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Road Safety Tips for Two Wheelers

Road Safety Tips for Two Wheelers
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Travel is an important part of our lives. We travel to work, for a Sunday lunch or movie, for holidays as tourists, and much more.  Our vehicle makes it convenient for us to travel, whether for work or leisure and hence it is important to be more aware and cautious about what we drive.

Here are some important tips to take care of while driving a two wheeler:

  • First things first, make a habit to pre-check your vehicle like loosening of clutch, break, in gear or neutral, indicators, headlight (for night driving), mirrors etc. before you start the ride.
  • Wear a full helmet to reduce the chance of fatalities.
  • Make sure to use a good helmet to protect your eyes, nose and jaw from all the dust and to be cautious in case of any accident
  • Never forget to clear the side stand before moving your vehicle.
  • Do not use cell phone or earphones to talk or listen to music while driving.
  • Always carry your essentials like bike driving license, two wheeler vehicle insurance documents and vehicle registrations certificate and other related records.
  • Reduce the speed of your vehicle to 20-30km during rainy days.
  • Watch out for pot-holes, garbage piles, speed breakers, railway crossings, oil-spills, and stray animals while driving.
  • Maintain safe distance from vehicles while overtaking parked or moving vehicles on the road.
  • Last but not the least, obey all traffic rules and regulations while driving for the safety of the riders and pedestrians.

In case of an accident, remember to inform the insurance company within 24 hours for smooth processing of insurance claim.

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