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How To Calculate Bike Insurance Premium? | RenewBuy

Calculating your two wheeler’s insurance is not a cakewalk. In the olden days, an exhaustive research and a visit to the insurance company were the only methods used to make a sane decision. But today, you can leverage the strong influence of technology for your own benefit in this context. Thanks to it, people have started using a bike insurance calculator to find the premium. Here, we will talk about it in detail.

The benefits of bike insurance calculator

With the help of a bike insurance premium calculator tool, you can compare a wide range of bike insurance policies offered by various reputed insurance companies.

  • You can easily calculate the bike insurance premium instantly.
  • Compare the insurance policy online
  • Easily get your bike insurance quote
  • Save time by getting information on the go
  • Is available free of cost

In case you have purchased a bike insurance policy lately, calculate the premium using a bike insurance calculator. With it, you can save maximum on your premium.  To calculate the amount, you need to add your two wheeler registration number and status of previous policy.

How to calculate the Bike Insurance Premium?

There are certain factors that you need to take into account before calculating the two-wheeler insurance premium like the bike make, model, age of the driver, and the list is endless. Once the details are filled, the amount of premium that you need to pay will be displayed on the screen along with the add-ons that the policy offers. You can then compare and find out the best policy that suits your requirements. Here, we have mentioned the factors that play a huge role in calculating the policy amount:

When the bike was manufactured- As the rate of depreciation increases with the age of the bike, so the older bikes tend to have low premium!

Engine capacity- It is important to know the engine capacity of the bike. With it the insurance premium will be decided on.

Age of the insurer- It doesn’t matter what kind of driving skills you have, age is an important factor while calculating the bike insurance- so if you are aged between 18-25 years, the premium will be higher.

Geographic location- do you reside in a metropolitan area where traffic jam is a common problem? If yes, then that means you have to pay a higher premium.

How to calculate it?

The premium rate is decided by the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India (IRDAI). The premium is calculated on the basis of the engine capacity.  Here’s a table that shows the premium amount

 With engine capacity not exceeding 75 cc  The premium rate would be Rs 569
 Exceeds 75 cc but not 150 cc 720  Rs 720
 150 cc-350cc  Rs 887
 Exceeds 350 cc  Rs 1,019

There are three different kinds of policies available in the market like a comprehensive policy that covers damage and third party, third party policy that includes damage to the two-wheeler, third party and additional add-ons.

Thus, before buying a bike-insurance do have a look at this tool and make an informed policy buying decision for your two wheeler.