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Checklist To Pick The Best Tyres For Your Two-Wheeler

Checklist To Pick The Best Tyres For Your Two-Wheeler
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Your two-wheeler should be equipped with the right type of parts, as they can upgrade its performance to a great extent. Tyres are integral components of a vehicle. Whether it’s your dream car or the latest mean machine, you just can’t think of a smooth driving experience without strong and powerful tyres.

With the presence of innumerable choices in the market, choosing the right type of tyre can turn out to be a difficult task. You will have to consider numerous aspects which play a pivotal role in the entire selection process. Here’s a comprehensive checklist for all the vehicle owners out there!

  1. Checking out the types

When it comes to choosing the right type of tyres for two-wheelers, the first thing worth considering is the type. Research a bit in the market and you will come across a multitude of options in this regard. Depending on the specifications and mileage of your vehicle, you can take your pick and get the best one. These are some of the varieties to choose from:

  • Clincher: If you are planning to buy tyres for your 2-wheeler, this is the first type you will come across. Clincher tyres have cross sections shaped like a ‘U.’ The rim and the edge of these tyres hold on to each other thus providing a firm grip to the vehicle. These types of tyres have become highly popular amongst users. If you take a look around, you will see that most of the bikes today run on clincher tyres.
  • Tubular: These tyres happen to be the perfect partners for motorcyclists and racers. Since they are lightweight and don’t get punctured quite often, using them seems to be a good option. Tubular tyres are highly in demand amongst avid racers as apart from being lightweight, they are quite comfortable too!
  • Tread Pattern: Knowing the right fit tread pattern can help you tackle the different weather conditions. Be it conventional tread (with multiple directions of tread marks to tackle road surface grip in slippery conditions), uni-directional, or asymmetric tread; you have to check which type will suit best for your vehicle.


  1. The price

Tyres come in various forms, with diverse specifications, and belong to a range of prices. You have to check out the specifications, requirements, and targeted needs of the vehicle to determine the costing for the 2-wheeler. It is always better to fix a budget as only you are aware of your needs and understand how the right tyre option can fulfil those requirements.

  1. Quality

There’s no denying the fact that a high-quality tyre will help your vehicle deliver outstanding performances. Quite naturally, it becomes imperative to check the quality before taking the final decision. Always opt for the best quality tyres available in the market, as they can meet the riding requirements. As quite a few branded products are also available, you can breeze through those options as well.

  1. Tubeless or conventional tube-based tyres

If your budget allows it, you should go for a tubeless set of tyres. In case of sudden air loss due to puncture, tubeless tyres will cope better and maintain the stability and safety of your two-wheeler.

Final thoughts

These essential tips will surely lead to a successful tyre purchasing process. Bike owners can get an unmatched performance from their motorbikes if they equip it with the right set of tyres. Hope this post will assist you in this context.


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