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City driving is stressful, especially during the rush hours.

Here are some simple driving tips to follow to make driving on the roads more systematic and a little less stressful. Award yourself a point for every rule you religiously follow. Let’s vroom!

  1. Always wear a helmet while driving a two-wheeler and seat-belt while driving a four-wheeler.
  1. Follow traffic signals and never jump the red light.
  1. Always stop the vehicle before the Stop Line and leave the Zebra Crossing for pedestrians.
  1. Never drive under the influence of alcohol.
  1. Avoid talking on the mobile phone while driving.
  1. Use the indicator light while changing lanes and taking a turn.
  1. Drive the vehicle within prescribed speed limits.
  1. Check the tyre pressure of your vehicle regularly and keep it in good condition.
  1. Get timely pollution check done.
  1. Carry your driving license, registration papers and insurance certificate with information on vehicle insurance policy.
  1. Do not use headlights in full beam when driving in the city.
  1. Use dipper while driving at night.
  1. Do not speed when it is raining or there is heavy fog.
  1. Use the rear-view mirror while changing lanes or turning the vehicle.
  1. Never park in ‘No Parking’ areas.
  1. Avoid blowing the horn repeatedly.
  1. Use car pool or public transport whenever possible.

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