Star Health Insurance

Why Should You Buy Star Health insurance Policies?


The chances of untimely death or unexpected health deterioration have mushroomed over the years. These situations can be disastrous since it sometimes eradicates the earning potential of an individual if left uncured. It makes total sense to opt for an appropriate health insurance cover to counter such unforeseen circumstances. You can check out Star Health Insurance in this context.

Our policies are low on premium, affordable policies with numerous benefits for the insured and his/her nominees. Moreover, there are several Star Health Insurance policies that allow specific cover for an individual or for the family members.


Why must you choose to buy Star Health Insurance Policies?

1 – Versatile

The Star Health Insurance plans are specially designed to fit every aspect of protecting yourself against health conditions and their treatments. With the plans you can provide great quality healthcare to your loved ones too.

2 – Total protection

Be it plans for specific ailments like Diabetes or for seniors (like Star Health Insurance for senior citizens), you can avail of multiple plans as per your specific need.

3 – Total Support

Our experts are always accessible to help you out with various matters like Star Health Insurance renewal or claims processing.


List of Star Health Insurance Plans:

Here is a list of Star Health Insurance plans to choose from -

  1. Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy
  2. Family Health Optima Insurance Plan
  3. Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance Policy
  4. Medi-classic Insurance Policy (Individual)
  5. Star Health Gain Insurance Policy
  6. Super Surplus Insurance Policy
  7. Star Unique Health Insurance Policy
  8. Diabetes Safe Insurance Policy
  9. Star Cardiac Care Insurance Policy
  10. Star Cancer Care Gold (Pilot Product)
  11. Star Wedding Gift Insurance
  12. Star Net Plus
  13. Star Care Micro Insurance Policy
  14. Star Criticare Plus Insurance Policy
  15. Health All Care Insurance Policy
  16. Star Shri Individual Care Insurance Policy
  17. Star Shri Family Care Insurance Policy
  18. Star Micro health Insurance
  19. Star Family Delite Insurance Policy, etc.


Key features, eligibility, inclusions, and exclusions of each and every plan

Some of the key plans offered by Star Health are as below. It also provides helpful information about the features and eligibility:


Plan Name

Key Features


Family Health Optima Insurance Plan

-          Get extra sum insured at no cost

-          New born baby cover

-          Grace period of 120 days for renewal

-          Wide coverage at affordable premium

-          Health Checkup

-          Age between 18 to 65 Years

-          Indian National

-          Beyond 65 years, only renewal is possible

Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance Policy

-          Guaranteed lifetime renewals

-          No pre-insurance medical test

-          Consultations as OPD in a Network Hospital

-          Insured coverage up to 10 lakhs.     

-          Age between 60 to 75 years.

-          Sum insured above is available for individual insured only.

Medi-classic Insurance Policy (Individual)

-          Automatic restoration of sum insured by 200%

-          Health Checkup up to 5,000/- per 4 years.

-          101 day-care procedures covered   

-          Children can be covered only if with parents

-          Age between 5 months to 65 years

-          HIV+ person can avail of the policy only if the CD4 count is above 350.


These were some of the policies for which, the Star Health Insurance renewal is pretty easy. You can get additional information about the policies and the renewal structure on the website.


Star Health Insurance Premium Calculator


You may want to have a look at how the premium will look like for any health plan that you may apply for on Star Health. The good news is that you don’t need to refer to complicated Excel sheets or charts to figure out the premium for your specific health plan requirement. The Star Health premium calculator that is not only easy to use but also gives quick results on the approximate premium you would need to pay for a particular plan.


All you need to do is key in your required insurance cover, your date of birth, number of adults and number of children in the family, and your zip code. You will be immediately shown the estimated premium payable for your need. What’s more, you will also be shown the hospitals nearby your zip code that offer cashless treatment through its association with Star Health. 

Check out the calculator on the top banner here. 

You can also use the site to do Star Health insurance renewal online.


Star Health & Allied Insurance - FAQs


1.    Why is health insurance needed?

Health insurance protects you as well as your family from the financial crisis that occur at the time of medical emergency. The policy contains coverage that saves your valuable money and other important assets.


2.    Do I need to have a medical checkup before issuing the policy?

If your age is above 50 years, then you will need to undergo pre-policy medical checkup.


3.    What is Health Card?

It is a card which comes along with the policy. It acts as an identity card and will help you avail the cashless hospitalisation facility at partnered hospitals.


4.    What does cashless hospitalisation mean?

In cashless hospitalisation, you will not need to pay money for the treatments undergone; this settlement will be directly done by Star Health.


5.    Is there any insurance for a 3-year-old child?

There is no coverage to offer to a 3-year-old kid but you can get it in the family health plan.


Star Health & Allied Insurance - Latest News


These are some of the latest news about the Star Health & Allied Insurance:

1 - The Star Health and Allied Insurance introduced a new health insurance scheme, Star Cancer Care Gold, to cover people who have previously been diagnosed with cancer (1st & 2nd stage).

2 – Star Health is planning to increase its funds up to Rs 3,000 crore through primary and secondary stake sales.

3 - The global alternative investment firm “Bain Capital” is making their mind to invest $250 million in Star Health Insurance Company. This will give them a significant minority stake. It will improve the health insurance company’s valuation to USD1 billion.


Benefits of Buying Health Insurance from Star Health

You should get your insurance from Star Health because:

  • They offer a direct in-house settlement and never involve any third person in the claim settlement.
  • After buying the policy, you can get instant access to reimbursement facility and cashless hospitalisation in 7000+ hospitals situated all over India. You can view the Star Health Insurance hospital list on the website
  • Star Health provides easy, quick and hassle-free settlements on health insurance claims.
  • If you look at any Star Health Insurance review, you will see testimonials about our transparent and honest service level and how we help process valid claims in quick time.
  • We also provide personalised doctor visit for policyholders getting hospitalised. 


Star Health Claim Process

Star Health provides a transparent and quick claims process. Be it applying for a claim or knowing about the Star Health claim status, you can utilise the web portal or customer support number to get a lot of information.


Claims can be of two types:


1 - Cashless claim process:

You need to go to the insurance desk of the Star Health network hospital. They will ask you to show the ID card for the purpose of identification. After that, the hospital will verify your identity to submit the pre-authorisation form to Star Health.

 After receiving the submission, our doctor will review the documents and proceed with the claim by following the erms and conditions of the policy. We will also assign a field doctor for your assistance. 

Click here to check out the Star Health Insurance cashless hospital list in your city


2 - Reimbursement Claim Process:

At the time of discharge, you will need to pay all hospital bills and get all original documents of the treatments done. At the same time, you will need to fill the claim form and submit it to the nearest Star Health Insurance office along with all the relevant original documents. After that, we will settle the claim as per the terms and conditions of the policy.

You can check the renewal, claim status and other details about the claim process anytime.

For all types of health insurance needs, you can get an appropriate coverage at Star Health. Do visit our website and explore the different health plans we have for you and your loved ones. You can also call us on 1800-425-2255 (toll free) for any queries you may have when checking out our range of health insurance plans.