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You buy car insurance because it is compulsory under the law and for the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the insurance company will take care of things in the event of an accident, theft and so on. Hence, when things go wrong, the rejection of your claim is the last thing you want! How can you avoid car insurance claim rejection? How can you ensure that the insurance company will pay your claim? Choose the right policy and riders – Comprehensive insurance offers greater protection than third party vehicle insurance. The more riders one opts for, the better is the coverage. Ensure that you choose riders that you need according to your age, lifestyle, family size, type of job, driving habits. Read the fine print – The insurance policy will have a set of exclusions; events not covered by the policy. It will also have terms and conditions that specify the circumstances, actions and omissions that entitle an insurance company to reject a claim. Thoroughly read the policy to know about these, call up the insurance company to understand any unfamiliar

Buying a car insurance policy is about more than just choosing a product from a reputed company or picking one with the lowest premium. The ideal auto insurance policy is one that offers the best coverage for the widest variety of eventualities and saves you having to incur out-of-pocket expenditure when things go wrong. To ensure that a claim you make will be honoured by the insurance company, it is important to know exactly what you as a policyholder are paying for. It is also vital that you know what motor insurance terms mean; not just in layperson parlance but the specific, technical meaning of those terms. Third party insurance This type of insurance is compulsory under the law. This provides compensation only to the third party (not the policyholder or insurance company) who may be involved in an accident with the vehicle of the policyholder. Comprehensive Insurance (car and 2-wheeler insurance) This offers wider protection. It offers third-party insurance and also offers coverage for theft or damage of the policyholder's vehicle. A policyholder can opt for optional add-ons to make the policy even

If you are buying a car, you must also ensure that the vehicle is duly insured. This is not just to ensure that in case of an accident, the insurance company covers the costs incurred; but because it is a legal requirement. The Indian Road Safety Act and Indian Motor Vehicles Act mandate that every vehicle owner should have insurance. Whether you are buying a new or a pre-owned vehicle, it makes sense to compare car insurance rates and then make a decision. There are many options to buy car insurance online; you can use a car insurance calculator to get an instant quote. Keep the following in mind: Do not blindly accept the dealer’s offer – When you buy a new car, the car dealership will usually offer you a package deal including the car cost, registration amount, insurance and ancillary expenses. They may even arrange finance for you. This is because they have tie-ups with insurance companies, banks and financial organizations. However, you need not depend upon the car dealer solely. You should do your own research, compare car insurance