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Why Do You Need Insurance For Your Two Wheeler?

Why Do You Need Insurance For Your Two Wheeler?

Why Do You Need Insurance For Your Two Wheeler?
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Insurance for a two wheeler is mandatory and is as important as that for a four wheeler. Your two wheeler insurance policy not only insurers your bike but also protects you against third-party liability. Here is why it is beneficial to take a bike insurance:

  1. Coverage against third-party liability

    : In case of an accident, the policy secures you from any legal liabilities that may arise in case of damage or injury to third person. This also includes damage to third person’s property.

  2. Coverage of vehicle in case of natural calamity

    : The policy will cover your two wheeler against damage due to natural calamities like floods, earthquake, cyclone, hailstorm, landslide, etc.

  3. Coverage of vehicle in case of man-made calamities

    : The policy will cover your bike against damage caused due to man-made calamities like riots, theft, damage due to terrorist activity, etc.

  4. Cover for pillion rider

    : There is an option of adding a cover for the pillion rider too. It is beneficial for people who generally ride double seat.

  5. Assistance in case of break-down

    : Some policies also provide assistance in case your bike breaks down. You simply have to contact the concerned person and the company will arrange for your bike to be taken to the nearest garage for repair.

  6. Coverage of vehicle rider in case of an accident

    : This is an optional feature and covers accidental death while riding your insured two wheeler.

If you have a two wheeler, get your quote today! Compare bike insurance plans online and make an informed decision.


  • Darold October 26, 2016

    Great common sense here. Wish I’d thohgut of that.


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