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Motorcycle Boots and Why They Are Important

Motorcycle Boots and Why They Are Important
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A real biker is one who not only invests time and money on his/her bike but also on the required protective gear. Having the right kind of riding gear is as important as having a good set of wheels. Riding gear comprises of a helmet, gloves, riding jacket, pants, and sunglasses and last but not the least, riding boots. Each of these items are equally important, so, it would be ideal to keep your personal riding gear ready at all times.

In this post, we would be discussing the motorcycle boots and why they are an important part of the riding gear. Let’s start by first finding out what exactly motorcycle boots are.

Motorcycle boots are footwear that you should preferably wear while riding your bike. There are different kinds of motorcycle boots depending upon the need/purpose. Motorcycle boots are made of thick leather having rubber soles and may also contain additional material such as plastic, metal, etc.

Types of Motorcycle Footwear

  1. Motorcycle Touring Boots: These boots are ideal for those who are travelling for a short distance. The boots made of leather are perfect for protecting your toes, ankles, heels and shin. You can either opt for ankle-length boots or full-length ones.
  2. Racing Boots: Made of leather, plastic, man-made composite materials and metal, these should be worn if you are riding on hard pavement. They usually have a height of about 10-14 inches and offer better protection.
  3. Motocross Boots: These boots are much stiffer and are apt for off-road and all-terrain riding. With adjustable straps, motocross boots measure about 16 inches and reach up to your knees.

Why Are Motorcycle Boots Important?

A lot of us don’t realise that in a bike accident, most of the injuries affect foot and leg. In a collision or skid, the first thing you do is keep your foot down, and with no proper boots, there would be no grip leading to injury.

One of the most common injuries in a bike accident is ankle injury which you can prevent by wearing the right kind of motorcycle boots. If you don’t want your ankle to snap and lead to a fracture, then ensure that you are wearing right pair of motorcycle boots before you step out on a ride.

The boots provide adequate coverage and protection for your toes as well since the boots have hard edges keeping you safe from any open wounds.

Another benefit you get by choosing the right kind of motorcycle boots is protection from bad weather. No matter if the sun is blazing hot or it’s raining, your feet will stay dry and protected always.

Few things that you must keep in mind before purchasing a pair of motorcycle boots: decide the purpose of the boots; do not buy them without trying (in the form of a small walk, bending, crouch, going up and down the steps). Do check the quality of the boots properly and make sure the grip is good enough to protect you from sand, oil, mud or water.

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