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Why Should You Buy HDFC Ergo General Insurance Policies?

HDFC Ergo is a well-known joint venture between HDFC Bank and Ergo of Munich Re Group. The HDFC Ergo General Insurance Company has 8 different plans under the two types of health insurance which gives people the chance to choose the type of policy and the plan according to their requirement without compromising over any aspect of health insurance. With comprehensive coverage, easy claims processing, quick settlement and one of the best claim settlement ratio, you can make a smart financial move by opting for an HDFC Ergo General Insurance policy.

The claim process by HDFC Ergo is one of the simplest procedures where the payment is reimbursed within 30 days, unlike many major insurance companies. You can also check the live HDFC Ergo claim status which lets you know the status of your claim request. These make HDFC Ergo a must buy for complete health and financial protection.

Why must you choose to buy HDFC Ergo General Insurance Policies?

HDFC Ergo has different policies which provide covers either as indemnity or as a lump sum benefit. If you are searching for the HDFC Ergo network hospitals, there are practically hundreds of hospitals where one can acquire their treatment either cashless or reimburse. There are practically several benefits as served to the insured depending upon their policies.

List of HDFC Ergo General Insurance Plans:

Health Ergo has two types of Health Insurance Plans to offer with different features which are summarized below.

  • Lump-sum Benefit Health Insurance Plans:

    As named, the insured gets the full amount of the sum as promised if a certain event occurs depending upon the policy taken i.e. an ailment, terminal illness, or death, etc. The sum assured with this type of plan is deposited to the insured bank account upon diagnosis of any critical disease listed on its website.


    Further, the plan provides monetary help for the dietary supplements, rehabilitation, follow-ups, physiotherapy, BP monitoring machines, etc.

  • Indemnity Health Insurance Plans:

    This type of health insurance policies cover the expenses enlisted by the company as well as the financial losses of the insured. This particular type of insurance covers the cost of operation, hospital rent, pre and post hospitalisation costs and doctor’s fees. It has several plans under this category for which, the detailed information is available on the official website.


    HDFC Ergo General Insurance has multiple plans to choose from with varying features and benefits. Following is the list of all the HDFC Ergo General Insurance plans that you can choose from.


    My: health Suraksha Silver Smart


    My: health Suraksha Gold Smart


    My: health Suraksha Platinum Smart


    My: health Medisure Super Top-up


    Critical Illness

Key features, eligibility, inclusions and exclusions of each and every plan.

You can check the HDFC Ergo Insurance Policy Status on the official website of the organisation. Below are few features, eligibility, and other aspects of few health insurance policies.

Plans Key Features Eligibility Exclusions
MY: Health Suraksha
  • 586 Day Care Procedures covered
  • Pre and Post Hospitalisation
  • Medical Checkups and Cumulative Bonus
  • Domiciliary Treatment Day Care Procedures covered
Anyone above 90 days is eligible for the plan. There is no upper age limit. 30 Days of waiting period for the claims. War or any armed conflicts, AIDS or HIV etc.
Critical Illness Insurance
  • Disease cover for heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, CABS, cancer, multiple sclerosis, etc.
  • Tax benefits and recuperation aids.
Minimum age is 5 years and Maximum age is 45 years
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • 90 days waiting period for claims and 30 days of survival period

HDFC Ergo Insurance Premium Calculator

HDFC Ergo insurance makes it easy for the insured to obtain the treatment of any disorder and disease without worrying much about its payment. The plans and policies offer ideal coverage. The premium too is affordable and can be tweaked as per the cover required.

Interested to see how much the premium will be applicable for your selected plan? Then click here for a handy premium calculator tool. Simply feed in the plan type, sum insured required, and date of birth of the family members. At any time during the premium calculation if you need any query resolved, you can call up the toll free number 022 62346234 and get clarifications while calculating premium using this calculator.

HDFC Ergo General Insurance – FAQs


Why do you need health cover insurance?

Science and technology have made immense progress over the years creating effective and efficient medicines to curb any and every disease and disorder. However, call it unfortunate but humans continue to remain exposed to germs, bacteria, and bodily injury.


Treating these costs a lot since the cost of hospitals and medicines have increased manifolds. Having a health insurance means you can undertake the required treatment without worrying about the quality of medical care or its financial implications.


Can I Apply For Health Insurance Online?

At HDFC Ergo, you can use the web portal to choose your required health insurance plan. You can go to the HDFC Ergo General insurance review page of every plan available. This will let you check if they have the prerequisites you wanted or not. Once chosen, you can process the policy using NEFT or online transaction. The site offers end to end experience, right from assessing the plans to making an online payment to buy the policy.


What is the age limitation of getting health insurances?

The health insurance plans offered by HDFC Ergo covers anyone with a minimum age of 91 days. The upper limit isn’t fixed.


How Can I Find Hospitals Where The Treatment Can Be Done Cashless?

HDFC Ergo has a huge network of hospitals where the insured can go for treatment. Many of the network hospitals offer a cashless facility where one doesn’t need to pay any fees upfront for treatment. The insurance company will look after the payments according to the cover provided. Click here to see a list of HDFC Ergo network hospital in your city.

What Types of Policies are Available at HDFC Ergo?

HDFC Ergo has varied plans and policies to choose from, based on which, one can check the things and attributes covered, excluded, limitation and extent, etc. The two key types of covers provided by the company include –

Indemnity plans –

Policyholder is reimbursed all costs borne towards treatment and medicine purchase. The amount reimbursed will depend on the sum insured

Lump-sum plans –

Policyholder is provided lump-sum amount upon diagnosis of a condition. This will allow him to take care of all pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation costs.

Benefits of Buying Health Insurance from HDFC Ergo

At HDFC Ergo, there are plenty of benefits associated with the health insurance.

  • The policy provides monetary cover for pre and post hospitalisation charges, as well as day care procedures
  • You can opt for either cashless or reimbursement mode of claim settlement
  • It offers a cumulative bonus, AYUSH Benefit, emergency ambulance cover, maternity benefits, and much more depending upon the policy chosen by the insured
  • 10,000+ hospitals have tied up with the company to provide cashless treatment
  • Simplified and fast renewal makes it an appealing proposition for policyholders

If you are looking for a good health insurance plan with affordable premium and good benefits, you ought to check out HDFC Ergo plans. Tune in to the HDFC Ergo insurance premium calculator to compute the actual premium to be paid per year depending upon the policy selected.

HDFC Ergo Insurance Claim Process

One of the biggest plus points of the HDFC Ergo plans is the lightning fast claims settlement process in place. It takes just a few steps to be done in order to raise the claim request. First, one must register the claim within 7 days of patient’s discharge. Once sent, the next is to submit the documents enlisted by the company within 15 days. This includes claim form, medical history, and reports, investigation documents, etc.

Further, you will have to provide the documents asked by the company in case of deficiency in documents after which, the documents must be delivered. HDFC Ergo will assess the documents and verify the details after which, the payment will be done within 30 days or so.