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A health insurance policy is a boon in modern times when medical costs have become prohibitive. Even in case of simple hospitalisations you look at tens of thousands of rupees in medical bills and if the illness is serious, there is no upper limit to what hospitalisation costs you can incur. Health insurance plans pay for the medical expenses and spare you financial setbacks. Though anyone can buy health insurance plans, companies rate every proposer on the basis of the risk he/she presents. Whenever a proposal for health insurance is made, the insurance company assesses the risk involved. This process is called underwriting. The company tries to find the probability of a claim against each proposal that it receives and that is why you are asked a lot of questions when you fill the proposal form. What if you fall in the high-risk category? How to choose the best Health Insurance Plan for High-risk Category? What is high-risk category? High-risk category depicts that you or any other member you are proposing to cover in a health plan have a higher health risk

I woke up in the morning after a really long night to face an exciting day ahead. Why I said a long night is because the night was refusing to end and can be considered as one of the most anxious nights I ever faced. I am going to get the much- awaited bike the next morning and so the anxiety goes on. It has been more than 4 years that I started requesting for a bike which is my passion. But an incident 3 years ago kept my parents wary to buy a bike for me. One of my closest friends died in a road accident while he was going on a bike. We were all devastated with that mishap and my parents never want me to ride a two- wheeler. I started earning a couple of years ago but still I did not get permission from my parents to purchase a bike. At last, I could convince them after agreeing to all the safety norms they have laid for me for my well- being. After all, they try

In today’s fast-growing world, life of every individual has become so uncertain that purchasing a health insurance has become a major need of each and every individual. Nearly everybody these days has health insurance plans that provide them financial security whenever required. With the growing demand for health insurance in the market, it is very important for every one of us to not just only learn about health insurance options available in the market but also learn all about your health insurance sub limits. There are basically such huge numbers of health insurance choices offered by health insurance providers that picking one to match your health insurance needs become confusing. You may find choosing the correct health insurance plan can be precarious and even stressful with different alternatives out there. However, the health insurance experts/agents prevailing in the market help individuals like you and assist them in best way possible. Also, it is always advisable to look at the various aspects of health insurance coverage designs in light of the different highlights they offer day care, waiting period, co-payment, deductibles and