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Tips For Getting Driving License In India

TIPS FOR GETTING DRIVING LICENSE IN INDIA Driving License is an official document that exempts you from being caught in legal liability. Riding without driving licenses is an offense. As per the…

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Driving License is an official document that exempts you from being caught in legal liability. Riding without driving licenses is an offense. As per the Indian Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, A driving license is required by any person driving on-road or highway. Type of vehicle you drive determines the type of license you need to carry. A driving license also serves a purpose of proof of identity and can be used in opening a bank account, sometimes for joining purpose in a private company, or while applying for a mobile connection. It can be used as a proof of document to be used as the identity of the person.

Obtaining a license is a simple procedure. A ‘Learner’s license’ is issued to the driver initially followed by a ‘Permanent Driving License’ later after six months. It is necessary for the applicant to fit in certain criteria before applying for a driving license. Any individual who wants to drive any type of motor vehicle in India has to get his/her learner's license first. A learner's license is issued for learning. After a month of the issued learner's license, the person has to appear for the test in front of an RTO authority, who upon proper examination, will declare if he/she has passed the exam or not. Nowadays RTO has already started with a computerized test for a learner’s driving license.

A driving license can be obtained in 3 forms in India –

  1. Learner’s Driving License (it can be commercial or private)
  2. Permanent Driving License (it can be commercial or private)
  3. International Driving License/Permit (IDP)

Eligibility for applying for a driving license is followed below-

  • Applicant must be 18 years or above in age and should be aware of the traffic rules
  • Applicant should know the driving to ply on road
  • One must submit the application form within 180 days of issuance of Learner’s License
  • After receiving the Learner’s License, it is mandatory for the owner to write letter ‘L’ on the vehicle, till the time permanent license is issued
  • The minimum qualification required for driving transport vehicle is fourth standard

There are several ways one can apply for driving license in India. One can apply online or can go to the nearest RTO and submit the application. There are some factors to keep in mind while submitting the license application-

Age - The driver must qualify the age parameter to apply for a license. He/She should be 18years or above to drive a car or two-wheeler

Education - The applicant needs to be at least standard fourth qualified to drive a commercial vehicle on Indian roads

Awareness of the traffic rules - As per the motor vehicle act 1988, it is mandatory to have insurance to drive on road. An applicant who is applying for a license must be aware of the traffic rules and regulations of India

Keep the documents ready - Applicant needs to keep some documents like:

  1. address proof
  2. date of birth proof
  3. blood group certificate
  4. passport size photograph
  5. voter id card and

Other documents* ready well in advance to fill in the details while applying for the license online and it will help to avoid the last-minute rush.

According to a report, nearly one-third of the license issued in India are fake. It is getting more serious in the city day by day. To avoid such fraudulent activity, the ministry of road transport and highways in India (MoRTH) has proposed a unified driving license and vehicle registration in India bound to be implemented in October 2019. This will help in maintaining data of the drivers and the type of vehicle abidance to the laws.

* Documents which are required to fill the form of License.