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Make Your Motor-Biking Experience Smooth With These 5 Apps

Make Your Motor-Biking Experience Smooth With These 5 Apps
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Getting up on your bike and going on a long ride is no more just a matter of stress relief, a call of your travelling nature. Today travellers document their rides, turn it into a social cause, share pictures and videos on social media and also look back upon their rides in the future. It is much more than just a simple ride to relieve your stress. To cater to the needs of today technology has come up with a large number of interesting apps which are available online for free or for a small price. Check out some of these interesting apps below.

Dark Sky

Who would want to be caught up in the rain while out for a bike ride? But then again you do not know when the weather will suddenly turn windy or torrential rain starts pouring. This app helps you to know the weather of your exact location, down to the right minute and it is never wrong. You get every detail of the weather condition, which includes the humidity, visibility, wind direction and speed, etc. to help you plan your trip smartly.

Moto Map

Another app that allows you to find great routes and upload as well. Additionally, it helps you to track your progress while following a particular route, along with your speed metrics, distance and duration. You can also add your friends who have downloaded this app to track each other’s condition and show off during social gatherings.  In addition to all this, the app also allows you to add your favourite playlist to make your ride musical.

Pirelli Diablo Superbiker

This app is for the racers and track junkies who love being on an adrenaline high and do not want to waste money on expensive equipments for data acquisition. This app tracks your laps and lap time, speed, lean angles, etc. This app additionally comes with an app feature that plots the outline of the course so that the visual learners can plot portions of the track based on the data given to them. This app is available for free on Android and iOS.

Road Trippers

It’s a suitable app if you are planning your trip ahead of time or even if your trip is impromptu, you can rely on this app. It gives you a list of places of interest around the place where you are going. It will help you plan your entire trip. It also comes with rich descriptions of the destinations you want to travel to or the spots you want to visit. This app is a creation of, and if you are using it in combination with the site, then it becomes even more helpful.

Fuelly Gas Tracker

An app that helps you track your gas mileage and calculate your fuel expenses. The best part of this app is its social aspect. Users can share their fuel data, and one can also check it as per the bike model in use. It helps you to compare your bike with other similar bikes to make sure that your bike is performing well.

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