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Road Safety Tips for Driving in Winters

Road Safety Tips for Driving in Winters
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Driving in the winters can be very challenging. Wet roads and chilly weather can make navigating the vehicle a difficult task. However, if we keep in mind some simple road rules, we can make our travel safer and comfortable in winters.

  1. Drive slowly if there is snow or water on the road.
    • Slow down your vehicle before turning or coming to a stop. Sudden usage of brakes may cause the vehicle to skid.
  1. Do not overtake a speeding vehicle as controlling your car/bike in the winters is not easy. Also, one can easily misjudge the distance if visibility is poor.
  1. In case of fog, keep your vehicle headlight on low beam. High beam will cause the light to reflect, resulting in poor visibility.
    • Install fog lights in the vehicle and use them if visibility is poor.
    • Use the horn to make the people aware of your vehicle when visibility is low.
  1. If you have a four wheeler, turn on the defroster and wipers to clear the fog on the windscreen.
  1. Use the centre verge of the road to guide you while driving in case of heavy fog or rain.
    • Switch on the hazard lights or the yellow flashing light indicator when your vehicle is stationary. Do not use the hazard lights while driving.
  1. Speed limits mentioned on sign boards are for good weather conditions. Make sure that you are driving at a speed less than that mentioned on these boards when the weather conditions are not favourable.
  1. Make sure that you maintain twice the distance between vehicles while driving in fog and adverse conditions.
  1. Check your tyres tread depth for optimum grip on the roads.
  1. Be alert at all times for cycles and pedestrians crossing the road.
  1. Last but not the least, don’t hesitate to park your vehicle if the weather conditions are not favourable for driving.

And last but not the least, always carry your car insurance policy papers and other key documents with you.

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