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Protect Bike From Natural Calamities

A basic bike insurance policy covers only for third party liability and personal accidents. However, a comprehensive insurance plan includes valuable add-ons and holds the bike in financial security against losses or damages..

Purchasing bike insurance is one of the obvious ways to protect the bike from natural calamities. When you opt for a particular bike insurance to protect it from natural calamities, here are a few points that you need to know:

  • Two-Wheeler insurance Coverage: 

Apart from third party legal liability protection, a comprehensive two wheeler insurance provides ways to protect the bike from natural calamities as well. Natural calamities include earthquakes, floods, tsunami, etc., while man-made calamities include theft, damage due to riots, and terrorist activities.

 However, it is essential to know that the general damages that may come to a vehicle due to its general wear and tear, or careless driving, fine for driving without a license and other damages due to ignorance are not covered under a generic two-wheeler insurance.

  • Benefits of bike insurance: 

​​​​​​​Other than the fact that it is a legal liability to insure your vehicle with insurance, it also protects you against any financial losses that may come up unexpectedly. So, an ideal way to protect your vehicle and your pocket against any such unexpected mishap is to buy bike insurance.

 Now, two-wheeler insurance is available for longer durations of up to three years. By paying a lump sum amount at the beginning, customers can opt for two-wheeler insurance for a longer duration, instead of going for annual renewals. The online facilities available now makes it far easier to buy bike insurance. 

  • Claims of your two-wheeler insurance: 

​​​​​​​It is compulsory that you have all the necessary documents for your claims to be approved. Apart from the documents, it is also important that you furnish truthful information in the claim form. Any dishonest claim can land you in big trouble. 

The general claim process involved in a two wheeler insurance claim involves noting down the vehicle’s number involved in the accident and details of the person involved in the accident. It also includes contact of the witness if any, contacting the insurance provider, filing a FIR with the police, noting the necessary documents for verification and submitting the documents for verification procedures.

  • Renewal of bike insurance:

 Most of the insurance companies send out reminders in the form of letters, emails and messages to the registered mobile numbers. In this world of modernization, everything happens at the click of a few buttons, and online renewal of two wheeler insurance is no different. There are online options available to renew the two-wheeler insurance as well the payment of premium amounts.

Apart from the legal obligation to drive a bike on the Indian roads, insurance is imperative and a smart step to take while owning any two-wheeler, as the vehicle is under a constant threat once the bike steps out of the showroom. So don’t wait a minute more; purchase a bike insurance today itself.