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Enjoy Benefits By Renewing Your Two-Wheeler Insurance | RenewBuy

With the increasing traffic throughout the country, two-wheelers are now considered as an economical and efficient way to travel. This has significantly increased the sales of two-wheelers in India and subsequently increased the number of uninsured vehicles too. When you purchase a two-wheeler, it is mandatory for it to come with a valid insurance and it is then compulsory for you to renew the insurance every year before its expiry.

But most of the people do not consider bike insurance renewal due to which there are now more than 60% two-wheelers on Indian roads that are uninsured. If you too have a lapsed two-wheeler insurance, we’ll give you five reasons why you should renew it as soon as possible.

Protecting your Vehicle from Natural Disasters

There are a number of natural disasters like fire, earthquake, flood, landslide, storm, etc. that can severely damage your two-wheeler. When you opt for online bike insurance renewal, you can be rest assured that your bike would be protected from such disasters and the insurance provider would pay for the damages.

Protecting your Two-wheeler from Manmade Calamities

Apart from the natural disasters, there are man-made calamities like accidents. which can require you to spend a significant amount of money for repairing the damage caused to your two-wheeler. Moreover, theft too is an ever-looming danger. Two-wheeler insurance renewal online is an excellent way to protect your ride from these calamities.

Keep Up with the Legalities

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, it is mandatory for every two-wheeler to have a valid 3rd party insurance cover at all times. This rule is actually made to benefit the owners as it makes your two-wheeler free from 3rd party claims in case of an accident. When you renew two-wheeler insurance online, you get to keep up with the legalities and protect yourself from such claims.

Discounts and Benefits

When you renew insurance on-time, you also get access to great discounts and benefits like NCB (No Claim Bonus). This bonus helps you get discount on premiums if you have not made any claims in the past year. If you continue to renew bike insurance online and not make any claims for a few years, the NCB can significantly reduce the premium amount.

Peace of Mind

Nothing can match the peace of mind that one gets to experience when they have a bike insurance. With the cover, you get that great feeling of security when you are out riding on the roads. Moreover, it also protects you from paying fines and cancellation of license if you are caught by the traffic cops without valid insurance.

With the availability of two-wheeler insurance online renewal, you no longer need to get into the hassles that were once associated with insurance renewal. Simply search for a reliable insurance renewal portal to compare the best insurance options and expert help to pick the best.