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8 items you must have in your car all the time

8 items you must have in your car all the time
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Given the availability of smartphones, a vehicle breakdown is more of a disruption than a real crisis. A quick call to a tow truck or roadside assistance service provider will normally ensure safety within a few hours. Also, you can keep these 8 things in your car to preserve your sanity in the case of a surprise vehicle breakdown:

  1. Jumper cables

Predominantly car owners keep jumper cables in their car, but most of the drivers don’t know how they function. Educate yourself via online guides on how to use jumper cables so that none of your important tasks are affected. Getting familiar with the engine is a must so as to save yourself from any unwanted mishappening.

  1. Spare tyre, tyre iron and car jack

Spare tyres and tyre fitting tools are also present in most new cars. Just like the jumper cables, you must learn how to change a tyre independently, even if you intend to call roadside assistance when your tyre is flat. Flat tyres are the common reason for breakdowns. So, you must learn how to change a tyre just in case the help is not readily available.

  1. Blanket or sleeping bag

For severe circumstances, you need to keep either a warm blanket or sleeping bag in your vehicle. It is crucial to maintain your body temperature during winter season while you are waiting for support to arrive.

  1. Drinking Water

Besides, keeping yourself warm, remaining hydrated is a crucial aspect of survival. Before you step out, ensure that you have a fresh water bottle with you. To warm water quickly, you can make use of plastic bottles as they warm up quicker with slight body heat in the winter than large containers like jugs.

  1. Mobile phone and USB charger

A charged mobile handset provides you with the best chance to get out of a grave situation on the road. It is important to have USB charger handy just in case you want to call for assistance in the event of a minor accident or if your car has abruptly stopped in the middle of nowhere.

  1. Emergency light

Do not presume that breakdowns can occur only during the day. You can be a victim of breakdowns even at night hours. So, road flares or reflectors can assure you stay safe on the side of the road by making you noticeable to approaching traffic as well as emergency vehicles. Besides, a flashlight along with extra batteries can serve as a lifesaver if you are fitting a tyre or jumping a battery.

  1. Energy bars

Energy bars are highly caloric, non-perishable and few of them are even tasty! Having snacks like energy bars on hand can make a stressful road trip comfortable, boost your energy levels and also avoid chances of feeling drowsy.

  1. Duct tape

Duck tapes are extremely useful just in case any part of your car is broken down and is hanging on the sideways. Not only this, but these tapes also give you enough time to reach a repair shop, if you get involved in an accident.

The future is uncertain, but you surely can keep yourself safe from any roadside accidents by keeping these 8 items handy in your car all the time.

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