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No matter how intelligent you are in handling situations, there are some unforeseen situations that can lead you to big disasters, if you are not prepared enough to face them. Situations like sudden health related problems, road accidents and even death in a road mishap are unexpected. It takes few minutes to find yourself in a situation where you wish nobody would fall. Imagine, you stepped out of your house and suddenly a car hit you so hard that you directly land in a hospital or on a death bed, what will you do in such an unwanted situation? Personal Accident Cover is the only option to protect yourself and your family to face this uninvited situation. According to a study, Indian roads are more prone to accidents and even incidents of death on roads are very common. In such situation, Personal Accident Cover is a shield that keeps you financially protected in times of difficulties. You cannot deny the fact that there are lots of fascinating benefits of Personal Accident Cover that buying one is must. If the bread earning

If you are looking for options to earn more money and to meet your expenditures to live a good life, there might be so many thoughts running in your head that what to do or how to make extra money. Even if you are already in job and still want to supplement your income, becoming an insurance agent is one of the best option you can opt for. Let’s have a look on How to become an insurance agent in India and examine the qualifications or training required to become an insurance agent as well. Insurance aggregator like RenewBuy is providing a platform where its POS agents are earning loads of money by issuing policy in few clicks. How to Become an Insurance Agent Those who are interested in becoming insurance agents are required to register online via IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority in India) portal. They can also approach an insurance aggregator, RenewBuy for guidance on becoming an insurance agent. For instance, if someone wants to become an insurance agent for RenewBuy, he/she can approach by visiting the application site,

The growing number of illnesses, high costs of medical treatments and unhealthy lifestyle has made it imperative for all to consider health insurance, one of the most important aspects of financial planning in today’s time. In order to avoid financial crisis in times of medical emergencies it is essential to have good health insurance not only for you but your entire family. This is where the confusion between a health insurance plan vis-à-vis Family floater Health insurance plan begins. Choosing the plan While, choosing the correct type of plan best suited for you and your family can be a mammoth task. The most common dilemma while choosing health insurance is, whether, to opt for Family Health Insurance Plan or a Family Floater Plan.  Though both sound similar and serve the same purpose of insurance but, in reality, they are different from each other in terms of the kind of premium involved and coverage offered. What is a Family Health Insurance Policy? A Family Health Plan is buying individual policies for each member in the family at the same time and may or may not