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Every year millions of lives are saved by blood transfusion. But to continue helping those people who are in need of blood transfusion, there is an immediate necessity to build an adequate blood bank. However, only a fraction of people eligible to donate blood actually do so. That's why various health organizations around the world have partnered to bring attention to the need of Donating Blood. The World Health Organization (WHO) aims to encourage and promote voluntary blood donation. World Blood Donor Day (WBDD) celebrated on 14th June every year across the world is an opportunity to raise global awareness about blood donation. WBDD strongly encourage more people to donate blood at regular intervals. The event is an opportunity to thank voluntary blood donors for helping save lives. World Blood Donor Day: An Overview The WHO decided to assign one day every year to recognize volunteer blood donors and raise awareness about the importance of blood donation and named that day the “World Blood Donor Day”. The first WBDD was celebrated on 14th June 2004, and since then, this date became an occasion

Monsoon is falling in some time and everybody is waiting for the best season of the year. Everyone is excited to see the lush green surroundings, amazing water- falls and chill weather to enjoy. It feels so good imagining the beautiful scenery all over during monsoon. But along with the enjoyment, monsoon also brings a big reason to worry, as this is the most dangerous as well as risky season of the year. The vehicle owners start worrying about their machines and then it becomes imperative to prepare your vehicle for Monsoon especially after looking at the road conditions of our country. In a county like India, where we always enjoy monsoon season with tea and snacks, the season brings a fear of running vehicles on the roads with big possibilities of skidding. We can see the risk of driving a vehicle on wet bumpy roads where there are big potholes coming to us. Above all of these risky thoughts, the one major reason which fears all of us, is the absurd drivers who doesn’t have the sense of driving at all. There

For a first-time vehicle owner, it can be difficult to choose what to buy from among all the different types of Motor/Auto insurance available in the market. Not only are there various options such as light motor/auto vehicles, heavy vehicle or two wheeler insurance, there is basic coverage, comprehensive plans and various riders to opt for; from various insurance service providers as well.   Private or commercial vehicle insurance The type of insurance you buy also depends upon your purpose of vehicle use. People who own a vehicle for their own personal use would need personal vehicle insurance. However, truck operators, taxi-owners, auto rickshaw owners would need commercial vehicle insurance. Business owners or those who use a company car would also have to choose the appropriate type of insurance. There are specific types of insurance policies for goods carrying vehicles, passenger carrier vehicles and miscellaneous other types of commercial vehicles as well.   Car and two-wheeler insurance It has become very easy to buy car and bike insurance online now. A few factors could impact the insurance renewal: the year of manufacture, model and variant of