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Did You Lose Your Vehicle’s RC? During the process of buying your vehicle, one very important step is providing your dealer all the necessary documents for the Registration Certificate or your vehicle’s RC. As soon as the documentation is over in the RTO office, you will be able to walk away with your vehicle. But things do not end there. The RTO will send the RC book or Smart cards to the registered mailing address. The RC books/Smart Card can take anywhere between a couple of days up to a month’s time to be delivered to the registered address. Once you do get, it is always of paramount importance to have the same with your vehicle. That is because it is the source of truth for your vehicle. It contains all the important information about your vehicle such as engine number, chassis number and so on. And more importantly, it is a document of proof that your vehicle is registered with RTO office. But, what happens if you lose your Vehicle’s RC? Most of the vehicle owners take extremely good care of their vehicles.

Picture this, you are riding or driving your vehicle, and someone comes and hits your vehicle from the rear end. The chances are high that it leads to a heated argument which eventually settles into the responsible party paying for the damages. If it were your mistake and you hit another vehicle, under normal circumstances, you wouldn’t argue in that scenario. Well, most people won’t. Or if you were to brush your car with one of the pillars during parking, there won’t be anyone around to have an argument with. Thus, there are certain Vehicle Insurance Riders that you should choose. In either of the cases, if you are safe, the car has undergone some damages. Irrespective of who was at fault, the repairs are imminent. The standard practice would be to visit a service center and ask for a quote. And that is when things can get a bit tricky if you do not have a car insurance. Repairs for vehicles aren’t cheap by any margin. Accidents can be expensive A minor scratch on your car’s bumper can set you back by

Motor insurance is an assurance for an average vehicle owner as well as a legal mandate as per the laws of our land. You may face a huge wrath in the form of penalty if you are found without having car insurance or you may even face a disqualification. It is a known concept that motor insurance offers a sense of security from a financial loss or accidental damage due to road mishaps as vehicle repairs due to accidents absorb huge amounts of money these days. It is worth buying an insurance policy which can offer huge benefits, but people don’t buy just for the lack of time or lack of convenience. These days it has become very easy to buy insurance. You can even purchase a policy online or offline. You have online insurance websites or if you want to buy it offline, you can contact insurance agents. Insurance websites are even offering comparisons on different types of car insurance policies of various companies in India. Different types of car insurances: Comprehensive Car Insurance: Comprehensive car insurance can be termed as the