikes which are extensively used by family men!

1.Bikes offering safe performance

A family man will always want to invest in bikes that offer safe and reliable performance. Since this particular vehicle will help them go on family trips, run errands, do odd jobs, and take their children for fun rides, a speedy and high-mileage option won’t be appropriate. Bikes offering moderate speed are the ideal choices. Here you can check out options like Bajaj Pulsar 150 and Bajaj Avenger Street 150.

  • Bajaj Avenger Street 150 – The 150cc mean machine is a definite choice for the adventurous family that doesn’t mind hitting the highway for long rides at frequent intervals. At an ARAI fuel efficiency of 45kmpl, this machine offers a blend of distinct looks and great mileage to meet the needs of a family bike in India. Its price tag of being the cheapest cruiser too adds to its appeal.

2.Bikes that offer unmatched suspension

When it comes to riding a bike regularly, the suspension capacity of the mean machine is of paramount significance. Motorbikes with impressive suspensions will withstand the regular wear-and-tear thus delivering exceptional performances. Whether you reach the kids to school or plan a weekend trip with the entire family, these motorbikes will emerge as the best travel partners.

Check out TVS Apache RTR 180, Suzuki Hayate EP, and Royal Enfield Classic 500. They are some worthy names that offer total comfort to the driver and pillion rider.

  • Suzuki Hayate EP – With its modern design and great suspension, the 113cc bike returns an impressive 60kmpl in the city and 70kmpl on the highways. This makes it a must-have for families who love their motorbikes. Available in 3 colour variants, the bike also has a preload adjustable rear suspension and a long seat – essentials for the growing Indian middle-class family. The high ignition spark plug and improved combustion lend a peppy performance, better fuel efficiency and increased mileage.

3.Bikes with unsurpassed fuel efficiency

Your 2-wheeler needs to be fuel-efficient, and there’s no denying its importance. With the ever-increasing fuel costs, riders are on the lookout for fuel-efficient models. Most importantly, family persons will want to invest in high-economy options. That’s where these fuel-efficient bikes prove to be impressive performers.

You can select any one from Bajaj CT100, Bajaj Platina 100ES Alloy, and Hero Splendor Pro. These bikes have lower CC capacity and hence offer unmatched mileage when you use them.

  • Hero Splendor Pro - The long-time favourite is a great urban vehicle. Its 97.2cc engine allows you to touch almost 87km per litre of fuel, making it an essential for a cost conscious family. The high fuel efficiency combined with a range of variants make it a budget-friendly option for the frugal urban biker.

Fixing the budget

Once you have decided the right mix of the above three factors you are looking for, the final step will be to narrow down on the price range. You need to determine the budget and fix the cost before browsing through the available options. If you have set aside a budget of 70K to 80K for a family bike purchase, you can be sure of getting mileage friendly models. For looks and high-end purchase, you need to have a budget of up to Rs. 1.5 lakhs for a good family bike in India. Checkout Best Bikes Under 1.5 Lacs you can use for daily commute.

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