Jabalpur RTO: Get Details of RTO Office Jabalpur & RTO Code

Jabalpur is one of the smart cities located in Madhya Pradesh. It is known for the Dhuandhar Falls and White Marble Rocks. The city also has one of the major military bases in the country and four…

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Jabalpur is one of the smart cities located in Madhya Pradesh. It is known for the Dhuandhar Falls and White Marble Rocks. The city also has one of the major military bases in the country and four major arms and ammunition factories. The variety of minerals found in the hills of the area has attracted archaeologists and geologists over the years. 

With the growth in various sectors, the city is experiencing a rise in the number of vehicles driving on the road. RTO Madhya Pradesh supervises and assists Jabalpur RTO to ensure that all the rules and regulations of the Motor Vehicles Act. 1988 are being followed. The RTO Jabalpur MP is also tasked with the development of road transport and facilities in the city. 

Roles and responsibilities of Jabalpur RTO:

Duties pertaining to the Driving license:

  • Conducting a driving test for applicants and issuing a driving license
  • Issuance of both learner’s license and driving license for the applicants
  • Renewing a Driver’s license if it expires
  • Motor Driving School license issuing and renewal
  • The RTO issues international Driving License
  • Specified class of vehicle to the DL addition to the DL
  • Driving instructor’s license issuance and renewal
  • Conductor’s license is also issued 
  • Help in the queries related to DL

Registration Certificate and other duties:

  • Providing solutions to queries related to both temporary and permanent RC
  • Transfer of ownership in the RC
  • Duplicate RC provision in case loss or damage 
  • Updation of address to the Registration Certificate
  • Entry or loan hypothecation
  • Issuance of NOC for inter-state vehicle transfer
  • Trade certificate renewal
  • Testing the fitness of a vehicle and issuing a fitness certificate if the test is passed

  • Issuance of permits like stage permit, carriage permit, etc. 

Collection of Taxes:

  • Road tax/Motor Vehicle tax collection on behalf of the government
  • Departmental Action cases
  • Fees collection for IMV

Checking Pollution Control:

  • Making sure every vehicle is PUC tested
  • Changing vehicles to LPG/CNG

Ensuring the safety of the public on the roads:

RTO Jabalpur mp ensures that the public follows all the rules and regulations on the road to maintain road safety.

Jabalpur RTO contact number and address:

RTO Name Details
Jabalpur RTO code MP-20
Jabalpur RTO contact number 0251 223 0505
Jabalpur RTO address The Regional Transport Officer (RTO), Karmeta, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh -482002
Jabalpur RTO number 0751-2971008, 2970363, 2970963
Jabalpur RTO email id care.mptransport@gmail.com

Types of vehicle registration at RTO JBP (Jabalpur):

  • Temporary registration: After you purchase a new vehicle from a showroom, a temporary registration is provided to you. But this valid for a brief span of a month. So before it expires, you have to get your vehicle permanently registered at the nearest RTO.
  • Permanent registration: This is compulsory registration for every vehicle on the roads in India. You can get your vehicle registered at the RTO JBP by submitting the documents and the fees. Remember that driving your vehicle on the road without a valid RC is a punishable offense.

Vehicle insurance in Jabalpur:

There has been a rapid development in the country's road infrastructure, which has made the roads safer and easier to drive on. But emergencies like accidents can always occur en route. It is essential to buy motor vehicle insurance that can prove to be a safety net in these unprecedented situations. 

It is mandatory to drive with valid vehicle insurance in India. There are two types of insurance that you can buy:

  • Third-party liability: This insurance policy is compulsory when you drive on the roads. It protects you from the claims that arise if a third-party vehicle gets damaged or suffers a bodily injury if there is an accident on the road. 
  • Comprehensive car insurance: This is comprehensive coverage that provides cover for third-party claims and their own damages and bodily injury. 

Some riders you can purchase include Zero Depreciation cost, Key Replacement Cost, NCB Protection Cover, Roadside Assistance Cover, etc. You can enhance the coverage of your policy. 

Before you settle for a motor vehicle insurance policy, ensure that you have considered all the terms and conditions carefully to avoid any obligations in the future. It is always advisable to read the policy document carefully before you invest in the policy so that there are no hassles at the time of filing claims. 


1) Do I need to renew my driving license from RTO Jabalpur even if I have sold my car?

A driving license is issued for a person and not for a vehicle. So if you have a valid license, you can drive someone else’s vehicle as well. Also, if you wish to buy another vehicle later, then you can renew your driving license from RTO JBP.

2) I damaged my RC in an accident. Can I get a duplicate RC?

Yes, you can get a duplicate RC from Jabalpur RTO. All you need to do is submit all the valid documents and the fees so that a duplicate RC can be issued to you. 

3) I need an international driving license. Whom should I contact?

For an international driving license. You should contact RTO Jabalpur and they will issue it to you after you have submitted the documents and the fees.

4) My motor vehicle insurance has expired. Will RTO Jabalpur help me renew my insurance?

RTO Jabalpur is not responsible for the renewal of the motor vehicle insurance for your vehicle. Contact the insurance company from where you purchased the insurance to get it renewed. 

5) I have two bikes one is with gear and one is without. Do I need to get separate DLs to drive them?

No, you can drive both with one DL but it should have the information about both the classes of vehicles in it. When you apply for DL, include your requirement in the application or you can also add a class of vehicle to the DL by submitting an application for the same.