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The future of vehicles is the autonomous vehicles taking people around with little efforts from passengers. The driverless cars, which once seemed unreal, has now turned into reality and people are waiting eagerly to enjoy the effortless ride to places. But with few advantages, there is always a few costs to be paid and, in this case, the car insurance industry will be facing a huge dilemma about how the insurance claim will be set. As self-driven cars get common and become more advanced, interesting issues will crop up. From developing the potential of taking important driving decisions and avoiding casualties, the self-driven cars will also face the car insurance liability. Here are a few things which will decide how will car insurance work out for self-driven cars in the future and when self-driven cars hit the market for the public. Liability If this self-driven car, hits someone or meets an accident, who will be held responsible? Since no one is driving and the car is produced to drive itself, the manufacturers will be held accountable for the accident, given the

Many of us are probably planning to buy new car soon and many already has one but most of us are unaware as to how to go about an automobile insurance. We can never undermine the importance of insurance, as its only will help us in case of accident as well as damages covered under the insurance policy. So, when you choose your car insurance policy, keep these things in mind to ensure that you get good coverage against the premiums you will be paying for the insurance. Here are the 6 Best Ways to Buy Car Insurance: There is nothing like cheapest price There are different insurance policies for different people and they vary according to the demography, paying capacity, vehicle and other things. Similarly, the coverage may also vary accordingly. So, no company can claim to charge the lowest even for your car insurance policies. Also, do not go for cheapest policy without understanding what it offers you and the coverage of the claims. Many people commit the mistake of opting for cheap insurance policy and don’t fall prey to the

Did You Lose Your Vehicle’s RC? During the process of buying your vehicle, one very important step is providing your dealer all the necessary documents for the Registration Certificate or your vehicle’s RC. As soon as the documentation is over in the RTO office, you will be able to walk away with your vehicle. But things do not end there. The RTO will send the RC book or Smart cards to the registered mailing address. The RC books/Smart Card can take anywhere between a couple of days up to a month’s time to be delivered to the registered address. Once you do get, it is always of paramount importance to have the same with your vehicle. That is because it is the source of truth for your vehicle. It contains all the important information about your vehicle such as engine number, chassis number and so on. And more importantly, it is a document of proof that your vehicle is registered with RTO office. But, what happens if you lose your Vehicle’s RC? Most of the vehicle owners take extremely good care of their vehicles.