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The rising cost of healthcare has compelled people to think about taking up plans that can take care of their emergency medical care costs. Major insurance providers across the country offer several different types of plans that are meant to cover your health. Well, if you have insured your life, it is only logical to think of a health plan that looks after your unexpected medical costs. You must be well acquainted with the term ‘health insurance’. Health insurance policies are often confused with Mediclaim policies. Though you may assume the both to same, there are significant differences in their structure and benefits. Mediclaim plans are meant to meet your hospitalization and medical expenses to a pre-specified limit only. Health insurance benefits, on the other hand are much more comprehensive than Mediclaim policies. So, it is very important to understand that what is the difference between Mediclaim insurance and Health insurance. Assessing Your Health Needs- Mediclaim or Health Insurance Plan Whether you are a healthy individual or an individual with pre-existing medical conditions, deciding between Mediclaim best policy and health insurance is of

While I was on my morning radio session, a quick caption caught my attention. “Money stinks if kept unused”! It’s not easy to make money in this world and not everyone can generate money with the same ease. But those who have known the trick, money starts flowing in to them without much effort. However, not everyone who makes money is really able to make money. Money making may be an art but retaining money is a bigger task in its own. Smart people do not let money stink as they know how to regulate it in activity. As per Warren Buffet’s popular quote ‘Never lose money’, our smarter counterparts don’t lose money as they realize that saving money is making money. The radio quote which was an audio ad for a health insurance company certainly brought a stimulus in me as I started exploring ways to save money. However, it is also important to realize the fact that health is wealthier than saving money and we should not do anything to save money at the cost of losing health. But

Indeed, the anxious repercussions following a new car manifest in overindulgent solicitude from the owner’s perspective. Importantly, this is precisely the phase when owners, out of anxious care, might tend to give in to fallacious hearsay and end up ruining his or her prospects. Consequently, it becomes important to clearly recognize the distinction between fact and fiction. Specifically speaking, a plethora of car care myths do the rounds in the common consciousness, thanks to ignorance and canards. The following are some of the most common car care myths busted for you: Car insurance covers everything First and most common car care myths busted for you is that availing of car insurance is the be-all and the end-all. However, it is important to keep in mind that car insurance schemes depend intricately on the type of car and the insurer. Also, there are such factors as third-party liabilities which go into deciding the prospects of a scheme. Naturally, a thoroughly linear conclusion does not go far. Mobile Phones Explode in Petrol Pumps Indeed, pictures of severely burnt cars, due to emphatically to the explosion of cell