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150cc or 250cc Bike- Which One is best For You?

150cc or 250cc Bike- Which One is best For You?
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From age-old times, motorbikes have fascinated men, more than stilettos. Though we can’t pinpoint the exact reasons, it is pretty much obvious that men are obsessed with bikes. Back in the olden times, the options were limited to Bajaj Pulsar, the ear-splitting Yezdi, and Yamaha. Nowadays, we are spoilt for choice with a multitude of options available in the market. Today, we explore which one out of a 150cc or 250cc bike will be ideal for you.

Before jumpstarting with the bike that is worth its price, let’s check out what ‘cc’ means? ‘CC’ represents cylinder capacity, i.e., the size of the engine measured in cubic centimetres. A larger cylinder ingests more air, and thus converts more energy as compared to the smaller one- assuming all other factors remain constant.

Now, let us review 5 facts which help you in deciding which one is best for you?

  1. It depends upon the purpose– If you need a motorbike for daily commuting; 150cc bike is fuel- efficient. However, 250cc is a perfect choice for teen bikers especially those who want to flaunt their style.


  1. Cost-effective– 250cc has a higher engine capacity and as engine capacity is directly proportional to the fuel consumption, so needless to say 250cc is not for you if you are on the lookout of a cost-effective bike.


  1. Performance- As the age old saying goes “Every coin has two sides.” While the 150cc bike is cost-efficient and streamlines your overall cost, it scores quite low on performance aspects. If you are planning a long ride, go with 250cc rather than opting for a 150cc engine.


  1. Check about after sales coverage- The 150cc motorcycle segment attracts a lot of interest, thanks to its stylish look and decent fuel performance. Daily college going students and teens love these bikes, but before you purchase, make sure you have an idea of how after- sales- service is and about insurance add- on cover.


  1. Speed excites me– If speed is what thrills you and you have a personality of a sportsperson inside you, 250cc is the right choice for you. They are quite fast as compared to 150cc bike and are friendly enough for the new riders. These bikes are sturdy and can soak up all rough terrains and abuse without any complaint.



The stylish looks and extraordinary performance can sway your decision in favour of a 250cc bike, but fuel-efficiency and cost may incline you towards a 150cc option. So, it is always your decision on which bike should you buy. Take note of your budget, your personal preference and your test drive experience before finalising any deal.

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