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If you are thinking to buy health insurance online, you are probably wondering what the right age to buy health insurance is. At what age is one too young to do so and at what age is a person too old to insure one’s health? According to experts, it is advisable to buy Health Insurance as early as possible in your life. Whether you are buying online health insurance or buying from a broker, there are several reasons to do so early in life: Lower Premiums – There are several different parameters based on which companies calculate health insurance Age is a primary parameter. The younger the policyholder is, the cheaper it is to buy health insurance online. The perceived risk of illness and disease is lower among younger people and hence the premiums are lower as well. No Need for Medical Checkups – Most insurance companies do not require the policy buyer to undergo medical tests or health checkups prior to buying health insurance. In most cases the insurance company will waive off such tests for the policyholders till he/she reaches

NCB or No Claim Bonus is a benefit that accrues for the insured in the event of no claims made during the period of the previous vehicle insurance policy. As per the current rules in India the range of NCB is from 20% on the Own Damage Premium, and increases to 50%, which is the maximum amount of bonus possible. The NCB is lost in the subsequent period of a car insurance policy if the insured lodges a claim during the current policy period. Rules Governing Vehicle NCB Transfer: As per the IRDA, the NCB belongs to the person insured and not the vehicle. This means that when a vehicle is transferred to another person, it is possible to transfer only the insurance policy but not the No Claim Bonus. The person buying / receiving the vehicle would need to pay the differential amount for the NCB for the remaining period of the policy. If the original owner buys a new vehicle, she or he can use the NCB for the new vehicle. To make a transfer, the original vehicle owner must submit

The premium a policyholder pays for his insurance policy is for the assurance that the insurance company will pay in certain circumstances. Insurance underwriters assess the risk of an insurance company to determine how much insurance premium must be charged for life insurance, health insurance and for car insurance premium based on a range of varied parameters. The car insurance calculator takes several aspects into consideration when deciding what premium the insurance company will charge. Location and Registration For purposes of calculating car insurance premium in India, the registration of the covered vehicle is relevant. A vehicle registered in Zone A – which refers to metro cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Bangalore – will attract higher premium whereas Zone B (rest of India) vehicles attract lower premiums. Since the perceived threat of theft, accident and vandalism is lower in smaller towns and rural areas than in bigger, busier cities, vehicle owners in Zone B pay lower insurance premiums. Car Insurance Renewal The car insurance premium you pay will also depend upon whether you are buying insurance for