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How To Renew Two- Wheeler Insurance

A two-wheeler insurance policy, also popularly called bike insurance policy, is a policy which comes with a fixed tenure. Earlier, two-wheeler insurance policy were offered for one year but with…

A two-wheeler insurance policy, also popularly called bike insurance policy, is a policy which comes with a fixed tenure. Earlier, two-wheeler insurance policy were offered for one year but with changes made by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), two-wheeler insurance policies are now come with a continuous tenure of two or three years. However, even for long term policies, renewal of two-wheeler insurance plans required only after the tenure is over. Since the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 makes motor insurance compulsory, and the same way renew two- wheeler insurance policy is also compulsory. However, many bike owners are not very conversant with the renewal process of their bike insurance policies. Do you know how to renew bike insurance online? If not, let’s have a look. The process is simple and easy. Let’s understand-

How to renew two-wheeler insurance?

Renewal of two-wheeler insurance plans can be done in any of the following two ways –

  • Online – This is the best way where the renewal of the policy can be done directly using the website of the insurance company. No physical contact is required as the renewal form is filled and submitted online, even the premium is also paid online.
  • Offline – there is one more way where renewal of the policy is done through insurance intermediaries or through the company itself by physically meeting the intermediary or company representatives.

Among the two renewal options, renewing online has definite benefits over renewing offline. This is because when you renew bike insurance online, you can save time and unnecessary hassles. Online renewals can be done from anywhere without you having to visit the company or the intermediary in person.

How to renew bike insurance online?

Renewing bike insurance online is quite a simple affair. You have two options of renewing your policy online. These options are as follows –

  • Through the company’s website
  • Through insurance broker’s website like

When you have an existing insurance policy on your bike, you can visit the website of your insurer and renew the policy directly from the insurer’s website. You would have to provide your policy number and your existing policy details would be displayed. Thereafter, you can pay the renewal premium and the policy is renewed.

The other option is through intermediary’s website. This option is better than the former option. This is because, when you choose to renew using such websites, you get to compare the available bike insurance policies before you renew. You just have to enter your bike details and the existing policy number and the available plans are listed with their premium rates. You can, therefore, switch to the best two-wheeler insurance plan after comparing your existing policy to other policies.

How to renew bike insurance online through insurance broker’s website

Now that you know that renewing your policy through intermediary’s website like is the best bet, here’s how you can renew the policy –

  • Go to the website
  • Enter your existing policy number and bike details
  • The two-wheeler insurance plans offered by different companies would be shown with their coverage benefits and their premium rates.
  • Compare the plans on their coverage, the Insured Declared Value offered and the premium charged
  • The plan which has the best coverage features, offers a high Insured Declared Value and charges the lowest premium for these two combinations would be the best plan
  • You can pay the renewal premium online through different online payment modes
  • Once the renewal premium is paid, the plan would be renewed. The policy document would be sent to your email id instantly. The physical copy of the policy would then be delivered to your residential address in some days.

Wasn’t the renewal process easy? Now, you wouldn’t wonder ‘how to renew two- wheeler insurance online’. There are some aspects which you should bear in mind when renewing your bike insurance plan –

  • Go for a high Insured Declared Value to preserve the value of the bike. The Insured Declared Value represents the maximum coverage offered by the plan. Thus, the higher it is, the better
  • Always renew your policy before the current cover expires. If you do that, the renewal premiums would be low. Moreover, few companies may require inspection before issuing the policy. So better avoid such hassle.
  • If you do not renew the policy within 90 days of lapse, your accumulated no claim bonus discount would be lost
  • Always compare the premium charged vis-à-vis the coverage benefits offered and the Insured Declared Value. If the coverage is comprehensive and the plan is offering a high Insured Declared Value, a higher premium is justified.
  • Choose the required add-ons when renewing the plan. Add-ons enhance the coverage and are recommended.

So, the next time you wonder that how to renew two- wheeler insurance online, this guide would help you. Follow the steps and get your policy renewed within the due date.

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