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What All Aspects Aren’t Covered By Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

What All Aspects Aren’t Covered By Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

What All Aspects Aren’t Covered By Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy
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You might have invested in a comprehensive car insurance policy, but aren’t aware of the intricacies involved in the policy document. If you aren’t new to this sector, you will surely know that a vehicle insurance policy doesn’t come without certain clauses and criteria. As a responsible car owner, it is highly imperative to understand these factors as they can determine your choice to a great extent. If you are planning to invest in vehicle insurance, make sure you are aware of the policy details.

Exclusions are present

No matter how comprehensive the policy is, exclusions will always be present. Car insurance policies come with asterisks which denote the presence of terms and conditions. Not all accidents or accidental occurrences are covered under a vehicle insurance policy, and owners should have a crystal clear idea of these factors. Here are some of the exclusions worth keeping in mind:

  1. Own-damage coverage

If the damages sustained by your vehicle fall under the ‘non-compulsory own damages (OD) coverage,’ you can claim the insured amount. However, it’s the jurisdiction of the insurance company as it will first analyze the current condition of your vehicle and then will be taking the final decision. Vehicle owners should be careful while buying policies and read through policy documents attentively.

  1. Non-renewed policies

Timely renewals are of paramount significance for your vehicle insurance. You just can’t afford to miss the deadlines as that will remove the protection from your dream car. If an accidental occurrence takes place, you won’t get the coverage if your vehicle isn’t insured.

  1. Influence of drugs or alcohol

A vehicle insurance policy doesn’t cover accidents that occur as a result of alcohol or drug abuse. However, all these incidents depend on proofs and approvals. The insurance provider has to prove the cause and then deny you the insurance coverage.

  1. Violation of usage guidelines

Manufacturers always provide certain special guidelines related to vehicle usage. You have to follow these rules while driving the car. If an accident takes place just because you violated some of these guidelines, you might not get the insurance coverage.

  1. Oil leakage damages

Vehicles that face accidents because of oil leakage fail to get approved for car insurance claims. Other than that, if your car meets an accident just because someone inexperienced or without a valid license was driving the car, insurance providers will refuse to accept the claim.

These are some of the most important exclusions involved in a motor insurance purchase. Apart from these factors, there’s a lot more to think about and consider!

Additional Exclusions

While these incidents are some of the most significant exclusions, certain additional factors are also present which one must take into account. Here are some of them:

  • Deliberate, accidental incidents
  • Damage inflicted on the vehicle as a result of terrorist attacks and war
  • Consequential losses

Since now you know the critical issues, it’s high time to opt for the perfect insurance policy judiciously and attentively.  Check out the exclusions of your vehicle coverage and be better prepared the next time you file insurance claims.

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