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10 Safe Driving Tips for Learners

10 Safe Driving Tips for Learners
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The thrill of doing something for the first time is beyond expression. As we grow, we come across several new things in our lives and with time we learn to master them. Driving is one such thing.  If you are learning to drive or have recently started driving then make sure you follow these tips to master the skill:

  1. Wear seat belt/helmet

Certainly the most important step towards a safe drive is fastening your seat belt. Using seat belts while driving a four-wheeler reduces the impact of injuries by 5 times hence reducing your pain and medical bills. Similarly, wearing a helmet while riding a two wheeler can reduce chances of injury by 50%.

  1. Learn lane driving

Knowledge about the lanes not only saves your driving time but also reduces traffic jams. The left lane is for normal driving and right is for overtaking. Driving in a lane and not changing it suddenly avoids accidents.

  1. Check your accessories

Before drives, make sure that the rear view and side mirrors are in the right position. These are the eyes and ears of your vehicle and will help you keep an eye on other vehicles on the road.

  1. Blind spots

These are the spots which are beyond peripheral vision of the accessory mirrors. Consider these before changing lanes. Also, make sure that you are not driving in others’ blind spots as they may end up banging into your vehicle if they are not careful.

  1. Speed control

A new driver should always know his level of control and concentration in driving. Driving at high speed can turn fatal if the driver fails to control his vehicle on applying the brakes.

  1. Avoid using phone

One of the biggest distractions while driving is calling and texting on the mobile phone. While driving, your focus should be on the wheel/handle rather than anywhere else. Use of cell phones while driving has led to a significant rise in car accidents which can otherwise be easily avoided.

  1. Develop a good judging power.

You should be able to judge the next step or turn off the driver who is driving just in front or beside you. Ability to do so will help you enjoy a safe ride.

  1. Learn to park your car

While parking a two-wheeler is easy, parking a car can be a bit tedious for learners. For a new driver, it will be most suitable if he or she does not use the reverse gear much. A straight drive through will be neat and easy for initial driving days.

  1. Avoid night driving

If you are not confident of your driving skills then it will be best if you avoid driving at night. Driving at night is more challenging and requires twice the attention and expertise.

  1. Learn bad weather driving rules

Driving on a rainy day or on an icy road can be tricky. In order to avoid skidding, make sure that you have an excellent grip on the tyres and are maintaining controlled speed.

A lot of people encounter minor accidents in their first year of driving. To cover the cost of damage one can surely buy a vehicle insurance policy beforehand.

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