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Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error.

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A squirrel was confusingly running across the road with a fear of getting under my scooter confusing me too! I tried my best to adjust my two-wheeler not to get on to the tiny creature. Despite my attempts and a near fall, I could manage myself to get up but could not save the squirrel. It was trembling with injuries and died instantly. I could not manage the guilt for a week in spite of making no mistake. Was I lucky that the poor thing had no relatives to question me? But what if it were a human being or a vehicle instead of a squirrel that I have hit? Unknowingly or erroneously, a simple mistake of ours may injure or damage an unknown person or vehicle on the road. An insurance can cover my vehicle and me but what about others who can get hit by us for no mistake on their part. It becomes a sense of responsibility to help them too in such a situation. When I googled a little about any such possibilities, I came to

Becoming an insurance agent is an easy task but succeeding is not an easy job. Though there is no much qualification required to become an insurance agent, but it takes a good quality to convince people to buy something along with a decent graduation to understand, calculate, foresee and impress a prospective lead. If you get to understand the things to know before becoming an insurance agent, it would be lot easier for you to penetrate into the financial industry. This job often seems to be rosy as you are your own boss, earn a 5 digit income a month, flexible work schedules etc. Majority of these may be true but a potential hard work is required to achieve all these Let us first understand the pre-requisites for becoming insurance agent Excellent Public Relations There are incidents where less talkative people have become insurance agents but for them to be successful, it takes a lot of efforts. Lively and flamboyant people tend to be more successful in this arena with excellent communication skills and public relations. Network Network plays a crucial role in an agent’s

Taking yet another major step towards digitization, the government has made it legal for vehicle owners to carry digital copies of driving licence and RC. As per the advisory issued to state governments by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, the authorities will now have to accept vehicle documents when they are produced in digital format. The announcement came as a good news for vehicle owners who had long been demanding that the digital copies of vehicle documents be made valid. What does it mean for vehicle owners? For vehicle owners, this means that they won’t have to carry with them the physical papers, including driving license and RC, while driving. If the need arises, they can simply produce the digital version of documents. So, the next time a traffic police officer asks for your driving license, you can show the digital copy of your license on your phone. The original physical documents can be kept safely at home and there won’t be any fear of losing them. However, this doesn’t mean that you can show a scanned copy of driving licence