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Why Should You Buy Star Health Insurance Policies?

The chances of untimely death or unexpected health deterioration have mushroomed over the years. These situations can be disastrous since it sometimes eradicates the earning potential of an individual if left uncured. It makes total sense to opt for an appropriate health insurance cover to counter such unforeseen circumstances. You can check out Star Health Insurance in this context.

Our policies are low on premium, affordable policies with numerous benefits for the insured and his/her nominees. Moreover, there are several Star Health Insurance policies that allow specific cover for an individual or for the family members.

Why must you choose to buy Star Health Insurance Policies?


The Star Health Insurance plans are specially designed to fit every aspect of protecting yourself against health conditions and their treatments. With the plans you can provide great quality healthcare to your loved ones too.

Total protection:

Be it plans for specific ailments like Diabetes or for seniors (like Star Health Insurance for senior citizens), you can avail of multiple plans as per your specific need.

Total Support:

Our experts are always accessible to help you out with various matters like Star Health Insurance renewal or claims processing.

List of Star Health Insurance Plans:

Here is a list of Star Health Insurance plans to choose from -

  • Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy
  • Family Health Optima Insurance Plan
  • Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance Policy
  • Medi-classic Insurance Policy (Individual)
  • Star Health Gain Insurance Policy
  • Super Surplus Insurance Policy
  • Star Unique Health Insurance Policy
  • Diabetes Safe Insurance Policy
  • Star Cardiac Care Insurance Policy
  • Star Cancer Care Gold (Pilot Product)
  • Star Wedding Gift Insurance
  • Star Wedding Gift Insurance
  • Star Care Micro Insurance Policy
  • Star Criticare Plus Insurance Policy
  • Health All Care Insurance Policy
  • Star Shri Individual Care Insurance Policy
  • Star Shri Family Care Insurance Policy
  • Star Micro health Insurance