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When it comes to choosing health insurance plans, both the insurer and the insured start thinking of innumerable aspects. From opting for the accurate health insurance plan to checking the crucial features, numerous tasks are involved in the health insurance buying process. Shopping for the perfect health insurance plan isn’t easy. But we can make it easier by bringing in a greater degree of transparency on facts about person who is to be insured. Disclosure of Pre-Existing Diseases happens to be one such aspect which the insurance applicant tends to not disclose at the right time. Most of the insurers hesitate while offering coverage for these ailments. Whether it’s due to diabetes, cardiac issues, or even that disturbing knee, insurers might choose not to insure a person. The trivia There’s no denying the intricacies involved in the medical insurance process. Although the leading insurance providers come up with exclusive plans and unmatched customer support, certain complexities can affect the entire process. It’s here that you should know about any Pre-Existing Illness along with its details. Developing a crystal clear idea of the

It can be quite frustrating to keep track of renewal date of your two-wheeler insurance annually. Who would want their policy to lapse and lead to heavy penalties in the process? To deal with such situations, many insurance companies provide two-wheeler insurance schemes that offer coverage for a maximum of three years. Due to such policies, policyholders need not renew their insurance contract every year because they already obtain a policy certificate for utmost three years of coverage. The IRDAI has allowed the introduction of such long-term cover for combatting non-renewal linked to two-wheeler insurance. In other terms, the facility is provided to encourage two-wheeler owners for purchasing the essential third-party cover. While purchasing a bike policy of longer-term is not essential, it does give one a number of benefits that makes it a prudent choice of investment. A multi-year two wheeler insurance policy offers a range of great advantages including significant discounts in premium and protection from annual increases in your vehicle’s insurance policy. Let’s look at these advantages in detail. Multi-Year Two-Wheeler Insurance – Benefits Third-Party Liability Cover: \The particular insurance plan

Selecting a health insurance can be a daunting task. With so many different insurance providers, policies, and their features and benefits, things can get very confusing for most of the people. While you can now easily search for the policies online, it is better if you first understand the factors that can help you make the right decision. And one of the most important ones is selecting between an individual and a family floater mediclaim policy. Every insurance provider in India offers its health insurance policies in these two variants. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages which you should know to make the right decision. Let us start with first understanding the difference between the two. Difference between Individual and Family Floater Health Policy An individual policy, as the name suggests, is issued to a single person. So, if you want to buy health insurance for your entire family and want to go the individual policy way, you’ll have to buy a separate policy for every family member. With this, every family member will have their own sum assured. With a family